africa-usa-vs-chinaTrump wants to make America Great Again. I believe him!

He plans to make America great again exactly how America became great before. On the blood of Africans.

Like Felix Da Souza and other mulatto slave traders were instrumental in turning the Nigerian coast into the slave coast, Obama has prepared the ground for the recolonization of Africa through the ongoing global moralist propaganda used to secure regime change and the political and economic arrest of African development.

Responding to Hilary’s Clinton alarm raised in South Africa around 2009 that China had overtaken the Western Powers in Africa, Obama started the new Cold War against China in African nations taking Chinese socioeconomic infrastructural development like Nigeria, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. The ongoing neo-imperialist agenda is hatched through regime changes, inspired by a global corruption propaganda, and foreign exchange destabilization and terrorists. .

Trump has stated that Russia is no longer the enemy, but China. The next stage is to inspire political destabilization and anarchy through ethnic strife, the landing of peace troops by USA, UK and France and the recolonization of Africa. The same way Africa was colonized in the 1800s – dumping of guns to inspired slave trade anarchy, offer to protect and colonize.

So you see it is not an empty boast but the fulfillment of an ongoing neoimperialist agenda to make America great again.

But they will surprised and ultimately fail as the African Giant eventually stirs to fight for global Black ascendancy… but it will not be easy.

The era of Shango will be born through a bloody messy Cesarean birth!

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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