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The New BlackWorld Documentary Series

An insightful documentary into the West African origins of Man and civilization, using the Orisha history circles to decipher African history, present and future. (Full version available on Amazon Click to get a copy  )

Scales Of The Vexed Giant Book CoverScales Of The Vexed Giant.
There is a heavy price to pay when a sleeping giant is rudely awakened.
The world was pushed dangerously close to the edge when Moses Kolawole Owolabi, a former top US Intelligence asset, became president of the African giant and killed off the surviving Kongo Cabal, Africa’s ruling elite.
It was obvious that Black Moses plan to glue together the different parts of the African Giant cut across the world and change the status quo would be brutally challenged, but neither side could be fully prepared for the unknown quotient in what was gradually becoming a racial biogenetic world war.

From Harlem to Lagos, not many knew of secrets that tied the two most important Black communities in the world, African-Americans and Yorubas, leading to Black Moses carrying out a drastic plan to correct past injustices.
However, in the ensuing scuffle between two giants, the veil of money was to be removed to reveal the true mother of all evils in this exhilarating tale of global politics and conspiracies that was to bring a change of Ages.

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The Black World

THE BLACKWORLD is a chronological analysis of every major Black community in the world, making it easy to understand African historical cycles, spanning a 10,000 year period.
It is being updated after 10 years of releasing the paradigm changing first edition that presented the argument of a West African human evolution and civilization, and the springboard of a future global Black economic ascendancy.
Now, with the benefit of hindsight and recent developments, this new edition provides newer DNA and linguistic evidence to strengthen the case of a Western African origin of man and civilization. Also, with recent developments the route to global African economic ascendancy from a Nigerian springboard is made clearer.
The Blackworld gives an insight into Original African culture, based on the African Information Retrieval system, known as Ifa (Afa/Iha).
It makes a comparative analysis of Original African and Eurasian beliefs systems. Its global chronological approach makes it easier to understand contemporary Black issues from an Original African perspective, and how to resolve contemporary issues impeding African progress, like the global right-wing moralistic propaganda used to arrest African development.

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tutuoba TUTUOBA

TUTUOBA is the fascinating story of a young woman and her reincarnation, having to survive similar desperate struggles against rich powerful enemies.
Violently uprooted from Africa, persecuted in Jamaica where she inspires a Maroon slave riot, before being shipped to Boston, MA where she is tried for witchcraft, TUTUOBA has to survive by all means necessary!

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The Devil ESHU
Esu (Devil)

There is brewing controversy over what Original African traditionalists call the libelling of Eshu by Christians and Muslims, who equate Eshu to Satan or the Devil. There are plans for educational, intellectual and especially legal challenges to stop the wrong usage. Eshu is not SATAN but the God of Information instrumental to the creation of the Ifa divination system – a system transferred to Asia nearly 6,000years ago to form the basis of the I-Ching, Buddhism and Western Astrology….. Read More



The Black Race will attain global prosperity when its major groups can fully exploit their socioeconomic advantages in their largest market – Nigeria – the Negro Area! With the largest and most diverse Black population based in a naturally rich and fertile West African sub-region, this has been the springboard of the majority of ancient and current global economies and empires. …..Read More

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