kneelThe Black Race will attain global prosperity when its major groups can fully exploit their socioeconomic advantages in their largest market – Nigeria – the Negro Area! With the largest and most diverse Black population based in a naturally rich and fertile West African sub-region, this has been the springboard of the majority of ancient and … Read More



Monkey Talking Nigeria
The Nigerian  According to MTN



N3 billion revenue every single day while draining us of N2 billion daily!.
Educating consumers on the negative effects of MTN’s capital flight and sharp business practices.

1MTN, the Trillion-naira a year profiteering company
We demand that our legislators make telecoms a truly free market by allowing customers to keep their phone numbers when and if they decide to change service providers.


Nigerian market where MTN derives 60% of its revenue
Nigerian market where MTN derives 60% of its revenue

 “Worse than the oil companies that mine our oil  in obscure offshore mines and the elite that conspires   with them, MTN directly  affects every Nigerian .”   — Prince Justice, AUMedia






The telecoms sector is the growth sector of all  world economies and especially the springboard for Africans  to leave their  poverty trap.”

Prince Justice, AUMedia    Read More

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