Electoral college prevents regional domination. Clinton’s 2 million lead in popular vote can be attributed to one state out of 50 – California where she had a 4 m lead.

This makes me wonder whether it might help in African democracies plagued by ethnic/regional domination and electoral fraud. For example, the exaggerated votes of desert Northern Nigerian states like Katsina would have been moderated against the true populations of Lagos.

Just thinking. Maybe it could be considered, not only in current nationstates, but also in the proposed single continentwide African nationstate.

Then again, there are opinions that the accusations of Russian meddling aided Trump’s victory is a coup to make the electoral college swing their vote to Clinton. Can’t we just get along, can humans ever design a perfect political system?

Maybe a modernized version of the Original African system, like Oyo’s could be a guiding light. All had a voice. The Oyo Mesi. Women were powerful through the Iyalode, Iyalaje roles. Foreigners were treated fairly. There was peace. The Oba, chief executive/president was never the commander in chief/Balogun. The Balogun/Bashorun headed the Oyo Mesi, the representative assembly, and they raised the army.

However with the advent of Islamists and European Christians, Bashorun Gaa and later Afonja, military leaders, challenged the Oba/Chief Executive role, of being more long term in perspective that was against becoming more militaristic through the new slaves for arms economy.

Ultimately, the system was crashed and conquered at the start of European Transatlantic military industrial complex that has now come to a full cycle. While Original African political systems like Ancient Egypt and the Yorubas lasted several Oya 250yr cycles, USA is just about to celebrate its first Oya revolution birthday.

Starting by taking over European monarchies, it became globally entrenched with US presidential/Chief and commander of armed forces system, based on a military industrial complex of war for jobs… guns, oil, electricity, cars, radio, aeroplanes, gadgets and internet,

Now, with the absence of an Oba, to take a long term stance for collective survival, the global peoples are the ones that have to rise against the Ogun complex and its constant war for food economy, especially the USA/UK versus Russia/China. At the root of which are African and other indigenous peoples and resources.

Trump’s uninformed promise to stop the war against Russia is why the military industrial complex is against him. Whether he fulfills the promise or not, the global peoples are awakening and will continue to push towards that direction for the collective survival of humanity.

This is the expected shift of global consciousness from the Olokun era of religious dogma and propaganda to one of economic justice, the Age of Shango. Shango, according to mythology, became the orisha of justice when the Oyo Mesi rose and demanded for his suicide, because of militaristic underhanded play between Gbonka and Timi. The act of ultimate justice was the submission of the Oba to the will to the people, making no one above the law especially with the destructive Ogun military perspective.

This human evolution will bring a new economic and political reality based on enlightenment and economic justice, but I just wonder what it will look like. Since it won’t drop out of the sky, we have to look at all systems and see what will be retained or cast away.

Electoral college, maybe. One thing is Presidents shouldnt be C-in-C’s, we have to leave the hunter mentality. If I had my way, armies will be scrapped since they make all systems crash.

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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