If you argue that Buhari is not a jihadist, then you don’t know that a jihad is a fight against all types of corruption. It is not bloody violence that makes a Jihad a Jihad, but unproven corruption allegations.

The Koran differentiates between the Jihad of the sword and the Jihad of the mind (Jakande). Ultimately, Jihad is used as a ploy to change political leadership – even in democratic settings like in Nigeria.

The trick is 1000yrs old whereby old men of the Jihadist group launch a corruption propaganda through the youth and poor, enticing them wiith free food and money – thus free school lunches and 5000 naira for the poor, which Buhari has now reneged on the promise.

This is the exact trick used to islamize northern Nigeria over a thousand years. Groups known as sufis secretly setup shop within the targeted territory, offering food and money to the youth and poor, while circulating malicious rumours of spiritual, moral and financial corruption. They wait until the next cycle of famine till they agitate the youth and poor into violent overthrow of their kings. Ultimately, the people will realized they were tricked, but would have killed their hen that laid golden eggs, losing their culture as all become Musa and Mohammeds, losing their economic independence and their civil liberties!

From basic violent hordes of desert dwellers in pre-colonial times to sophisticated military coups like those between 1966 and 1999 and now a democratic jihad African intellectuals have failed woefully in educating their people in the most recurring political trick across africa.

It is not about the weapon used but corruption propaganda and turning the youth and poor against their elite!

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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