Spiritual and mental slavery of Yorubas, Igbos and other Original African groups

With all due respect, we are so painfully stupid if over 95% of us believe Esu/Ekwensu is Satan. Our ignorance is on the same level as not knowing 1+1, or not knowing Jesus is the main character in Christianity even if you are not Christian, or not knowing Mohammed even if not Muslim. Esu is the equivalent of a messenger, our own Messiah like the other two, but the Abrahamists managed to convince us that our concept of a messenger to God was their own Satan. Honestly we are the world’s number one Mumu but think we are smart.

Until the 1700s, religion served as the educational and sociopolitical template of all peoples in the world, organically evolved from the observation of natural laws and recording their sociopolitical organization and evolution. Religion was the basis and what accords political power to the ruling class before USA decided to break free from European monarchy that used religion as the template for organization, politically and economically, and instead wrote a constitution. The USA constitution was still based on Judeo Christian values but natural laws pertaining to their relationship with other races and civilizations were negated. The key differences were justifying power in the hands of politicians backed by people, and not God like monarchs, as Vox Populi, Vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God. And, restricting the equal participation of Africans, not regarded as people, but were the economic foundation of the system. Britain till today doesn’t have a written constitution, but records its sociopolitical organization and evolution in laws and stature, which are still influenced by Judeo-Christian civilizational values.

Obviously full sized Africans who are genetically proven to have existed 87,000yrs ago, had a longer observation of natural laws and record of social organization and evolution, compared to the lighter skinned that evolved just 7,000yrs ago, 80,000yrs younger than us. The knowledge bank of 87,000yrs was called Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa by Yoruba, Igbos, Edo, Igala and others of South and Middlebelt, which is the origin and core of the world’s first civilization. Unlike the 7,000 years young Judeo-Christian civilizational knowledge bank and belief system that later evolved in the USA as secular democracy and academia, we Black African had evolved from monotheistic religions to secular religion.

Nowhere in Yoruba or Igbos lands would you find a temple for Eledunmare or Chukwu, the Almighty universal God. Instead, we had observed the universe and its natural laws to a point that we conceptualized each essence into Orisa/Agbara/Alusis, which have now been mischievously labeled by Abrahamists as idols, gods etc. Indigenous Africans understood the universe moved in a cycle whose total accumulation of scientific, philosophical and spiritual essences was what was regarded as the Almighty God, but for more effectiveness we observed and recorded each specific major essence in our lives. It wasn’t till the 1700s that the likes of Cotton Maher and his 1720 book, The Christian Philosopher, the first scientific book which it should be noted was inspired by our Soponna knowledge of vaccination/immunization and Adams Smith 1776 book, Wealth of Nations inspired by African exploitation, that Europeans started a different secular knowledge bank, without God, that became academia. Before then in Harvard and other universities, the main courses of study was Latin, literature, philosophy and Christianity. What became known as faculties and departments in Western academia were our Orisa/Alusi – Aje for Economics, Ogun for work and metallurgy, Esu for Information, Soponna for vaccination, Osanyin for pharmacy, Shango for Justice and innovations, and 400 other philosophical, scientific and spiritual essences known to man over 87,000yrs. This is why it is better described as African Spiritual Sciences.

In actual fact, it was during what is labelled by Europeans as the first Axial Age (700BC to 1AD) that all Eurasian groups acquired philosophy and religion. It appears miraculous that they all became awoke around the same time, if you don’t understand that they had waged a brutal war against Black African civilizations across Eurasia and North Africa, after which they copied the Black African knowledge banks of the civilizations they took over. The Eurasians that attacked Black Egypt copied it’s knowledge bank in Greece and Rome as classical philosophy and Judeo-Christian religions, while the Eurasians that overwhelmed the 96 cities of the Black Indus Valley civilization of Pakistan and India copied Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa into Rig Veda which became the source of Hinduism and Buddhism. In China, the light skinned races that attacked Black Southern Asia derived Taoism and I Ching.

However, they, especially the Abrahamists that adapted African spiritual science, misunderstood and misrepresented its philosophical foundations. Most important, since Eurasians evolved in arid freezing environments that required forceful acquisition of Black resources to survive, they rejected and replaced the naturalist cyclical and dualistic principles of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa that inspires Binary complimentarity, and instead adopted the philosophy of Binary Opposition and linearity. This brought about Eurasiatic extremities and belligerence since they regarded everything or every body else as negative and opposing. The Original African civilization regarded everything as complimentary, with good and evil, positive and negative in everything including God, therefore there couldn’t be a wholly evil figure like Satan nor a wholly good figure like the Abrahamic conceptualization of the Universe and God. No Original African belief system has a concept of devil/Satan, so the Eurasians misrepresented our most important Orisha/Alusis as Satan/Devil.

Unfortunately due to colonization, based on the Eurasiatic perfection of the essence of war, Ogun/Ekwensu, European colonists were able to imposed their limited unnatural worldview on us, despite we having evolved a more scientific and philosophical secular worldview. Eurasians had evolved during the Age of Taurus/Osun, 4000BC to 2000BC, the era of international trade but only joined the global community during the Age of Ogun, 2000BC to 1AD, using bow, arrows and horse chariots to brutally overwhelm and annihilate the Black African civilizations of South Asia and North Africa. After the era of brute force of Ogun, the universe moved to the Age of Olokun, 23AD to 2023AD, when the Asiatics used stolen African knowledge banks to articulate their own civilization, restarting the calendar at 1AD, whitewashing their own past banditry and the African beginning of human civilization, negating natural laws between humans. In order to control us, they misrepresented our knowledge bank in what is known as epistemicide, wrongly misrepresenting it’s key characters as Satan/Devil, a concept that doesn’t exist in Original African philosophy.

Killing the African Information Retrieval System aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, they effectively decivilized and tribalized us by balkanizing the Indigenous Original African civilization into tribes. In what hitherto was and remians a continuum of dialects that spread from Southern Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia, they choose single dialects to become the standard regional langauge known as tribes, which were institutionalized by translating the Bible into that dialect, like the Oyo dialect became the standard of a new group known as Yoruba. Once the Bible was written in 1861 in Oyo dialect and Esu was wrongly misrepresented as Satan, our epistemicide was institutionalized by compelling every indigenous communication in churches, schools and other colonial institutions to be in the Oyo dialect known as Yoruba. This tribalization process was what they did across the Original African civilization all the way to South Africa, creating groups that were competitive and divisive in nature to prevent Original African civilizational unity to fight off the imperialists.

In addition to misrepresenting and the bastardization of our knowledge bank to prevent civilizational identity and promote Pan Tribalistic perspectives, they carried out institutional violence and injustice by splitting the Original African civilization into three in Nigeria. First they mischievously added the Northern frontiers of the Original African civilization, known as the Middlebelt to the Northern Protectorate of the Afroasiatic civilization, then divided the Southern Protectorate of the Original African civilization into West and East regions, to cause divisions between the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo.

If you wrongly believe Jesus and Mohammed are Satan, how can you be a Christian or Muslim, and act according to your civilization, which is the problem with majority of modern Yorubas and Igbos that wrongly believe Esu and Ekwensu are Satan, and therefore throw away 87,000yrs of accumulated knowledge of natural laws, science, philosophy and sociopolitical organization and advancement. The cutting off of our civilizational roots is why the Black Race is at the bottom ladder of global human advancement.

Well all is not lost because our trend analysis of natural laws coded as Orishas or astrology makes us understand that everything is a cyclical phase. We know that the colonial epistemicide that occured in the mid to late 1800s would wane after 165yrs and we can see people are becoming Woke from the ignorant phase of the last 165yrs of Olokun cycle and Oyinbo coloniality. Especially when we tie the rot to the 1849 fall of Ile Ife at the heart of our civilization, we can see 165yrs later a new Ooni of Ife has come to reinstate our civilization through Decoloniality.

We know that when a new cycle starts in 2023, we can reverse the Oya 250yr cycles of revolutionary change, especially the last two cycles in 1520 and 1770 that brought slavery and the fall of Black African civilizations. We know the 2000yr cycles of civilizational change and global consciousness, as the last two thousand years of Olokun era, known as the Biblical era of the 2nd Apocalypse horseman ends in 2023 and the 2000yr Age of Shango, the era of the Biblical Apocalyptic third horseman starts. The young Eurasian collective discern what they call the first Axial Age, since they only evolved a few thousand years ago, we Africans that evolved 87,000yrs ago and have gone through three and a half full 24,000 year cycles, made up of 12 two thousand Ages each, know there is always an Axial Age before every 2000yr change of Civilization and global consciousness. The Axial Age of the incoming Age of Shango, the essence of Justice and Innovation started 500yrs ago with our unjust slavery and resulting quest for Justice and innovation that brought the industrial and now digital revolution. So ultimately this is the time for change but we must be aware of what is wrong first and then what we want to change to.

If we remain ignorant calling the key to our knowledge banks Satan and falling for foreign exploitative religious and political dogma, we would continue to fall for their imperialism tricks. In this era when we should strategize to reclaim our global racial parity through cultural, political and economic restructuring for Justice, other civilizations will knowingly create problems and injustice then turn around to act as our messiahs in what is known as humanitarian militarism. We won’t be able to discern right information from foreign propaganda if we equate Esu, our essence of Information, to Abrahamic Satan/Devil.

Nobody but us can free ourselves from mental and spiritual slavery. Abeg our Mumu don do, wake up and move!

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  1. Reply Olu G Jan 4, 2023 19:32

    not only informative but very educating and mind blowing. I wonder why the South western Governor of Nigeria has not invite people like you and other academic guru to draft and put in place an elementary and junior school social and history class curriculum

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