By Prince Justice Faloye

The current global economic system is unsustainable since it is based on overproduction of Western globalists through planned obsolescence, known as the Lightbulb conspiracy.

The Light Bulb conspiracy can be traced to the beginning of industrialization whereby even though a light bulb could last a 100yrs by simply thickening its filament, but instead is made flimsy to keep people coming back for new bulbs to sustain the industry. Products were made to become obsolete as we see car and electronic manufacturers churning out new editions every few years. German cars bring new editions every 7yrs while Japanese now plan two year replacements. Our phones are made to last 18 months. So by the time a product rolls out, they already know the fault and improvement but hold onto it till the next cycle.

The unsustainability of this production system would have become clear as the full cost is not utilized and most especially would create a huge waste problem. So, it is dumped onto Black nations as Tokunbos, not only as cheap waste sites driving up cancer rates through electronic and chemical waste but to sabotage the local production of the same goods in the Black nations, thereby creating a pass me ajeku (leftover/scavenger) economy. The originating manufacturing nation takes a huge lump sum as tax often paid by corporate buyers, then it is passed to their local buyers before exported to African nations that use 50% or less of the real value but pay the full environmental cost.

Its a stark reality that the world’s richest nations are the White Western nations followed by the White Eastern bloc nations then Chinese followed by Afroasiatic Arabic nations, with Black African and American nations like Haiti at the bottom rung. There is no industrialized Black nation, not because of inability but barriers set based on race and civilization. This follows the Global White Supremacy Doctrines pushed by religion and academia. Sociopolitically and psychologically, the poorest White person feels superior to the richest Black person.

Before the Trans Atlantic slavery economic systems from the 1400s, Southern Nigeria and China were richer than Western Europe. Converting the Chinese ceremonial gunpowder used as fireworks into guns and other armaments, Europeans launched attacks into Africa. Without favorable items of trade, they initially acted as middlemen selling Moroccan leather and gunpowder for the wide range of goods produced in West Africa that included gold, cotton, sugarcane, tobacco etc. Militarily taking over our gold mines, they diverted the Trans Sahara trade between Original Africans and Afroasians in gold to Asia, In exchange for Asia spices for their own markets. Their attempt to copy the production of African crops like they did with our beads failed. They tried to plant sugarcane and cotton but didn’t have the sickle gene required to survive the insect life of the plantations. With religious and academic dogma to create a civilizational heirarcy of the Whiter the better and ultimately to justify the maltreatment of Black Africans, a global financial caste system was put in place backed by our gold snatched at gunpoint.

Though Eastern European nations like Russia had no significant direct involvement in the enslavemt and exploitation of African human and natural resources, they nevertheless benefitted. For example it was French proceeds from African exploitation that was used to develop Eastern Europe socioeconomic infrastructure. Noteworthy, are the Nobel Brothers that used French resources to fund Russian development and expansion across North Asia, while the British using African resources built all roads, railways and industrial infrastructure in Japan to use it as a launchpad into the Chinese mainland huge population and markets.

For a balanced historical perspective and understanding, it must realized that Russia and the Central Asia cave complex were the humble beginnings and homeland of the lightskinned races, and Russia on its own was the most prosperous White land blessed with wheat, oil and other resources far more than Western Europe combined. It was the taking over of Black homelands from Europe into North Africa with the likes of Greece followed by Rome that attracted the flood of Europeans into Western Europe. 70% of food of the Roman Empire came from previously Black North Africa. Starting from Greece to Rome to Spain exploiting geographically opposite lands on the North African coast, on getting to West Africa, the economic cycle jumped to the Americas where they dragged Africans with their sickle cell DNA to plant African crops.

The 1800s saw the beginning of industrialization and the end of African slavery. Disregard the White Savior complex that claimed White abolitionists moral indignation brought an end to slavery, the end of slavery was brought about by the fear of being overwhelmed by Black Africans, following the Haiti Ogun Revolution that spread across South and Latin Americas. This inspired the decision to enslave Africans on African soil, producing the same raw materials and dumping the new manufactured goods of the industrial age, thereby the global economic caste system began to crystalize.

This global White economic and sociopolitical supremacy was institutionally solidified with the mid 1800s killing of indigenous African civilizational knowledge banks and worldviews, like the 1860s Yoruba Bible written to wrongly demonize Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa with Esu falsely labelled Satan. The Original African civilization that evolved from Ile Ife across Black Africa was balkanized into newly constructed competing tribes. This was the coloniality of knowledge while the coloniality of power sources was through the creation of colonies with missionary schools fashioned to train a local colonial guard of administrators, both in public and private institutions.

The global economic and sociopolitical caste system was designed to last forever. I have studied the Black Race for decades as seen from my book, The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution, and went onto developing a think tank, the cold reality is that the stranglehold of coloniality of our knowledge, economic and power sources especially through religion and academia makes the system unbreakable without external support. Our saving grace is that the modern global economic caste system also resulted in relegating the natural leaders of the White Race, Russia, Germans, that were nonslaving nations, making them second to their naturally younger and poorer British/French and other Whites that had enslaved Black nations and used their resources to get an advatange over and above everyone else.

This was the observation of the German Karl Marx in 1844 and especially the Russian Vladimir Lenin in 1917 that there was no way European non slaving nations can gain a level playing field at the global marketplace unless the West capitalist nations were relieved of African and Asian resources used to gain an unfair advantage of limitless resources and markets. Therefore they went out of their own self interest to free China, the rest of Asia and African nations from the economic stranglehold of the West. Initially there were Wars of Colonies later known as World War 1 which the non-slaving nations lost as the Western nations not only used African resources but millions of Black Africans soldiers to win the war.

The decisive war was on the economic front whereby the West used the wasteful Planned Obsolescence strategy to grow and produce flashier products while Russian and the rest of the Eastern bloc were stuck to 50yr old models of cars and other manufacturing goods. Effective but with not enough profit since they had to conform to the natural laws of production. Just as the Western Powers allied with the Islamists went to War and defeated Russia in the 1856 Ukraine war, they once again became allies in Afghanistan and Chechen to bankrupt the Soviets that had disturbed their global caste system.

Its a known fact that it was the Syrian Christians that backed the Sunni sect immediately after the death of ProphetMohammed to take leadership of the Islamic civilization from the Shite. It was the British that later took over Muslim lands tribalizing them and installing permanently Western aligned Arabic monarchs in Saudi and across North Africa and Near Asia, only failing in Iran Shite territory. As Ifa philosophy of dualism states there are always two sides, good and evil even in Almighty God, the religions had both meritocratic and dogmatic heirarchial unnatural sides. The Church itself was divided into the Orthodox Churches of Russia and Africa versus the Roman Western Christianity. This unnatural worldview of caste systems was to disturb the peace of the world with Christian nationstate and Islamic peasant terrorism.

With the 1989 fall of Russia, the West sought to regain lost ground and began disguised military advances through NATO until they finally reached the Ukraine borders by overthrowing the Ukraine Russian friendly government. The strategy was to takeover Russia in order to takeover North Asia, where they will be able to take back India and China, the first places freed from Western colonization by Russia. Then eventually reenslaving Africa and the rest of the world, Game Over! So, Russia quickly took the first move by starting the war in Ukraine instead of waiting for the advance on Russia soil. Russia will be backed by India and China, but they can’t win the conventional warfare against the West backed with a global economic caste system that enables them to sell underused weaponry to 50 African nations in order to build new better weapons. Therefore rather than wait to be conquered a nuclear war shall be unleashed that will bring pestilence of Apocalyptic proportions of the Third Horseman that would eventually bring about a level playing global economic market place built on universal Justice and structured on a multipolar global power base. And only then can the Black Race find true freedom from coloniality of their knowledge, power and ecology.

Only then would we get the right and equitable prices for African human and natural resources. Only then would we not have to burn away natural gas wastefully to keep world prices low. Only then would we not have to buy Apple 1000x every Christmas and unending Toyota Tokunbos cars. Choking our environment with our waste. Then we would move towards economic justice, cultural, political and ecological justice.

Unfortunately, this won’t happen until the world experiences the Biblical Third Apocalyptic Horseman, apocalypse meaning the total destruction of those that stubbornly stick to unsustainable ways and fight against the world of universal justice. Those that survive will pick up the pieces and we would evolve to a higher level of global consciousness known as the Age of Shango.

Happy New Great Month

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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