Wike, an uppity Negro or indigenous African gladiator?

So it wasn’t about Wike alone as painted, as we see photos of Atiku and others scurrying to London to meet South and Middlebelt Governors after their meeting with Obasanjo.

Atiku and his Afroasiatic leadership made it seem that Wike was the sore loser troublesome uppity Negro, a ploy used by Abrahamic slavemasters to personalize and trivialize the issue when an Original African slave dares to stand up and speak on the treatment of his people.

They made it appear that Wike was a sore loser to obscure the fundamental issues of cultural equity and justice in rotational presidency.

We can now see that it wasn’t a Wike Emilokan complex but South and Middlebelt indigenous African civilizational complex. There had been an agreement that power should rotate back to the South but Atiku breached the logical gentleman’s agreement with money and, especially Afroasiatic civilizationism whereby Tambuwal threw his lot behind his distant Fulani cousin.

However, it appears that Atiku had walked into a trap devised by the master of the game, Obasanjo, or the Almighty Universe. Obasanjo and the South and Middlebelt leadership knew exactly what would happen in the primaries, that Atiku and Tinubu will use money and Northern Afroasiatic hegemons to deprive the Southeast of their rotational right to presidency. We recall that Wike and Makinde had visited Owu barely a week before Obi pulled out of PDP. It is believed Wike was pushed ahead to confront the bullying Atiku and his Northern hegemons, knowing he would be cheated out, which will be a rallying point for the South and Middlebelt indigenous peoples to unite around.

Without the huge monies from Lagos IGR and ports, and without Obasanjo involvement, the right and just result would have been achieved. Tinubu and Atiku contempt of the Original indigenous African civilizational base made them disregard the fact that the combined numbers of the minority groups of Middlebelt and Nigeria could swing an election to any of the big three Wazobia groups. They never took into consideration that the informed self interest of minorities was to ensure that rotational presidency continued with the Igbos, otherwise none of the minorities would ever become president.

The involvement of Obasanjo goes to the foundation of democracy and governance everywhere in the world that conscious leadership must inform and guide the masses to make the right decisions, otherwise predatory politicians armed with money and sectional anti-people interests will make the governance system unjust and unsustainable.

Now it is clear that about 8 South and Middlebelt PDP and APGA governors will join the Obidient Movement to entrench the equity and justice of Igbo rotational presidency. Otherwise the goverors run the obvious risk of becoming irrelevant for putting party over their people, by trying to sell Atiku, another Fulani after 8yrs of Fulani presidency, or Tinubu Muslim-Muslim ticket to SS 95% Christian population, not to talk of SW 8yrs taken under Obasanjo.

Obasanjo, a beneficiary of Original African agitations against 34yrs of Afroasiatic rule after Abiolas stolen mandate, has been an adherent supporter of rotational presidency as a tool of nation building. He not only backed Goodluck to power, he backed Buhari to power. Though some will point out that those Obasanjo backed to power all failed, let him also back the Igbos to power for cultural equity and justice, even if they fail like all others before them. Then with all major groups served their neocolonist breakfast, we can all settle down in South and Middlebelt as a civilization to restrategize.

Moreover, Peter Obi won’t fail like his predecessors because in having to build support for Peter Obi, Obasanjo has had to work with the SMBLF of Afenifere, Ohaneaze, Middlebelt forum and Pandef that demand restructuring and used meritocracy to choose the best out of Igbos in form of Peter Obi. Unlike the big money Bullion van politicians, Peter Obi had to use humility and meritocracy to appeal to the civilizational leadership that couldn’t be bought.

So, Atiku rushing to London to belatedly beg, not only to Wike that his followers had rubbished as a sore loser, but the South and Middlebelt Governors clique is too little too late. As Yoruba say o lol ju Owo so moto toun loni, he ran to wave to a car that had left for it’s destination. Obi will win this election with SE, SS and Middlebelt (Taraba, Benue, Nassarawa, Plateau, South Kaduna and other indigenous African populations.)

Wike’s treatment is a painful reminder that the condescending master slave relationship of the Afroasiatic and European slavemasters is still in full play. The issue is not Wike but the Original indigenous African civilization of the South and Middlebelt whose political and economic development remains arrested by foreign civilizationism.

WE MOVE towards the Age of Shango/Amadiora/Aquarius/Biblical Apocalypse 3rd Horseman. Be Obidient and Yusuful to the dictates of the Universe that demands universal justice, or perish!

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