It is obvious that the Obidient Movement is greater than Peter Obi. One can’t but wonder the magic or hardwork that makes every door he knocks open with wide applause, and for the first time ever people are actually using their own money to sponsor a presidential candidate. The Obidients make it clear that they are not mere supporters but employers of Obi, sending him to represent them.

It is what Obi is and not what he says that makes him popular and loved. It is his modesty, his humility. Lack of trappings of the rich and powerful. People are tired of politicians acting like monarchs whose role is to flash the culture. His trim Black safari against the bigmanism of Agbada. His meekness strikes the chord of Ghandi, Mandela and others with cult following. While his opponents come with a sense of Emilokan entitlement, he comes across as unassuming and simple.

With his opponents recovering from the initial shock of the ‘outsider’ taking over the political space and resorting to throwing mud of corruption, painting him a liar and what have you, it is unlikely to work. People don’t believe Peter Obi is sparkling clean or a genius, it is his humility.

Even if he is corrupt, the logic is ‘Corruption get level’. No matter the amount of allegations of corruption or lying over the next 7 months, it can never catch up to the public perception of corruption that people have of Tinubu and Atiku over the last 20yrs, especially with the recent primaries that Obi had to flee because he couldn’t compete with corrupt dollars buying delegates. Yes, he is corrupt but when corruption met corruption in the primaries, we all know who are the fathers that won. Actions speak louder than words.

Moreover, it’s not only about being corrupt but having the decency not to use the proceeds of robbing our commonwealth to intimidate and control us. You are less vexed with a mosquito that bites you on your feet than the one that lands on your nose. That’s clear provocation. This long term provocation of the electorate was heightened with the crass display of buying presidential tickets and delegates that can’t be erased from public consciousness any time soon.

Comparative corruption levels aside, one can’t but wonder why the Nigerian electorate weren’t provoked earlier and follow the likes of Gani Fawehinmi, Aminu Kano and other non ostentatious politicians. There is definitely more than meets the eye of even seasoned politicians and political scientists. The answer is in the sign of times predicted by various ancient Knowledge systems from religion to astrology known as the Age of the Biblical third horseman, the 2000 era of Shango/Amadiora also known as Age of Aquarius.

This is not an overnight phenomenon, the world has been building up to this stage as economic and political injustice became more obvious. We have had serious riots and anti-establishment voting in the US, across the Americas and Europe, but the masses were still taken for rides between 2010 and 2020. Now, the masses are taking the political process in their hands. In local parlance, Dem Mumu don do!

The Obidient Movement for an equitable and Just society had started with the 2012 Occupy movement, known as the Fuel Subsidy Protests, during which the people were taken for a ride. Instead of stating the simple economic reason that fuel subsidy regimes prevents private investments in refineries since nobody will invest $8b of their own money into a market whose price was set by the government. The government fell for the trap and eventually became the hallmark of anticorription movement which eventually saw Jonathan losing power. The people desired real change but were misled by APC that made things several times worse. Now, people don’t want to hear lies that only remain in manifestos, like business advisers would say, employ character first, skills could be learnt on the job, not character.

It has all come to a boil as we approach the new 2000yr change of global consciousness in 2023/2024 which Abrahamists called the Judgement Day, which is an Age of Universal Justice. This is encoded in the Bible when Jesus was asked when would he comeback for the Judgement Era and he advised according to Luke 21v25 that they should study the Sun, Moon and Stars. What specifically to lookout for astrologically is in Revelations 6 v5 known as the Apocalyptic 3rd Horseman with scales of balance, Justice. Most importantly, he predicted that the Meek will inherit the new higher state of political evolution, which signified the change from the era of Might is Right to the era of Right is Might.

With so much Might and abused power, the people yearn for the Right. They don’t seek an angel or someone with untold riches, but someone to come to their level. Politicians usually adopt the optics trick of carrying babies, eating with the poor and riding okadas, but people have become more sophisticated and demanding. Those that can’t understand the Might of Peter Obi is in his meekness would continue to waste money and time trying to denigrate him.

It’s too late because his opponents can’t now fake humility. Though everyone knows Peter Obi is a billionaire, his simplicity is the complex that drives the Obidient Movement. For example when political opponents complained of the vawulence (social media bullying) of his supporters, and Obi tried to caution them, his supporters told him off which his opponents supporters dare not do to their candidate they treat like a demigod.

Though the March towards Universal Justice didn’t start with Obi nor would it end with Obi since this is a 2000yr change of global consciousness to a higher state of political evolution based on universal Justice and equity. People have become irreversibly conscious on Universal Justice so if Obi is sabotaged, stopped or can’t fulfill the collective aspirations, the Masses would rise by all means possible even if violent. But for now this potent peoples power adapted by Obi with his meekness will led him to power as written.

The meek will surely inherit Aso Rock after Buhari regardless of what his opponents throw at him.

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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