Crowthers 165yr cycle of epistemicide and Change of global consciousness

Are Russian astrologers behind Putins decision to invade Ukraine, is a question asked by some Western astrologers that tie the current war to the Crimean War that ended in 1856, marking a 165 yrs cycle that becomes exact on 12 April 2022. The Crimean War was viewed as a struggle between Western Christianity and the Russian Orthodox Church, whereby the British and French backed the Islamic Ottoman Empire against their White homeland.

It is believed that it was as a result of Obatala (Jupiter) and Olokun (Neptune) meeting at the same sector of the sky that belongs to Pisces, the house of Olokun. Putin’s invasion is viewed as a challenge and a reversal of Western domination of our global (Obatala) consciousness (Olokun). A total change in global consciousness takes about 2000 years and usually tied to 8 Oya 250yr revolutionary cycles that break existing global political structures (Obaluaye), which also ties to 12 Olokun 165yr Epistemic and spiritual cycles that break existing Obalata civilizational Epistemologies/knowledge banks.

Being global phenomenon, our Original African civilization is also greatly influenced by the Obatala-Olokun 165yr cycles. Around 165yrs ago, the British colonized Lagos, but most important were the influences of Townsend that built the first Anglican Church in Yorubaland, and Bishop Ajayi Crowther that demonized Yoruba epistemology by wrongly equating Esu, our most important Orisha, to Satan.

It must be stated that the Western Christian imperialism didn’t start with the last cycle of mid 1800s Obatala-Olokun collective consciousness, but the two previous cycles in 1691 and 1520s. The 1691 Obatala-Olokun was a standalone spiritual essence that only converted Original African spiritual science of Obaluaye and other Orisas into the foundations of vaccination and Western medicine.

However like we have now in 2022/2023, the 1520 Obatala-Olokun 165 year cycle also coincided with the Oya-Obaluaye 250 year cycle, giving it huge power that not only resulted in the break up of the Roman Catholic church by Protestantism over slavery, it also was the beginning of the break up of the Original African civilization previously tied to Ife.

The Nupe attack on Oyo led to a new Oyo that relied on a foreign supply of weapons and cavalry that led to the influx of Afroasians and their Islamic civilization, while in exchange for weapons Prince Ogun (Oba Ewuare) of Edo was mandated to create the Aruosa Church, and Christian cultural imperialism that resulted in the Oba of Edo wearing Jesuit Catholic cassocks till today.

The Olokun 165yr swinging cycles is evident in the Edo polity ever since Ewuare changed the collective consciousness of Edos, resulting in 7 prosperous kings of slavery over 165yrs followed by 7 nondescript lineage of Edo kings without slavery proceeds over the next 165yrs, then Akensua restarted the prosperous kings through slavery, and now we are on the 3rd of nondescript lineage without slavery.

While Putin is the current head of the White motherland, Ooni of Ife is the leader of the Black heartland and Original African civilization. With the influences of Obatala-Olokun-Oya-Obaulaye, Putin has set out to break Western intellectual, economic and political hegemony, as he has not only attacked Ukraine to stop NATO advancement, but challenging the global petrodollar hegemony and financial caste system with his planned alliances with China, India and rest of the BRICS to create an alternative global financial system, thereby creating a multipolar world.

In the Black Race, we are seeing signs of a push towards decoloniality with the growing Esu is not Satan movement. To crown it, the Yoruba monarchy being an Olokun dynasty, the Universe has provided Oonirisa Ogunwusi that is pushing the Renaissance of Yoruba and other Original African cultures, renovating all Orisas temples, building befitting statues like Moremi, the tallest in West Africa, and a few weeks ago commissioned the ancient Olokun glass factory, helped by Russian and Western academicians. In a few weeks, he would be commissioning the most intellectual liberating and epistemological reviving project for the Black Race to usher in the new 2000yr Age of Shango.

Unlike the Abrahamic civilizations based on Ogun philosophy that resolve issues with war, the Original African civilization has a more complete philosophical foundation led with Osuns creativity and brotherhood,the wisdom and patience of Orunmila etc

There is a belief that we are all actors of a script written by God/Universe, and absolutely nothing can stop the reversal of Western inspired physical, mental, political and financial slavery that starts earnestly on April 12th 2022 when Obatala visits Olokun at home..

We Move!

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