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The Nigerian Police Force has inadvertently publicized the looming Nigerian revolution in an attempt to superficially quell it with anti-sloganeering. Before the NPF spokesman Olumuyiwa Adejobi linked the little known ‘no gree for anybody’ slogan to an impending revolution, 99% of Nigerians had never heard of it.

The police spokesman wrongly claimed that the fresh information came from intelligence reports, when it has been an open secret for years that there would be revolutions not only in Nigeria but worldwide. There have been several global reviews using different knowledge systems that have all pointed out an impending revolution in Nigeria by 2026.

Revolutions are full circles of birth, life, death and rebirth and the knowledgeable know when the circle starts and ends. If a revolution breaks out in Nigeria, it would definitely not be because of a 2024 slogan or even the present government, but a culmination of issues of misgovernance, not only limited to Tinubu, nor the current democratic dispensation from 1999, nor even the 1960 psuedo independence.

As a Yoruba, if the NPF spokesman Adejobi had been educated in traditional knowledge, African Spiritual sciences aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, he would have been able to identify the different Orisas tied to the different revolutionary, justice and leadership cycles. Instead, he has let the universe employ him as the Esu, the essence of information, to propagate the workings of Orisas.

If Adejobi knew his Orisa geometry he would have known that Oya is the essence of revolution, whose orbit is an approximately 250 years cycle. The last time Oya was in Shango sphere of the heavens was in the 1770s when Alaafin Abiodun challenged Bashorun Gaa and brought about the beginning of the end of Oyo Empire. This was when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other slave owners broke their links with European monarchy to form a republic. 250yrs before the 1770s revolution that destroyed empires and replaced them with new ones, there was the 1520s cycle when the Holy Roman Catholic empires was challenged and broken by the British and French protestants, and Oyo and Edo were armed away from the Ife civilization. In 1270s, Europeans chased out and ended the 500yr Afroasiatic Islamic domination.

The NPF spokesman would also have known the Olokun 165 year cycle of leadership, the last which was the 1861 colonization of Lagos starting the colonization of Nigeria, ending in 2026. He would know the 84yr Shango cycle of the essence of Justice, the last being the 1930s Nigerian Youth pro-independence movement led by Herbert Macaulay, Azikwe and others. The previous cycle was tied to the Yoruba Civil Wars after the fall of Oyo. Lastly, he would have known the Obaluaye 29yrs cycle of the essence of structure, the previous one being the 1993 MKO Election and 1964 election boycotts that bred political instability.

All these cycles come to a complete revolution around this period and nobody can instigate or stop it. Instead, those like him that want to stop it, will be inadvertently used to fulfill the course of the Universe and evolution of humanity to higher more sustainable development. Especially, since these revolutionary fervor of Oya’s mantra of ‘no gree for anybody’ is billed to usher in a new 2000yr cycle of the Age of Shango/Biblical 3rd Horseman that brings universal cultural and political justice, as we change from the Age of Olokun/2nd Horseman that started between 23AD with the fall of the Roman Republic and 27AD evolution into Roman Empire, bringing about the universal change with religious and political dogma of Christians, Muslims and Ifa Olokun Asorodayo.

The spokesman and the government should realize that no human or entity can go against Oya’s winds of revolutionary change, so you either flow with it by doing the needful or be swept into the dustbin of humanity fighting against it.

I have written extensively about this in various articles over the last several years, tracing the movement of Oya tied to planet Pluto, from when she met with Obaluaye in his sphere and brought about the 2020 global epidemic Covid, to when Obaluaye moved into Shango to forment Endsars and Obidient movements, before Oya moved into the Shango sphere in the week of 2023 presidential elections.

Some readers challenged the predictions when the revolution didn’t occur at the election, but we have had to explain that Oya will pass through the same spot moving forward thrice and backward thrice. After Oya’s entry in Shango’s sphere during the 2023 elections, it reversed back into Obaluaye sector in July for the judicial challenges, and is now moving back into Shango within the next week, January 20th, as the revolutionary zeal is being refuelled by the Betta-Ojo corruption scandal and this announcement by the NPF.

However, these are just little steps towards the final universal revolution, since Oya is going to reverse and move forward for the last time in 250yrs in September-November 2024 around Ondo and Edo elections. There are also other Orisa alignments that come together along the way in April 2024, throughout 2025 into 2026. Infact some wise men have argued that there wouldn’t be only one revolution, but a few counter revolutions based on cosmic readings and the fact that the problems of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large are too ingrained to be cancelled out in one bout of Revolutionary fervor.

As stated, it’s not only a Nigerian thing, and I don’t think we will fare the worst in what reputed international institutions have called a global polycrisis across the entire humanity. The Northern hemisphere especially the Western Powers have to contend with the Shango 84yr karma cycle tied to nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 165yr Olokun cycle of colonization and Neocolonization of Africa that would be reversed, and the 250yr Oya cycle that brought the US, French and Haitian revolutions. This is why we have been warning those Japa-ing to watch before jumping from Nigeria’s frying pan into Oyinbo fire.

In Yoruba sciences, the post of the Nigerian Police spokesman is based on Esu information essence, but due to the lack of knowledge, he has let Esu se ‘do him’ to disseminate the Oya slogan of ‘no gree for anybody’. Orisas have no voice, it is Esu that carries their information.

Once again this is a proof that African intelligence is more complete than Western Police intelligence.

By Prince Justice

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