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President Tinubu is of the Ogun essence of life force; Obasanjo/Awolowo are Olokun (consciousness leadership); Jonathan/Azikwe are Oya (Revolutionary change); MKO Abiola/Bola Ige and Ahmadu Bello were Esu (Information). There are no coincidences in life, so even when someone can’t really remember their birthday, their choice will be influenced by their natural essence/Ori to choose a day with that essence. Unfortunately due to Western colonality of our knowledge sources, we have left the indigenous African practice of using prevailing essences surrounding a birth to name a person, which allows others to identify the type of person. Nowadays people just choose fancy names or are named as prayers to an Almighty God in blind faith, not knowledge based.

Not only are the tenets of Yoruba philosophy still relevant, Orisa mathematics is intact. When you know person’s complete essences that make their Ori/soul, not only which sign/sector of the sky Orunmila/Sun was at their birth as listed above, you can roughly know their destiny or purpose of life, especially at certain times when prevailing collective essences unite or oppose their personal essences. Eni Ori Sa. For example, not only was Obasanjo’s Orunmila (wisdom) passing through the sector of the sky attributed to Olokun (consciousness), his Obaluaye/Saturn (structure) was also in the same Olokun sector, thereby making him the most important essence in Nigeria’s structure and consciousness of his generation. As noted above, all the leaders essences impacted the collective in their own way, positively or otherwise.

Currently, Tinubu being Ogun is ruling over a people whose failed yearning for Justice (Shango) has led to a call for Oya (Revolution) as announced by the Police spokesman (Esu of Ogun). Ogun can be bullish and non-strategic unless he is guided by Esu. In Tinubu’s Ogun case, not only was he pointed in his life direction by MKO Abiola Esu essence, he has a permanent Esu by his side in the person of his wife Remi who is also Esu. As stated in my response to the Police spokesman that was personalizing the increased yearnings for revolutionary change, it is the universe that is control of these cyclical spiritual and philosophical essences, and we humans are just actors following the script, with the free will to be good or bad actors. The build up to this yearning for revolutionary change is global and not only in Nigeria or because of Tinubu. The universe just placed him on the spot to provoke it to fulfill what has been building for the last five hundred years, the Axial period of the incoming 2000 years of Shango global civilizational Age.

Many Black people in frustration have questioned why the Black Race had to go through slavery, colonization and neocolonization, not knowing that Southern Nigeria being the origin of humanity is always used to evolve the global consciousness of new 2000yr Ages. The Axial period of the Age of Ogun (2000BC to 1AD) was pioneered by the Ndigbo Nri civilization of blacksmiths and Lejja Nsukka iron mines. The most popular and documented Axial period is that of the outgoing Age of Olokun/Pisces that brought religious and political dogma and racist capitalism, which is the period between 700BC and 1AD when Eurasians adapted Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, which was the global religion, Philosophy and knowledge bank, to their own warped version in Classical philosophy, Judeo-Christian dogma etc.

The New Age of Shango is to bring about the reversal of the universal “Might is Right” mantra that started in the Age of Ogun to Right (Shango) is Might (Ogun) to enable Justice for every group. Christians misconstrue this Age of Shango, depicted in the Bible as the Apocalypse Third Horseman, as Judgement Day. It is also the change of global consciousness from scientific materialism to scientific spiritualism. So for the incoming Shango Age, Black people especially the largest indigenous African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, were made by the universe to go through the horrific slavery and colonization. It was the African slaves taken to the Americas that began to push the concept of universal justice, from fighting against the injustices of slavery, ignominious classification of Africans as three fifths of a person in the 1787 US constitution all the way to the 1950/60s global Black movement for civil rights and political independence. Also, it is Ifa 256 bits that was used to design the first computer with a 256 bit motherboard that ushered in the digital age of Shango.

What will happen to Tinubu’s Ogun reign has been encoded in the Yoruba spiritual sciences and stories of the essences, especially the interrelationships of Shango, Ogun, Oya, Osun, Obatala (civilization) and Esu. Unfortunately, in this era of modernism, we have taken Yoruba stories superficially without understanding their deep spiritual and philosophical meanings. We don’t know that Osun and Oya left Ogun for Shango due to philosophical differences. Osun’s essences of value and balance couldn’t continue to withstand Ogun’s brutal force to achieve by all means possible without morality. Ogun could be a force for hardwork and achievement or imperialistic wars and Ogundabeje, the head of armed robbers. Osun’s gentle mein made her leave Ogun for Shango that was conscientious. Oya is the feminine more conscientious side of Ogun, using her force for revolutionary change. With Ogun, they just used force together and even Ogun was reputed to abuse her, so she left for Shango, the essence of Justice, which when he identifies injustice, she helped him to bring about revolutionary change.

There are different stories of Shango versus Ogun conflicts – one over Osun essence of value and balance, while another over Oya essence of revolutionary justice which Shango believed was redundant with Ogun and decide to take her. The third is gives a civilizational overview of Orisas essence. This is the story of Dada that was subjected to Oguns excessive punishment for stealing his dog as a prank.

Like with the two other stories, whereby it was Esu, the essence of information, that instigated the conflict, Esu had inspired Dada to prank Ogun and when Ogun sentenced him to 100 years in prison, Esu instigated Dada’s mother to challenge the excessive punishment. She went to Obatala, the essence of civilization that wrote the laws and philosophy, but Obatala couldn’t change the civilizational laws that allowed Ogun’s excessive punishment. Therefore Esu suggested to her to go to Shango that could test the unfair law, his wife Oya could bring a revolutionary change to the civilizational laws. Shango took up the case and approached Ogun to implore him that his sentence of Dada was unjust. Ogun stubbornly refused to bend to his logic and Shango went ahead to do what he deemed right by freeing Dada. This lead to a bloody battle between the two at the end of which Ogun won as Shango fled to the heavens. Nobody could beat Ogun with the exception of Oya who shared the same force. In the event of a conflict, Oya essence could be raised to the power of nine while Ogun essence was raised to the power of seven.

Despite these philosophical foundations of Yoruba being thousands of years old, it is still potent and relevant as we enter the Age of Shango. It is likely that the first sets of conflicts occured during the Age of Ogun/Aries/Iron (2000BC to 1AD) that followed the Age of Osun of peaceful trade and structures, which enabled Ogun to win and Shango’s Justice for humanity defeated to take a back seat. The following Age that of Olokun from 23AD to 2023AD didn’t challenge the era of Ogun’s brute force but only veiled it in religious and political dogma. However, now from 2023/2024, Shango is set to challenge Ogun’s excessiveness and immorality.

President Tinubu Ogun bullish took over from Buhari with an Obatala essence of Arabic Civilizationism that had wrecked the country, despite the people and stakeholders believing he should share in the blame for Buhari’s damage. Instead of relieving the people from the yoke of Buhari destructive Arabic civilizational economics, insecurity and politics, President Ogun increased the punishment like Dada’s by removing fuel subsidies, devaluation, and increasing insecurity. The opposition had sought Shango justice through the judiciary, but was defeated since Shango was currently in Osun’s sector where money was used to immobilize him. As Ogun puts the people of Odua under immense punishment for Buhari (Arabic Obatala) failures, they have no choice but to call for Oya (revolutionary change) the only power that can challenge Ogun’s excesses.

On the 20th of January 2023, Oya entered Shangos house the first time in 250yrs, the last being from 1776-1798 when she brought revolutionary change for the masses in the USA, French, Oyo and especially Haiti Revolution, the beginning of the end of African Transatlantic slavery. Though Shango is currently residing in Osun House of Taurus of global financial institutions, on the same day, 20th of January 2023, Shango entered his own Orunmilas house for a one month consultation. Ultimately, all these essences are encoded in our Ori and activitated when required by the universe, so the masses taking up ‘we no go gree for anybody’ are unconsciously being tuned by the universe.

Some will argue that there is a wide spectrum for free will and self determinism, than just being good or bad actors of the Universe’s script, so Tinubu should be able to change the course of humanity or lessen the effects of the fallout. For one, Tinubu is Ogun and would most likely not listen nor compromised on his predetermined route. There are only two essences that could change the course which is either Esu, Ogun’s supreme adviser, in this case probably his wife, an Osun Esu, or Oya the universal revolutionary agent that would bring a lot of destruction and lost of lives with the revolutionary change.

We could ask Orunmila the essence of wisdom to negotiate, but Orunmila, the eleri ipin that knows the history of the world and it’s 2000yr cycle of civilizational essences, might adopt a Siddon look approach. Obatala is the essence of civilization, the first of which is the Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa civilization that spread across the world before Ogun and Olokun essences colored and split civilizations into four – Original African, Afroasiatic/Afro-Arabic, European and Buddhist. The Ogun based civilizations have created a bipolar global world power structure with the help of Ogun weapons, and recently Shangos nuclear power. However, Shango global civilizational Age will bring a just multi-polar world with each civilization balanced on a Right is Might mantra.

The Buddhist civilization of China has used an Osun-Shango essence to challenge the European Ogun civilization. However, there are trends that a new global consciousness of Olokun in the Age of Shango might have to be structured by Obaluaye (structure) when it meets with Olokun between Ogun and Olokun houses, meaning that it might come with catastrophic war by April 2026. Not only has the world come together to challenge Western Powers Ogun global hegemony through actions like the BRICS, as symbolized with China’s Red Shango/Ogun flag with Osun stars, but the Western Powers might face Shangos retributive justice for their excessive Ogun punishment of nuclear bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In addition to the international challenge of USA/UK Ogun coalition, there are internal issues that might spell their end. Ogun and Olokun excesses has made a meal out of Obatala civilization with racism and same sex issues.

I don’t intend to fully analyze the ramifications of the Shango-Ogun conflict in other civilizations, but the point must be made that the Ogun and Olokun imperfections on the Indigneous African civilization come from and are reinforced by the pinnacle of Ogun essences of the Western and Afro-Arabic civilizations, therefore in order to be totally free and have a true revolutionary change towards Shangos universal cultural justice, the Western Powers might have to face the comeuppance of their Ogun backed Olokun coloniality.

By Prince Justice

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