Yoruba timing like Islamic is lunar and counted the opposite direction of current Solar timing. A complete revolution of the earth is a 24hr day, a complete revolution of the Sun is a 365day year, while a complete revolution of the Solar system is a 26,000yr.

It has been established that a full circle of human consciousness is 26,000yrs. The cycle of humanity divided into 12 like a clock or calendar, each sector is known as a Great Year comprising of 2,000yrs each.

Age of Orunmila (Sun/Leo) 10,000-8000BC beginning of present human civilization in Southern Nigeria.

Age of Yemanja (Moon/Cancer) 8,000 to 6,000BC brought the lunar calendar tied to the relationship between the full Moon and female menstrual cycles, matriarchy.

Age of Esu (Mercury/Gemini) 6,000 to 4,000BC brought organization and dissemination of knowledge systems like Ifa, writing, astrology

Age of Osun (Venus/Taurus) 4,000 to 2,000BC brought the building of monuments and wealth, pyramids and trading empires of Summer, Indus Valley.

Age of Ogun (Mars/Aries) 2,000 to 1AD brought metallurgy mainly used by Black people for agriculture and ornaments, but it resulted in the spread of warring White people from South Russian caves of the Andronovo Complex armed with bow and arrows to overrun Black empires from Southern China to ancient Egypt.

Age of Olokun (Neptune/Pisces) 1AD to 2023 brought religious and political dogma, African knowledge converted into aggressive use, Ifa becomes Buddhism and Christianity, maritime trade bolstered by racist capitalist dogma and continued White Ogun domination through the military industrial complex based on the conversion of Chinese ornamental explosives to military use.

Age of Shango (Uranus/Aquarius) brings global economic ascendancy and renaissance of the Black Race.

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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