A river that forgets its source runs dry.

The source of true black power is the origin of humanity and civilization. It is the launchpad of the expected global Black economic ascendancy.

The source of Black Power is the true Eden where majority of Blacks in the Americas originated. The source of the Black Power was used to build from ancient Egypt to contemporary USA. The northern part was called Negrita, the southern part was called the Slave Coast and it is now called Nig*er Area, Nigeria.

The source of Black power still accounts for 1 in 6 Black people in the world, has 500 of the 2000 Original African languages.

The source of the Black Power accounts for over 30% of the Black African economy and with the fastest growing youth in the world will provide the market economics to uplift the Black Race.

BUT, the source of Black Power is still under indirect European domination, so the Black Race remains the poorest and most politically disenfranchised.

Charity begins at home and until we identify, unify and liberate home, we shall remain powerless Blacks disrespect by every other race!


By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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