Kings and kingmakers have progressed from propagating religion to rally the masses to social engineering through social media with equally dire consequences.

Christian Crusaders and Islamic Jihadists over centuries mobilized millions to war for resources or to cause internal rebellion.

In Africa, across the grasslands, nearly half of the population has had their traditional institutions over thrown, and their cultural identity lost for ever to jihads – calls of corruption – instigated by religions.

The same thing happened in the South where kings were replaced by European choices on grounds of corruption.

After independence, the Nkrumahs and all other independence fighters were overthrown on corruption charges by Western trained and colonially indoctrinated Zombie soldiers.

From the Eighties through Nineties, conservative Pentecostalism and Islam were the mind control instruments.

But, now social media appears to have the greatest potential to affect global consciousness. More than mega-churches, newspapers, television and radio.

Mao said religion was an opium for poor people, now smartphones injects it straight into the brain. It is an effective mode of propaganda, which has been used in Arab Springs psuedo- revolutions in Egypt and many others.

A case study is that of Nigeria where a vile corruption campaign was waged through social media on never substantiated claims and used to despose a government.

GEJ ran from the altar of Pentecostalism to Islam via Ifa oracle, but couldn’t avoid being slaughtered in the altar of public opinion through smartphones.

Sahara reporters and many online groups attacked with no concrete evidence without the fear of libel.

But like with past means of communication, it could become counter-productive to the ruling classes. Africans worldwide used newpapers and radios to educate and agitate a critical mass of their peoples against White domination and exploitation.

Buhari, or his handlers, know that those who live by the sword often die by the sword, which is why a social media representative was chosen months before a cabinet.

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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