China’s massive economic infrastructural development across Africa has to do with international communism policy that seeks to free Africans from European imperialism, in order to give them and other non-slaving nations a level playing field in the global market. Now, the question is if European imperialism thrives on African divide and rule, what is the opposite,

To start with, the Capitalism and Communism practised is far from the textbook definitions. Despite USA capitalist posture, it has used government takeover of private property to produce more than many communist nations. During the 1st world, the US produced over 30,000 products through governmental direct control and conversion of private property. On the other hand, throughout the history of communism there were sectors under private ownership and control. China has more billionaires than many capitalist nations.

The focus of this article is not the practise and ramifications of the two market systems within nations, but the full global picture of their application between nations.

African slavery was the founding capital of Western capitalism and imperialism. Slavery, colonization and neo-imperialism thrived on a global financial caste system and the practise of Divide and Rule across africa.
African resources enabled western Slaving nations to dominate non-slaving Eurasian nations with larger markets and resources.

Lenin and other communists questioned how to resolve the main weakness of capitalism, which was how to direct private investment into large long term socially beneficial production. They believed in taking over and direct productive resources into socially beneficial production in what became known as socialism/communism.

Initially it worked but the removal of the profit incentive and competition made it fail as the economy development stagnated. A better model was actually designed by the capitalist nations that commandeered private property under the guise of war and national security to produce the next line of technological goods – in WWI, government built huge tank and radar production lines that were later privatized to the likes of Henry Ford, GM and GE for car production, having suffered for lack of investment prior to the war. WW2 not only end the 1929 Great Depression in 1934, but brought investment into aviation where McDonnell and Boeing had resorted to making hair curlers and furniture. The cold war inspired the US government investment in data collection, processing and transmission technology that gave birth to computers and the internet current enjoyed.

The moral of the story is that government can gather a nations productive resources towards socially beneficial production, starved of long-term huge private investment, BUT it MUST privatize them to enable them grow naturally. So, no African nation needs national communism but international communism is another issue.

Regardless of this economic progression of build and privatize cycles, non-slaving nations like Russia and China can’t compete on a level playing field against imperialist nations because of the continued unfair advantage derived from Africa and Africans. Simply put, Chinese, Russians or other non-Western nations can’t compete for contracts fairly in Western controlled African nations.

Therefore, Lenin and others advocated international communism – the equality of nations, the freeing of black nations from the clutches of Western imperialist nations.

To start the process of international communism, Russia backed china in its internal war against British imperial interests and built all its steel mills for its industrial takeoff. Russia backed Nkrumah that took over london’s Black internationalist movement, which had mushroomed under Ladipo Solanke’s student movement that agitated for black liberation across the British empire. They backed Malcolm X, Robert Mugabe and ultimately Thabo Mbeki that freed south Africa.

With Black political independence achieved by the early sixties, albeit reversed or restricted in counter revolutions by late sixties, the focus moved to economic liberation.

Russia attempted to build Nigeria’s steel complex, Ajaokuta, but the government was disposed with corruption propaganda by colonial soldiers. Soon afterwards Russia was to be bankrupted by western backed Islamists in Afghanistan before it could achieve any success on the economic front.

Fortunately, China was to take over the bastion of international communism by building economic infrastructure first across south and central america, and from 1999 turned to africa.

From Zimbabwe and Angola that had traditionally looked towards the east to Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia, traditional British enclaves, the Chinese financed and built strategic economic infrastructure. They doubled Africa economic growth from 4.4percent in the 1980 to 1999 era to 8.8percent from 2000 to 2013. Reopening mines, mills, building refineries, powerplants and railways.

China’s largest investment (13percent of african investment) was directed to Nigeria, the former slave coast, the biggest jewel in the crown of British Africa, whose projected 963million at the end of this century was key to continued western global domination. Which China and international communism can’t afford and thus inspired China’s largest foreign investment in world – the financing and building of a new 50station railway system that would transform Nigeria.

Hilary Clinton raised the alarm in her confession ‘we have been caught sleeping’ as China’s african investment increased from around 4billion in 1999 to over 20billion while US hovered around 12billion.

In order to keep their system in place, the West responded fast and furious through its traditional tool of divide and rule.

Basically there are only two groups across Africa – original African(Bantu) and afro-Asians(Abrahamic). From post-Pharaohnic Egypt to the present Sokoto caliphate, the christian Europeans and Islamists have worked together to exploit original Africans. So, the first division exploited was the use of Afro-Arabic terrorists to embarrass any pro-Chinese government out of power. But, there are more Original Africans than Afro-Asians and most of the resources and markets are original African, so this is where the divide and rule policy that fed slavery and colonization is brought into play to save Western capitalism and neo-imperialism from the clutches of international communism.

A regime change was implemented in Nigeria through a Western-inspired corruption propaganda that played the second and deciding factor after ethnicity. The President and contender won their regions based on clearcut regional interests, while the deciding SW and NC followed the corruption propaganda due to ill-defined Original African identities and interests.

China’s largest investment in Africa is currently on shaky grounds and many would wonder how Africa’s largest market could refuse infrastructural development. The layman will applaud when many of the 130projects are shelved on charges of corruption. Some like the 3500mw Mambilla projected stalled since 1984 will drag on as the pro-West government dictates unreasonable master-servant terms to the Chinese.

For China to achieve the economic liberation of Africa that will enable it to enjoy a level playing field in the Western dominated global market, it must do the opposite of colonization and imperialism. It must support viable African platforms that tie all Original African groups to the center, the Nigerian heartland. It must support African cultural rights and understand that while Christianity and Islam have similar foundations and outlooks, Budhism is Ifa’s closest comparative world religion – both based on naturalist laws of retributive justice – and with similar organizations of knowledge databases – African information retrieval systems (Ifa/Afa/Aha) probably gave birth to I Ching.

Before freeing African economics from Western capitalism, African minds needs to be free from White supremacist mental slavery, which can only be done through the acceptance of the Southern Nigerian origin of humanity and the development of an intellectual and cultural Original African platform that can assail Judeo-Christian and Islamic influences.

In Nigeria, this will lead to the unity of the Yorubas with Igbos and middlebelters who with a clear identity and unity of purpose can rise to the benefits of international communism. Not only will they provide a pro-development anti-imperialist government, Original African culture is the only one that can morally and intellectually challenge Abrahamic terrorism and reconvert Afro-Asians to Original African perspective.

Outside Nigeria, this will empower and restart movement towards a single African super nation currently stalled because Original Africans fear domination by a united Afro-Asian front. This African unity based on Original African common Southern Nigerian origins will not only unite Africans but Africans in Diaspora already with an affinity for West Africa.

China, Russia and the rest of the BRICS have came together to pool resources in a new World Bank this year. Ultimately, if China and Russian economic survival depends on African economic freedom, they have to invest in African unity.

Otherwise, the Imperialist divide and rule practice will be used to thwart their economic infrastructural development of Africa towards international communism, the equality of nations.

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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