Everything I predicted has happened so fast

When I said USA was hampering GEJ efforts against Boko Haram, people said my mouth was smelling. Now whose mouth is smelling in White House with Obama refusing us helicopters to fight Boko Haram? Until we stop anti-gay bills, stop Chinese projects, stop NNPC commercialization?

When I said Buhari will stop our development projects under the guise of anti-corruption, people said my mouth was smelling. Now, Buhari’s first corruption investigation is not missing money but oil swap deals, and he is pulling the plug on oil swap deals used to finance mainly Chinese projects like railways and steel mills.

When I said Tinubu was selling out Yoruba like Afonja, we have seen him turned away by Fulani Agenda, wey say dem even beat blood put for him boys mouth for NASS. Fon won lenu jatijati! Fulani’s used him to get Presidency, then turned to the PDP Igbos for Senate President. Awon omo ode!

When I said Tinubu was like his great-grandmother Madam Tinubu, the infamous slave trader, who sold us enmass to the Americas, we have since heard from Akande that they were backed by oil companies, who ultimately went with Saraki and the rest of the Fulani hegemony.

You see yourselves? Olorun a ti joo loun pe mu yan. Karma works real time now, na kiakia you go get alert!

Its just a damn shame that the ignorant majority are making us repeat this class. GEJ also loved his white mastas but soon learned and we were on our way to freedom. But our people’s ignorance brought us back to square one. So we now have to rewatch the painful process of realizing that the West are no friends and have to befriend the Rest. Lets hope its not too late, because even if Buhari changes from the West, can he attract the kind of high level professionals that GEJ had, is the question? My answer is No. So we would be left with a reactionary government stunned by the West and fixated to one point, as the West once again brings corruption propaganda, terrorism and economic sabotage.

By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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