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84th year anniversary of the wicked Yoruba-Igbo April Fool’s Joke

April Fool’s day joke is meant to last a day, but the cruel April Fool’s Day Joke played on Yoruba-Igbo has lingered for 84 years. On April 1st 1939, the Southern Protectorate was broken into West and East to disrupt the emerging Nigerian Youth Movement. It was an insulting joke claiming the Southern Protectorate was divided for administrative ease while the Northern Protectorate that was twice as big and diverse was left united. It was a ruthless joke of not only administrative violence against the NYM, pitting Awolowo and Azikwe against each other, as Yorubas demanded Igbos returned to their new created region to contest politically.

For over 80,000 years, Yorubas, Igbos and other Southerners and Middlebelt had coexisted peacefully and productively as an Ifa/Afa based civilization until the wicked April Fool’s Joke turned ignorant self centered Yoruba and Igbo generations against each other for the last 84yrs in politics, civil service, business and nearly every other aspect of life, except marriage. The April Fool’s Joke tore apart the two most populous, prosperous and oldest indigenous African groups, whose unity was the key to the rise of Nigeria, the world’s most populous nation, and the Black Race as a whole. The 1939 April’s Joke was based on the logic that if the Yoruba and Igbo tributaries of the Original African civilization forget their source and linkages, like a river that forgets source, we would run dry.

84 years earlier, in 1855, displaced Yorubas resettled in Lagos were attacked by displaced Yorubas from Oyo Ile resettled in Ibadan and Abeokuta, led by the likes Madam Tinubu of Abeokuta seeking to retain the same slave economic that made both groups displaced. While this cruel joke occured between Yorubas, a mother of all cruel jokes was planted to derail our civilizational identity as indigenous Africans across Africa. A process was embarked upon known as epistemicide in which our indigenous knowledge bank containing our civilizational identity and history was mischievously misinterpreted.

The trick was to choose one dialect in a subregion in which the Bible was written and became the official language of the new tribal geographic group. In Yoruba land, the Bible was written in Oyo dialect by Bishop Ajayi Crowther, an Oyo himself, just like Samuel Johnson that wrote Yoruba History. In Igboland, the dialect chosen for Igbos was Onitsha. They institutionalized tribalized dialects by enforcing that it should only be the language of communication in churches, schools and all colonial institutions. And that was how they balkanized the Original African civilization whose source was Ife Odaye, Ife Ooyelagbo and Ile Ife.

Yoruba and Igbo towns, as well as others of South and Middlebelt, were established and lived by Ifa/Afa, the sixteen sector knowledge bank accumulated through observation of natural phenomena and philosophy for tens of thousands of years. And nowhere in our knowledge bank were the words Yoruba, Igbo or other tribes mentioned. Basically, we had no tribes but a continuum of dialects known as the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic groups that spread from our coast all the way to South Africa, sharing the same genetic and cultural origins. We had minor lingusitic divergences as we diverged from the same Source into Oyos, Ijesa, Ekitis, Igbominas into Igala, Igbos as each generation took the next land to farm as we spread all the way to South Africa. One people, one philosophy, one destiny.

Before the 1400s advent of the European, there wasn’t much difference in our civilization based on Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, yams, beads and kolanuts. There are essentially two civilizations across Nigeria and Africa – our Original Indigenous African civilization composed cultural and genetic related people and the Afroasiatic/Arabic civilization made up of various groups that later underwent Arabic imperialism at different times. The disfigurement and derailing of the Original African civilization into divisive tribes leaves us at a competitive disadvantage to the Afro-Arabic and European civilizations.

Genetic anthropological evidence from the multinational Human Genome Project (Tishkoff 2009) and Harvard Medical School Simons Genome Diversity Project (S.Mallick 2016), those called now called the Yorubas were the oldest full sized humans dated around 89,000 years ago. The dynamics of the genetics shows how we spread to South Africa. Yoruba and Igbo had the longest and oldest DNA strands with only Igala between them.Yoruba, Igala, Edo, Igbo and a few others, all belong to the same subgroup known as the Volta-Niger ethnolinguistic family, the oldest ethnolinguistic family, which evolved before the Benue-Congo ethnolinguistic evolved on River Benue before spreading into Cameroun and all the way to East and Southern Africa.

So the divisive joke planted in the mid 1800s blosoomed into the April Fool’s Day Joke that derailed our independence movement. It split Yorubas and Igbos Original African civilization that covers South and Middlebelt, and 70 percent of the population, enabling the minority Afroasiatic civilization to establish a political hegemony, robbing us of the chance to build a stable and balanced two powerbase polity. For us to evolve to a higher political existence, we need an Epistemic Democracy, wisdom of the multitude, whereby our people understand their civilizational identity and collective economic and political aspirations. Therefore we must strive to unite Yoruba and Igbo with true civilizational knowledge. Our civilizational leader, the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi attempted to educate us a few years ago that Yoruba and Igbo were closely related, but the hate was too much fuelled by those that used the division to make or protected their political control. While leaders like ex President Goodluck Jonathan have stated that their political ambitions are not worth the loss of a single life, we have those ready to waste millions of lives, violently deprive entire ethnicities of the their voting rights.

The schism between displaced Yorubas of the North and South Yorubaland went from 1855 to 1839, it’s about time the schism between children of Ifa/Afa, Yoruba and Igbo must now end. Yoruba science identifes that 84yrs cycle of Universal Justice/Shango, two of which should bring a new and higher level of consciousness/Olokun. There are 6000 ethnicities in the world out of which Yorubas and Igbos have no closer relationship. These two sides of the coin must become currency to buy our economic and political advancement. The disgraceful Tribalistic voter repression of March 18th must never be repeated, otherwise for the lack of knowledge a people will perish.

Reconfiguration of the present world order

Ukraine is going through the African experience like Libya and others that aligned with Russia, who wrongly thought Russia would defend them when the West invades, not knowing that when a nuclear country invades a non-nuclear nation, no country will come to its aid for the fear of nuclear war. At the time, the world wrongly believed that Russia was weak and incapable of standing up for its allies against the West. Now that Russia has invaded, Ukraine will realize they are on their own and the West can’t lift a finger otherwise they will provoke a global holocaust.

The question is what happens to those of us without nuclear capabilities, and why the West has ensured that no Arab or Black nation ever develops a military industrial complex, not to talk of a nuclear complex.

Do we forever remain slaves to the 5 members of the United Nations security council, who cause the world’s greatest insecurity, 90% of all war since they all have nuclear weapons?

The only way that this nuclear slavery can end is if these two Northern blocs go against each other, in mutually assured destruction that would end in a restarting and reseting of the global status quo.

This is not a death wish but the conclusion of the strategic advancement of Western imperialism that has now brought it nose to nose against Russia in Ukraine. Now, I don’t see Russia advancing past Ukraine into Poland because it will be opening up too many fronts that it can’t possibly manage. With Ukraine and Crimea, it has a ring of nations between it and Western forces, the only exception being Lativa and Estonia where it can restrict any Western advance since it has a port and strong presence in the Baltic Sea. So Ukraine is the last and key strategic move, anything after which opens Russia up defensively, unnecessarily.

Although if the Ukrainian backed Western insurgency hurts Russia too much, it might attack the Western base supplying the weapons from surrounding nations, which will eventually provoke a full scale war.

Whether a full scale war or full scale military buildup around Ukraine, the immense costs will bankrupt the West, especially so soon after Covid, and create unrest across Western nations. Russia also faced unrest that led to 1917 Revolution during the 1st World War, while to prevent the spread of revolutions of the poor to Western nations, US brought out the new Deal while France, England and others implement welfarist socioeconomic reforms after the second world war. At present, they have rolled back those social security programs and a huge percentage are earning unliveable wages under temporary contracts.

The West had escaped revolt causing economic deprivation that leads to major revolutions in the first world War because of the inflow of African colonial resources, but had to institute the socioeconomic reforrms after 2nd World War.

French already had the experience of how war brings revolutions, when its long imperialistic wars against Britain in the Americas and Asia, resulted in the famous French revolution at home and loss of direct control of Haiti.

So, the natural effect of this war is to bring about the predicted global change and the elevation of our global consciousness, but at a very very high cost best described as Apocalyptic. But Apocalyptic to the Northern hemisphere, since we of the South have reached rock bottom, and can only go up. Even though the neocolonist guards and colonists that don’t want to flow with the cosmic change and elevation of our global consciousness will be swept into the dustbin of history in their millions.

This war will ultimately distract and remove those perpetuating our arrested economic and political development to enable us find a leeway to global racial parity. It will also give us the shock treatment to make us wake up from Abrahamic cultural slavery as our ideals of Westernization, universalism, Pan-Tribalism and individualism are shaken to the core.

Eurasiatic intellectual tyranny in Nigeria and across Black Africa

There is a persistent intellectual, cultural and spiritual slavery among Original Africans, the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic, despite the breaking of our physical chains of slavery many years ago. Academic and cultural leaders are forced to stick to the historical version of their Abrahamic colonizers.

You won’t believe the pressure placed on the Ooni of Ife, the Supreme cultural and spiritual leader of Yorubas, the largest and most prosperous group, simply for publicly admitting the obvious cultural and genetic linkage between Yoruba and Igbo, backed with DNA evidence and oral history. The professors called from home and abroad querying why he deviated from the Pan Tribalism standalone version. When ASHE Foundation quoted the Obi of Onitsha statement that Igbo at a point in time was in Ife, as Igbo originated from Ife since there was no evidence of coming from elsewhere, the palace as well as other Ezes were attacked by Eurocentric scholars for ‘subjecting or selling out’ to Yorubas and departing from the European induced Pan tribalism Waka Alone version.

When DNA figures and the well accepted Bantu Migration Theory was present to the Royal Court of Aku Uka of Wukari, the cultural center of Kwararafa Confederacy, now known as the Middlebelt, it was disheartening to realize that despite the evidence giving the Jukun wider cultural relevance all the way to South Africa, the royal Court had to stick to the official standalone version of coming from the Middle East. Also, the Igalas royal Court would rather be tied to Egypt Pharaohs and glamor of pyramids that started just five to ten thousand years ago than proudly be identified as the world’s second oldest group. They and other Original Africans would rather be number 124 to Oyinbo that just evolved less than 8,000yrs ago than for them to be number 2 to Yoruba or their neighboring tribe that evolved 50,000yrs ago. Whereas if they dare make those claims in public in Egypt or Israel, they would be stoned.

The global comparative DNA study showed the highest DNA value to be Yorubas 93.2% followed by Igala 93.1%, Igbo 92%, Gwari 89.5%, Kongo 90.7% as the figures fall as you move down to South Africa. The Original African groups started 87,000 years, created the world’s first religion and knowledge bank, spread civilization out of Niger-Benue Valley to the Nile Valley, with the first king called Ori in Ethiopia in 4470BC before going down to build the pyramids in Egypt, spreading civilization based on Ifa all the way to Southern China.

Yes we Original Africans whose language was still very much the same built Egypt but we and human civilization evolved from the Southern Nigerian coast.

Now instead of the core of Original African civilization of South and Middlebelt coming together to proudly uplift their culture, they point to Ethiopia Afroasiatic Christianity that overthrew Ifa, and point to Egypt as their origin. This is a case of the old calling the young Baba because of his big car and wallet. This poverty mentality in our culture is the foundation of our poverty mentality in all aspects of life especially in politics, whereby instead of building our own Original African powerbase on our cultural linkages, we prostitute ourselves to the Northern Afroasiatic civilization for power.

The question is why do we act in this self hating self destructive divisive way, and the answer lies in Karl Marx Social Reproduction Theory that shows that generational failure is keyed into our institutions, especially those created and guided by our oppressors and colonizers and their local agents.

There is continued institutional pressure on our cultural and academic leadership to stick to what their ‘ancestors’ claimed starting from the 1500s European disruptions, and erase from our memories tens of thousands of years of history before then.

A Eurocentric historic version was crafted and institutionalized by European academicians in the 1800s to justify the enslavement and inhuman treatment of Black Africans by whitewashing the Original African civilization and our contributions to human civilization. Their fellow Abrahamic cultural imperialists, the Arabic imperialists and their clerics, had started the cultural disorientation in Bornu from around 1000BC, then in Daura in 1400s when the labelled all Original Africans as Banza Bakwai, eventually leading to the lost of the Original African cultural identity across the Northern Nigeria and the wider Sahel, turning the people into Afroasians.

The European exploitation of Original Africans was not only limited to our physical slavery and toiling on American plantations, but exploitation of our cultural and knowledge bank. Our knowledge of medicine and vaccination that formed the foundations of modern Western medicine was stolen through Maximus, a West African slave, by his master Cotton Maher that used the gleaned knowledge to write America’s first scientific book, The Christian Philosopher. Like with this theft that started the scientific approach to medicine, all aspects of Original African knowledge was converted, exploited without compensation or even mere acknowledgement. Infact a few hundreds years later, their Eurocentric African scholars saw to the banning of the Soponna cult.

Abrahamic history and academia set out to denigrate Original African knowledge and history across Africa to bred cultural disorientation and political disunity. They prevented the dissemination of our true and full history that linked the continuum of dialects that form the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family. Instead they made all African history to be linked to the Middle East or Eastern half of Africa. They focused on archeological evidences that was not universal in application due to the acidic rainforests and moving sand dunes of West Africa that dissolved Skeletons or buried them too deep. Therefore incapable of providing a comparative analysis of all ethnic groups history.

Despite all conventional studies show that no tribe jumped over others and went to settle a thousand miles away with no cultural relationships. Pan Tribalism was fostered with the Waka Alone historical accounts that blinded Original Africans to their strategic cultural partners needed to free the Original African civilization. Without a strong united political platform based on Original African cultural linkages, Original Africans could only stand on foreign exploitative powerbases that made them sell out their people to advance their political careers and fatten their pockets.

In the Churches, enlightened clergymen that rightly understood the Original African cultural sphere were hounded out. In academia, professors and academicians could only progress if they pushed the Eurocentric perspective, and earned additional income through research grants sabbatical studies and invitations to conferences. They were the Vanguard of White supremacy and the disorientation of Original African culture. They pushed nonsensical thesis that Original Africans had no history, philosophy or history before the advent of the European.

Western and Islamic foundations continue to pump financial and media resources to empower their cultural enslaved scholars to carry out intellectual tyranny to promote their defeatist and divisive perspectives. This is a problem that can’t be resolved with demonstrations or protests, but with money. Original African leadership have to pump funds into Afrocentric scholarship. Who pays the piper dictates the tune.

Over $2.7b dollars was invested into the Human Genome Project which researched the complete human tree and out genetic relations. At its inception, it was believed that it would reveal the oldest ethnic group, but when it was found out that Yoruba and the Original African civilization evolved in Southern Nigeria, Christian scientists insisted that the results shouldn’t be released because it would shake mainstream beliefs systems of Christianity/Islam. It was much later that we heard snippets of information of the racist leadership of the study conducted under Francis Collins. It became obvious that they won’t be using their billions to fund an Original African cultural revolution away from the Waka Alone mode to that of a united Africa that could repel Abrahamic cultural imperialism.

Original Africans need to not only invest in research but also media propagation. Rather than run from confrontations and let the cultural disunity continue to arrest our economic and political advancement, ASHE Foundation following 20yrs of research has decided to put up the One Billion Naira Eden Challenge to encourage those who have contrary DNA evidence to those stated above to step forward to resolve it once and for all. ASHE Foundation board of trustees board is composed of all the paramount monarchs of all major Original African ethnic groups, so we are assured of fair play.