Nigeria is the origin of humanity and the springboard for the global Black socioeconomic ascendancy, how and why we are being hampered by ignorance?

1. According to DNA, linguistics and other logical sciences the origin of humanity and civilization is the lowland mangrove forests of the Nigerian Slave Coast. Blood rather than skeletons have survived the acidic rainforest soil, rendering archaeology redundant.

2. The African Information Retrieval System (Ifa, Afa, Aha) is the world’s oldest organized knowledge bank and religion.

3. There are only two African groups – Original Africans and Afro-Asiatic. Yorubas, Igbos, Ngunis are the 3 largest original African groups. Original Africans in South, East and Central Africa migrated from Nigeria by rivers into Cameroun down to Gabon via Sangha River to River Kongo, up Ugbangi River to the Rift Valley/Nile. The Afroasiatics are those later ran over and mixed in language and blood with those from Eurasia – first with the Greeks in Ethiopia to form Amhara, then with Arabs across African grasslands to form Hausa/Fulani/Swahili.

4. Original Africans spread across Africa to Egypt and Ethiopia, the first king being Ori around 4500BC. Then unto Sumner, at the mouth of Iraq’s River Euphrates, then to the Harrapan Indus Valley, Southern China into Australia. From about 2250BC, using the Biblical 2000yr era of 4 Horsemen, the first horseman, the one with the bow, were hoardes of Whitemen from central Asian ‘Andronovo Complex, running over the black empires of Egypt, Sumner and Indus valley.

5. The Eurasians mixed through violent conquest, marriage and culture. In India, Ifa/Aha was written down into the Rig Veda that became the foundation of Hinduism and Budhism. In Egypt, starting with Abraham and Hyskos kings between 2000 and 1500 BC, African circumcision was copied and later Moses copied the 10 commandments from the Black pharaohs temple as enshrined in the Book of the. Dead.

6. West African gold and other natural products sustained the global economy. Whites congregated at the fringes of our frontier empires before running them over a long period of infiltration, making us set up a new frontier empire on the route to west Africa. From the Nile delta and Greece they overwhelmed Black Egypt, then we moved West to Carthage later destroyed by Rome a few miles across the sea.

7. The second 2000yr era of the Horsemen, the one with the long sword, the Christian Spatha and Islamic Scimitar, was the era when religion and other dogma was used to subjugate humanity, beginning around 250BC to 1750AD (and 2000AD). The White races attracted by African food surpluses spread into Western Europe using the Christian Spatha, as west Africans were forced to open trade post empire further west along the North African coast. The Arabs with their Islamic scimitar also conquered westwards until the got to Morocco opposite Spain.

8. Edo Bini kingdom was bigger than any city in Europe when the Portuguese arrived in 1470s. We exchanged emissaries and did small trade since Europeans had nothing. 20yrs later, they stumbled on the Americas, where they could replicate West African sugar, cotton and tobacco, but without the sickle cell gene they couldn’t survive the conditions so resorted to mass African slavery. The Edo king refused and banned them from the land, but they resorted to dumping 400,000 guns a year to fuel anarchy and mined cowries off the Kenyan coast to destroy our economy.

9. Pope Alexander in the June 7th 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas gave Portugal the monopoly of Western Africa and the Spanish South america. This led to the breakup of Christianity since Britain and France were left out and protested.

10. Despite slavery and anarchy, West Africans were socioeconomically and politically equal in terms of technology until the 1800s. The cotton processing the main human technology was the same, while Yoruba governance had evolved further with the split of the commander in chief role from the chief executive/monarchy role. Yorubas didn’t have absolute monarchs like everywhere else.

11. The Haiti (Ayiti – unbeatable) Ogun festival launched the global revolution that brought about the end of slavery. The Haitian Revolution spread and liberated South and Central America. It was the fear of the annihilation of whites in Haiti that led to the switch to sharecropping and colonization. While kingdoms like Benin were conquered with the use of the new machine gun, many others were fooled that it was a European protection of Africans from European slavery.

12. Colonization and sharecropping ended when the black power movement started in the USA got military backing from russia and china, who wanted to weaken the Western Imperialists by depriving them of their african wealth. Malcolm X and Nkrumah got the Soviet backing and scared the Europeans into giving way. However, within a decade the freedom fighters like Nkrumah was overthrown, while others like Malcolm X were killed. A new cabal of colonial soldiers like Obasanjo, Buhari, IBB, Mobutu Seseko, Bokassi et al were setup across Africa to keep us in Western pockets till today!

Now, at the beginning of the era of the 3rd horseman on a black horse with scales of justice, for global economic justice, Africans have to wake up and rise against the CIA sellouts in their mist and within 20yrs, we will be first among equals across the world, with Nigeria, Afro-Brazillians, African-Americans, Kenyans, Tanzanians. Congolese and South Africans leading the way!

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