Orisas worldview

In the beginning Yemanja, the sea gave birth to Obaluaye, the land which later oozed out Osun to become mother of humanity. With the help of the science of precession of the Equinox based on Binary, we can outline our history and future.

We started human civilization with Orunmila about 12,000 yrs ago, started calendar through Yemanja 10,000yrs ago, started writing and information channels through Esu 8,000yrs ago, then international trade through Osun 6000yrs ago, then Whites evolved and took over with brutal force of Ogun 4000yrs ago, then adapted Black civilization as philosophy and religion through Olokun till present day.

As in our cosmology, Ogun married Osun to bring prosperity, then combined with Olokun to cart away Mother African/Osun to slavery in the Americas (we shall see wickedness).

Now, Osun has eventually got fed up with Oguns violent ways and is moving to marry Shango, who is for Justice and creativity that will make the world more just and equitable from 2023. Shango is married to Oya, a female like Ogun, to fight Oguns excesses, and with the help of Esu (information) and Obatala (civilization) Shango will shed light on the lies of Olokun religious and political dogma to reveal true spirituality.

Our ancestors were more brilliant than a million professors as they captured world past, present and future in Orisas better than a dozen libraries.

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