Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa knowledge banks and civilizational goods is our key to heaven on Earth

It’s been stated that the only way to effectively challenge Northern Afroasiatic hegemony and Western neocolonization, both Abrahamic civilizations that arrest our economic and political development, is through a civilizational sociopolitical and cultural alliance of South and Middlebelt groups, who share the same genetic and cultural origins of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the world’s first knowledge bank and religion, the foundation of Original African civilization.

We have been able to unify the political aspirations of the South and Middlebelt on restructuring for devolution of power, which is our collective aspirations to return to the pre-Abrahamic imperialist period when we were citystates and every local government was more or less in control of its culture and resources, however some question how do we expect to unify our civilizational economic and especially cultural sectors on Original African foundations of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa?

First, culture is the way we do things, politics is how we organize to do things, and economics is the means to achieve things. Every civilization is propagated and uplifted by its cultural products, dignified and propagate by the cultural leadership, and normally captialised by the masses for personal interests.

We know how the Cross, the Scimitar and other Abrahamic paraphernalia propagated their civilizations. The Ife Original African civilization was disseminated with Segilola beads and kolanuts, which linked Original African civilization, especially the largest African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, among other things. The kings used elaborate beaded crowns, the chiefs used them for identity and the traditional theocrats used them for divination.

When the English colonists came with their cultural imperialism, they imitated the beads and created a whole industry in Bristol that sabotaged and destroyed the economics of our civilization. The kolanuts, they adapted to the production of the world’s first softdrink Coca Cola. They built railways to change our dynamics of trade by building North-South railways to empty our raw materials and dump their cultural goods on us. And just like our Original African political linkages and powerbase are prevented from crystallizing, they continue to sabotage the East-West Lagos-Calabar railways that would boost our civilizational economic linkages and manufacturing base.

The British themselves, when they wanted to strike a new path away from Roman Catholic Empire after the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, they converted the Latin Bible into English in the same generation of the likes of William Shakespeare, and went on converting everything else through anglicization.

The point is that you have to win peoples mind with culture, economics and politics. You claim God and all goodness to rise. This is actually a more important weapon than using weapons to capture people. The Americans used Hollywood to propagate their industrial military complex. Chinese films filled our global consciousness in the Seventies as they were about to launch their industrial takeoff.

Now, it is a fact that Nigerias Nollywood and especially Afrobeats has launched a cultural advancement that has not only made it world contenders, but our most successful sectors. The question is how do we spread the global excellence to all other sectors to uplift and prosper our huge youth populations, the fastest growing youth population this century?

First, the simple answer is that logical sciences and projections shows that the digital economy will takeover.

Afrobeats/Nollywood is catching up to the West that has over exploited its own civilizational arts since Nigerians have a wealth of unexplored cultural knowledge. From our vast array of herbs and traditional medicines, to adire clothing and sculptures, we also have quantum physics and can explore electromagnetic frequencies of our Orisha system for personal use, like the current computer technology used the 256 electromagnetic pulses of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. As the world switches to solar energy and automation, physical work in agriculture, manufacturing and most of today’s professions will be automated, and the cultural and spiritual abilities and intelligence will attract more income.

As Nigerians break barriers like they have with Afrobeats ability to send out drum rhythms (toque) and vibrations to stimulate the world like never before, Nigerians that are Eurocentric or Abrahamic would realize they can’t gain a comparative advantage selling Shakespeare and other Greco-Roman civilizational goods to the West, so will naturally switch to their civilizational products. A Nigerian trying to sing Southern USA country music to USA will realize he can’t compete with his contemporaries selling new African stuff. This will result in Nigerian Youth digging deeper into their civilizational foundations and knowledge banks to compete and get a niche on the global digital market. They will design game and various apps based on their civilizational base to become global leaders.

This is Black Renaissance since we launched the world global civilization from at least 12,000BC to 2200BC, then suffered reversals from 2000BC to present during the violent Ogun era of brutal wars followed by that of the 2000yr Olokun Era of religious dogma. In this incoming 2000yr era of Shango and social justice, digital economy and information processing, we are destined to rise to global racial parity.

With a global economy based on solar energy and infinite knowledge banks in different versions of the 2240 Original African ethnicities, Africa will be heaven on Earth. Original African cyclical spiritual science believes in reincarnation and not the Abrahamic linearity notion of a heaven and hell.

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