The Miseducation of the African with Eurasiatic philosophy and religious dogma

The Breakup of the 1000yr Holy Roman Empire and its Catholic hegemony over Western Europe into Protestanism was not as a result of Martin Luther’s Reformation, but was inspired by the economics of African slavery and resources within 50yrs (1480-1530) they reached West Africa. And even the first breakup, that of Islam from Christianity was due to economics of West Africa. The American Revolution and Independence was also an economic conflict of who controls the slaves and taxes their produce. The first world war was first known as the War for African colonies.

If you want to know what happened in the past, always follow the money/economics, instead of dubious Western philosophies, history, religions and laws which unfortunately keeps the African mentally and culturally enslaved. Some people will say it’s because my discipline was Economics that I hold Economics above other social sciences and humanities, but I will break it down.

In what is referred to as the Biblical first Horsemen, academically and cosmologically known as the Iron Age, Eurasians emerged from the Central Asian mountain cave complex (Andronovo Complex) to takeover Original African civilizations from around 2250BC to 1AD that spread from Nigeria to South China. Europeans first amassed in Greece, which was the nearest directly opposite land to the Nile Delta and Ancient Black Egypt, who the Europeans depended on for economic, technological and intellectual benefits.

After they had conquered Original African civilizations through brutal war, they entered the period known as the First Axial Age from 700BC to 200BC during which for advanced sociopolitical organization, they copied and adapted our philosophical foundations, known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the world’s first knowledge bank and religion, built on Black ancestors observation of natural laws over tens of thousands of years.

When the Eurasians, especially the Greeks advanced into Egypt and took over, they realized Egyptian economic resources ran dry. The main economic resource was gold from West Africa mined by Yorubas and sold through the Hausas to Egypt.

One major proof of the source of gold and other trades was when the Greeks eventually tookover Egypt, the next African economic frontier cum trade post was not to Egypt’s southeast like Ethiopia or Meroe, but to Egypt’s west on the North African coast known as Carthage (Tunisia). Therefore, the most important European trade post moved from Greece to Rome, further west, and directly opposite the African trade post, Carthage, which was a direct route to West Africa. 70% of Romes food supply, corn, came from North Africa, but most important was all its gold.

West African gold was important to the survival of the Europeans in the Mediterranean and Middleast because it served as their balance of trade and payments with India and Asia, where they got their spices and other goods. When the Romans overwhelmed and destroyed Carthage, like the Greeks overwhelmed Egypt, the next trading post was once again to the west along the North African coast, Morocco that was also the shortest distance to West Africa, the source of global economy. The directly opposite European trade post was the Iberian Peninsula of Spanish and Portuguese.

During the Axial Age, Eurasians adapted African spiritual science, Jews in Egypt that converted Original African spiritual science into Judaism, Indians that converted Ifa into Rig Veda, and Chinese drafting it into Taoism. It was realized that the Greeks, using the Jewish adaptation, were able to colonize Ethiopia with cultural imperialism, through Ethiopia kings without the need of invasion and expensive occupying troops.

Therefore the upcoming Romans knew it was not enough to win imperialistic wars in faraway lands, but to keep hold of the territories, they needed a common philosophical template encoded in religion, which was why it brought together a book, The Bible, as the unifying document or constitution of the Holy Roman Empire, which tallied with the essence of the next 2000yr cycle, the Age of Pisces/Olokun, the Second Horseman with a giant sword, based on religious and political dogma.

With intermarriage between Black African and White Eurasians, a new group emerged as Afroasians that were favored by the Eurasiatic conquerors to rule their conquered North African territories. The North African and Mesopotamian/Arabian Afroasians up to Syria were Catholics under the Holy Roman Empire. However, the Afroasians realized that though they were the middlemen between Black Africans and Europeans in the gold and other goods trade, the Europeans were more favored politically and economically.

Therefore the Afroasians eventually rose in protest for reformation, known as Ishmaelites, to change the Roman Catholic binding doctrines into Islam, breaking away religiously, politically and intellectually, ultimately to corner the African trade for themselves. This was the first reformation of Christianity caused by economic reasons. The Afroasians created the Almoravid Empire that stretched from the West African Sahel to the North African coast. Having successfully crippled Roman Catholic Empire influence in Africa, they marched through Morocco to takeover Iberian peninsula of the Spanish and Portuguese, up to Paris France, ruling for the 500yrs between 700 to 1270AD.

The Europeans were only able to reverse Afroasiatic Islamic domination with their 1270 invention of the Gun based on the adoption of gunpowder, previously used by the Chinese solely for ceremonial purposes. They got rid of Afroasians in 1276 but it took until 1415 for them to capture Ceuta Morroco to secure their first foothold on African soil. Thereafter, every year their ships, staying close to the African coast, advanced a few miles a year down to West African coast.

The arrival of the Portuguese in Benin and Kongo in 1474 to 1483 brought huge economic benefits through trade to the Europeans that had nothing of economic value to trade except Morocco leather and gunpowder. Shortly afterwards, Columbus learnt of the Americas from Senegambia West Africans, and returned home to Iberia to secure finance from Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile to travel to the Americas in August 1492.

On Colombus return to Europe, his attempt to doubleplay resulted in disputes over the proceeds of his Americas discovery, which had to be resolved by Pope Alexander V with the June 7th 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas that gave the Portuguese ownership of Brazil and Black Africa, while the Spanish were given the ownership of all lands in the Americas west of Brazil. Already, the income made by the Spanish and Portuguese that controlled the Roman Catholic Empire caused a huge income disparity, which was resented by all other Europeans.

Although their economic superiority had started through the land routes through Morocco to West African gold, other Europeans were not to stand aloof while the Iberians permanentized their economic superiority over sea routes between Africa, Americas and Europe. If they worshipped the same God, why would the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire favor the Iberian alone. In 1505, King Francis demanded from the Papacy to see the clause that excluded him from a share in Adams Will.

The French and British kicked up a fuss, and it was during this time that Martin Luther was admitted to University around 1501 before his 1517 reformation. Though most of the discourse surrounded the centralization of power of the Holy Roman Empire, its underlying reasons were economic. For over 1000yrs, the Europeans didn’t question the Roman Catholic Empire hegemony that financed them through the profits of the African land gold trade, uniting to fight as Crusaders to control the trade posts in Africa, however within 20yrs of African exploitation through the sea, they were no longer happy with the Roman Catholic hegemony.

To pacify the British and French, it was agreed that the children of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were to marry the princes of England and France that would become kings, in order to share the African wealth. As fate would have it Princess Catherine, the daughter of Queen Isabella, was married to the English Prince in waiting to be the king, who after failing to ascend the throne, was given to his brother Henry VIII that became the king.

However they were not able to bare a son that would inherit the throne. Henry VIII was greatly disturbed and wanted to disturbed and wanted to divorce her and remarry to further his legacy, but this was rejected by the Roman Catholic Empire. However, he went ahead to divorce Isabella and remarried severally before marrying Anne Boleyn, who pushed for the breakup with Rome around 1530 and creation of the Church of England. Breaking up with the 1000yr Holy Roman Catholic Empire alliance, the English, French and Dutch took to attacking the slave and silver carrying ships of the Iberian Roman Catholics.

By 1560s, they attacked the sugar plantations of the Portuguese in northeast Brazil, which although was eventually retrieved, but the monopoly was shattered by transferring the sugar technology got from Africans to the Caribbean Islands of Barbados and others. To make matters worse for the Portuguese, the Jews and others behind the African trade left Portugal to go and build up Netherlands, which they reclaimed from marshland and developed the grains market. The Dutch slave merchants developed the first joint stock companies to build slave ships and develop a dynamic economy to takeover world trade from the Iberians.

The British were bugged down with bureaucratic red tape by their monarchy to raise finance for slave ships, so eventually the slave merchants revolted, cut the head of their king Charles and demanded control of the Bank of England. While the lesser populated Dutch engaged in colonies for trade alone, the British and French with larger populations also engage in colonies for resetting their population. Overtime this policy enabled the English and French to overtake the Dutch, as they erected trade barriers against the Dutch by 1650 in their populated colonies.

The colonies for settlement policy was to also backfire eventually when their resettled peoples also sought to cut out their European monarchs to stop taxation, corner the slaves production and develop local production, thereby affecting the Transatlantic trade triangle of slaves from Africa that produced sugar, cotton and tobacco which were refined in Europe and sold to the Americas and Africa. This was especially the case in the United States whereby the plantations were in the subtropical South, but the North was regarded as barren, and wanted to refine the goods in America.

This led to the American Revolution and War for Independence led by George Washington, the man with the most slaves of about 300 in number, closely followed by Thomas Jefferson with 200 slaves. Though dressed in saintly perceptions by historians and philosophers, the framers of the US constitution that wanted to do away with both Catholics and Protestants, were basically slave traders driven by economic motives that resulted in the 1787 Three Fifths Compromise after a long drawn out intellectual battle in the framing of the US constitution, due to the Southerners that didn’t want Africans to vote but wanted their population taken into account in federal derivations.

With the Europeans losing the Americas, first by the French that lost Haiti that provided 70% of its income, and later the English that lost USA, they pushed to starve the Americas of slaves that would make the Americas forever produce at a lower cost than Europe, especially with the 1819 agreement to stop slavery after the Haiti Ogun Revolution and Independence in 1804. From 1817, the Europeans led by the French turned to setting up colonies on the West African coast because they couldn’t venture inland due to the amount of Dane guns previously dumped to promote anarchy for slaves.

By 1850, with the invention of submachine guns, Europeans descended on Africa to colonize Africans to produce the same products on their own land as colonies. This was put into order with the 1880s Scramble for Africa conference under the auspices of Queen Victoria whose cousins were monarchs across Europe, except Germany. With newly united German people under Bismarck into Germany, not being able to get enough African colonies, they went to war first known as the War for Colonies, now called the 1st world War. The loss of the first world War by the Germans made them retry in the second world War unsuccessfully.

However, the Russians who the French had used African slave money to develop their lands, were also to challenge the world order, in the name of International Communism, which according to Lenin that stated that non slaving nations like his could never enjoy a level playing global marketplace unless the slaving nations of Western Europe and USA were relieved of the stranglehold on African resources and people, therefore they set out to arm liberation movements first in China and across Africa, leading to psuedo independent African nations in the 1950s/1960s. Unfortunately, the Western nations were to use corruption propaganda in the 1960s to effect army coups to recolonize us and turn us to neocolonies that we now witness.

So, it is imperative that Africans should see through the Western religions, philosophies and political dogma to understand that they were all disguises for African economic exploitation. The Western philosophies were unnatural philosophies that lied about their African Origins in order to exploit and cultural enslave Africans. The Americans set aside natural laws under John Marshall when putting together their judicial system, making property rights superior to human rights to protect slavery and exploitation of fellow humans.

However, just as the First Axial Age (700-1AD) whereby they adopted Original African knowledge banks for the last 2000yrs of religious and political dogma, the second Axial Age from 1500 to 2023, precedes the next 2000yrs of the Age of Shango of cultural justice which has been developed by Africans fighting for Justice in Africa and the Diaspora.

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