African pseudo elites are the bane of Africa.

Every free society has its own home grown elites and aristocrats that naturally grow from their civilizational foundations, economically and politically. However Abrahamic cultural imperialism through Arab Islamists and Christian colonists robbed and continues to institutionally rob Africa of its true leaders.

Following slavery that thrived by arming and empowering bandits to become kings, colonization economically strangulated us by changing our currency, taking over our markets, destroying our local production, which forced us to the missionary schools that indoctrinated us into the colonial system. If you weren’t Southern Christian or Northern Afroasiatic Muslim, you can’t get an education and therefore your upward social mobility is restricted and you can’t make money in the economy. This laid the foundations of the psuedo elite that became the Vanguards of the neocolonialist system.

Our top scholars and opinion leaders are those sponsored and given media backing on foreign exploitative platforms. Our politicians are led by those with ties to Washington, London, Mecca or Rome. Our most promising students are drained away to the West, where they are indoctrinated before sent back to uphold the neocolonialist system.

Some were embarrassed that Buhari could ever call on the USA to relocate Africom, the US military command center, to Africa, forgetting that our colonization was a direct result of the acceptance of West military protection from the terrorism caused by the Western inspired trans Atlantic slave trade. Some have argued that like ex-president Goodluck Jonathan that invited Western help for the Chibok Girls kidnapping, knowing the West was behind it, Buhari was also doing the same, with the belief that the West were behind the plot to destabilize Nigeria through terrorism. The question is why don’t they stand up to accost the West?

The simple answer is that they are psuedo elites, made in America leaders, house Negroes that dare not speak back at their slavemasters. Government chicken boys. Their existence depends entirely on external power bases that are often exploitative of their own civilization. Buhari came to power through Western intelligence services that inspired terrorism and corruption propaganda, so he can’t come in public to cry foul when the same is done to his administration in the perpetual music chairs of African puppets.

Buhari, being a true leader of the Afroasiatic civilization is still better than Original Africans politicians that are often not aware of the existence of an Original African civilization, and their world perspective is based on their puppet master civilizations. While Buhari shared the leftovers by his Western backers as dividends of democracy only amongst his Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri and other groups in his Afroasiatic civilization, civilizationally ignorant Original Africans share it only amongst their immediate clan and carries the rest to his Western masters banks in USA and Europe .

As Fela once sang, the imperialists often choose someone without pedigree, not from an Original African aristocratic background, who they will give titles and money, in order to sway the masses. This has been the case from Haiti, the first modern nationstate whereby old generals are brought in and kicked out by the colonists that play God. A policy known as Politique la doublique, politics of the double/puppets, which has been spread across Africa.

The policy is not only limited to current crop of army generals like Obasanjo and Buhari, but pervades the African society since the indoctrination starts with Abrahamic religion that paints God as non-African and Western education curriculum that ramifies the racial inferiority complex. By age 16, an average African has been indoctrinated and culturally misguided from his natural environment. His tastes, luxuries and dreams have been conditioned by global White supremacy. To exist to a ‘modern’ African is to be Westernized becomes the mantra.

Western foundations give our best students scholarships, while their African lecturers are given research grants and invited to make paid presentations at their annual conferences that support the subjection of the Original African civilization to the Western civilization, and they become the kings and queens of the academia. They become the Vanguard of the neocolonialist system, Black White Supremacists claiming Africa had no history no philosophy no science before Abrahamists colonized us.

The denigration and misrepresentation of our Original African civilization ultimately blinds us to our true natural allies against foreign civilizational imperialism. Yoruba and Igbos, the two largest Original African groups, are so blinded to the fact that they have the same genetic and cultural origins, belonging to the same civilization that spread from Southern Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa, the two land terminals. Instead of our elites bringing us together, they become the source of disunity especially through Western miseducation of Pan Tribalism.

Our politicians without their own civilizational roots and perspectives, claim to be modernists and universalists, ignorant of the fact that the labels were created by Western or Arabic civilizations. They claim secular liberal democracy made in the womb of Western Christian civilizations. For example, they disregard the reality that Sundays and Saturdays, their only rest days, and Christmas and Easter, their main holidays, are products of Western civilizations. Our laws are basically reformatted Abrahamic virtues.

Therefore we keep coming up with leaders who can not lead because their vision is dictated by the West, engineers that cannot build because their theories are conducive to the West where they are made, and not our own environment. Not being natural aristocrats of their own civilization, they can only inspire their people to vote for them through vote buying, and not collective aspirations. This is why Buhari can never speak up against US duplicity, nor Tinubu speak up against herdsmen atrocities against his own people, therfore becoming government chicken boys as Fela sang.

This is the problem of Africa and until we start sponsoring our scholars, arming our own soldiers, rallying around our own politicians, we will essentially be a culturally and politically enslaved people. Culture is the way we do things, politics is the way we organize to do things, while Economics is the means used to achieve things, so once the culture is not right, everything is not right.

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