Back to Eden: The return of the global Original African civilization.

The current globally dominant Western civilization is based on the concept of scarcity and the world won’t know peace and sustainability until it returns to the Original African civilization based on abundance and natural justice.

According to the science of Precession of the Equinox, the world is currently at the cusp of a 2000 year change in global consciousness from scarcity to abundance and civilizational change, whereby we might not need to work as solar powered robots and artificial intelligence plant and harvest, ocean water is turned to drinking water and every chore is computerized. This new civilization will be propelled from Nigeria in the next couple of decades as Nigeria becomes the third most populous nation.

West Africa, especially Northern Nigeria/Chad/Niger can supply all the world’s energy requirements through solar energy. Energy production defines a production system and capabilities, and the incoming solar energy era will provide all our needs. Southern Nigeria has never suffered a famine and even in the next thousand years can’t utilize its huge forests full of wild yams and resources. This is why the new civilizational change will evolve from Nigeria. .

According to genetics, Humanity and later civilization evolved in Southern Nigeria mangrove rainforests in an environment of abundance that resulted in a loose natural Yoruba Orisha/ Igbo Agbara philosophical foundations. Picking wild Yams and all that nature had to offer, humanity spread out across the world with an appreciation of their environments that became spiritual science.

This way of life spread out of Ethiopia into Arabia and along the Southern coasts of Asia to China. However, the first set of migrants out of Africa either didn’t have the full civilizational tools or most probably were conditioned by harsh Central Asian mountain range, where they hid to survive after the Indonesian super eruption that provoked a new Ice and barren Age. During the tens of thousands of years, they lost not only their color but their collective reality of abundance.

After the Earth warmed up and migrants resumed their great coastal migration all the way to South China, there is evidence in places like Indus Valley Harrappan civilization that they lived in civilizations based on the concepts of abundance, without fight for resources and territorial control.

The current human civilization is believed to have evolved 12,000yrs ago in Southern Nigeria and proceeded on a reality of abundance across the world until about 2250BC when previous Asiatic migrants came down the Central Asia Mountains (Andronovo Complex) to destroy the Black civilizations in Asia, Middle East and Egypt. They came with an environmental induced philosophy of scarcity and control.

At first, in the 2000 years Age of Ogun/Iron/Aries, it was brutal force and barefaced grab for resources and the establishment of territorial control with Ogun tools of bows, arrows and horse chariots. However, their territories gained by brute force grew too big to be controlled with barefaced force, so they had to evolve a unifying creed, philosophy or religion that disguised their economics of scaricy and necessity.

This was brought by rhe following Age of Olokun/Pisces, (1AD to present day), the era of religious and political dogma, used to explain their civilization based on scarcity of their arid and freezing homelands. The template was provided by Jews that produced in their first five books that essentially was a narrative of Whites origins to collective aspirations.

It had been first compiled during in slavery in Babylon/Iraq but became globally highlighted by Jews that returned to Egypt, especially Alexandria. The Greeks ruling Egypt at the time saw its use and were able to culturally colonized Ethiopia monarchy next door without fighting a war.

So when Romans took over the regional power, to unify its empire with a creed, they adopted the Jewish books and put together the book called Bible, which gave a collective narrative, the tax and moral codes. This enabled them to leave the cultural shadow of Black ancient Egypt, the source of their civilization. The Christian civilizational tool in form of the Bible and the Spatha (the Great Sword) was used to place majority of Europe on a philosophy of scarcity.

The Christian civilizational perspective of religious dogma for economic resources was later challenged by the Afroasians who saw that the economic benefits favored the White Europeans far more than the mixed North Africans.

Therefore since West African gold and North African corn were the main economic resources on which Roman Catholic Empire was based, Afroasians created Islam and the first place they swept through was Egypt into Sahel West Africa to take control of the gold trade routes and the North African corn that supplied two thirds of Rome food supply.

This eventually led to the collapse of Rome Empire and Afroasian Muslims ruling parts of Europe up to Paris for 500yrs, as well as spreading to Pakistan and Southern Asia. The Afroasians not only ruled, based on our Gold but by deciphering Original African civilizational knowledge banks, the technology which they used and passed onto Europe and across the Islamic world. This is why their first university was in Timbuktu and not Mecca.

The European 1270 invention of the gun by converting the ceremonial Chinese fireworks into gun powder, enabled them to push out the Afroasians and takeover Ceuta Morocco in 1415. The Abrahamic civilizational dogma based on the scarcity of the environment, in which they evolved, after being ejected from Eden, was to be effected and infected on the true Eden, the Original African civilization based on abundance.

The squeezing of Afroasians from Senegambia into the Black heartland of what later became Nigeria, and the supply of guns for slaves by Europeans on our coasts and riverbanks, led to Original African civilizations developing Pan-Tribal groups and environments, not based on economics but protection and aggression in the militarized zone.

The battle of religious dogma between the competing Abrahamic religions was not effective in West Africa and was to be replaced by fraudulent political philosophies developed in the struggle of European monarchs, slave traders and their intellectuals.

The first was the 1520 breakup of the Roman Catholic civilization by Britain and France Protestants, who fought against the Treaty of Tordesillas issued by the Pope Alexander in 1494 allocating West Africa to Portugal, evolved into competing religions.

Also, in addition to the clash over economic resources between the cultural leadership in Rome, the headquarters and of the English and French, there was also a localized clash over economic resources between the monarchs and the slave traders, resulting in the 1680 beheading of the English monarch and the takeover of the Bank of England by the slavetraders.

The continued divisions over 250yrs cycles within the scarcity based civilizations eventually extended to the 1770 break of USA from the apron strings of Great Britain based on economic considerations of taxation and control of the large slave populations on the acquired territories. Without a monarch to tie a new religious sect, the Europeans in USA resorted to political philosophies to disguise their economic fundamentals of their foundations.

Starting with the cultural plagiarism of African spiritual sciences into modern sciences, like Cotton Maher that converted Soponna into vaccination in his book Christian Philosopher: Adam Smith, the father of economics, explained away the wealth of African nations as those of the Western civilization. Oxbridge and US Ivy league scholars propounded theories based on civilizational scarcity.

The warped civilizational perspective of scarcity pushed the concept of nationstates, democracy, patriotism and constant war for resources. This inspired a military industrial complex that took over popular sovereignty in the Western nations, turning them into totalitarian democracies. The failure of the political philosophers to resolve the economics and issues of racist capitalism in the infamous Three Fifths Compromise of 1787, whereby an African was regarded three fifths of an human in their constitution is what is rocking the US democracy today.

However, this global perspective of scarcity, Might is Right and rule of the mob is unsustainable and will be challenged naturally as the ancient population centers and civilizations gain back their populations decimated in the brutal wars for resources over the last 4000yrs. Unfortunately or fortunately, the Western civilization is facing a decline in population and threat of losing its cultural identity, so they can’t stop the natural evolution of our global consciousness and change in civilizations.

The most important issue for the Western civilization is the boom and bust economic cycle based on war and rebuilding has finally reached an end, and it is bound for bankruptcy. The Western economy has been pushed by government through war using taxpayers money to develop the next level of societal beneficial development.

The government uses taxes to build infrastructure which are used for War – World War 1 for armored vehicles that became cars/ radar for radios/tv, World War 2 for fighter Jets to passenger air travel, the cold war with Russia for computers and internet. Now, the next stage of war is artificial intelligence and drones whose Peace dividend and returns of investment can’t be monopolized away from China and other nations. So the war for prosperity cycle has come to an end.

Nigeria will grow to be the third most populous nation in the world and digital business and solar energy will make it one of the global multi-regional power centers. However, Nigerians have to break away from the European civilizational hangovers of nationstates and territories. Instead it must return to cultural linkages and the concept of natural laws of retributive justice, which will transform into a loose continentwide confederacy.

Once Nigeria restructures away from Central control into a loose confederation of ethnicities and citystates as it used to be, it will propel global economic ascendancy. But it must defeat the Afroasiatic and European civilization templates in use and go back to its Original African civilization based in abundance, not scarcity and overwhelming control.

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