Why Blacks continue to fall for self destructive propaganda.

The Strong rule the Weak, while the Wise rule the strong’

Propaganda continues to be the bane of the Black Race. Time and time again, it has been shown that words are more effective than the gun to arrest our economic and political development, and if care is not taken our people will perish due to lack of knowledge.

In a nutshell, propaganda in 1966,1983 and 2014 destroyed our democratic dispensations and economy, and stopped our global ascendancy since 1960 independence.

One would have thought that after the devastating effects of the 2014 corruption propaganda, inspired by Western intelligence agencies, our people would have wisened up to be more discerning of information. Unfortunately, we have stumbled into yet another massive propaganda game – anti-Chinese propaganda designed to sabotage Chinese economic liberating infrastructure development by causing hatred between Africans and Chinese.

Like with the corruption propaganda whereby there was corruption blown out of proportion for a hidden political agenda, the Chinese are racist and subscribe to global White supremacy that makes them feel superior to Africans and inferior to Whites, but recent events are being blown out of proportion by Western Powers and Abrahamists for a hidden selfish agenda.

How many Black people have Chinese authorities killed compared to USA and Europe in the last decade, either through police brutality, racist housing, made to drown in the sea? Yes, one death is too much so if we are going to break ties as some demand, let there be proportionality and equity. Equal opportunity expulsions? Europeans that enslaved millions, colonized and still hold onto all strategic industries and resources, have not faced the kind of vile propaganda like the current anti-Chinese wave, so is it about racism or religion that makes us susceptible to propaganda induced self destructive emotionalism?

Basically, the Abrahamic misconception of our traditional information systems resulted in cultural disorientation that blinded our third eye and disconnected our critical thinking abilities from the source. The problem started with equating our information systems, Esu/Ekwensu, to Satan/Devil when we don’t have such concepts in Original African and other naturally evolved belief systems. Our belief systems especially our Original African Information Retrieval system – Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa – taught us the principle of duality in everything. The principle that there was good and evil in everything including God, enabled us to understand the full essence of information and the importance of dualistic perspectives as opposed to linearity.

The Western inspired anti-Chinese propaganda went into full swing from September 2018 following China’s announcement of a new tranche of $30b for African economic liberating infrastructural projects. Though nothing more than the equivalent of the Marshal Plan that helped rebuild Europes productive capacities after the second world war, it was termed as a colonization ploy.

Even the seemingly educated elite never queried whether it was through trade or weapons that made us fall for European colonization, nor did they inquired whether China had a colonial history like Britain/France. Isn’t cultural imperialism in terms of language, religion and political structure essential to colonization? Instead they propagated half truths of China’s attempt to colonize Sri Lanka and some African nations that it helped from IMF economic strangulation. Europeans still own most of African assets not the Chinese, so how can China take over European interests?

Many wonder why China is offering finance for economic liberating infrastructure if not for colonization, because they have no idea of our political liberation. They know nothing of the 1929 tenets of International Communism based on the fact that Russia, China and other non-slaving nations can’t compete with the Western Slaving nations of USA, UK, France and others, as long as they control African and South American raw materials and markets. The first part of the plan was to arm political liberation, which they started with Mao in China then Nkrumah and others African liberation fighters.

The second part was to build economic liberating infrastructure like steel mills, power plants and railways to stop neocolonial dependence, which they did by building China 13 steel mills but failed in Nigeria Ajaokuta due to regime changing corruption propaganda. Russia was bankrupted by Islamic terrorists but China continued with the economic liberating stage successfully in South America but is running into propaganda in Africa.

Just as it was easy for Yorubas and Northerners to believe due to tribal sentiments that Ijaws and Igbos were running the most corrupt government ever, there is a religious bias by Abrahamist Nigerians (Christians and Muslims) against China for banning their religions in China. The irony is Chinese beliefs are the closest global counterpart of our Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa system, and Buddhism is a derivative of Ifa, but our self hate denigrates even our own culture.

The Corona Virus that originated from China to demystify Western Powers systems and the power of Abrahamic deliverance and healing potentials, is brewing a storm of irrational bias and overemotional reactionary protests.

Instead of accepting the natural change in Ages and civilizations, from one of religious and political dogma (Age of Pisces/Olokun/Apocalypse 2nd Horseman) to one of Enlightenment and Justice (Age of Aquarius/Shango/Apocalypse 3rd Horseman) they have labelled it with terms like 666, antichrist etc. While our Western masters solicit Chinese help to fight the virus, the African masses would rather die with moral indignation over European deaths.

It is obvious that non-Abrahamic China is becoming the most prosperous nation on Earth, without the help of Jesus/Mohammed, so African Abrahamists moralize that China does not deserve the position and must be destroyed IJN. I can’t but ask that if you are a just and fair person why should you be opposed to the most populous nation being the most prosperous nation. If you truly believe that all Men are created equal, and every human is given the same amount of resources, then the most populous nation will be the richest. I ask what makes USA, the fifth most populous nation, ordained to be the richest nation forever and not the 5th richest, if all things being equal.

Despite millions of our ancestors were enslaved to build the USA, and their descendants killed by police brutality, Africans vehemently argue that USA is a more just nation than China, instead of taking a positive approach to learn from Chinas experience. This is not only logic but from cosmic science, China also created October 1 is an astrological twin and we should both be superpowers by the end of this century based on our population size and global economic justice.

I ponder what could be a more just environment than one that uplifted a billion people from poverty. Oh, it’s a communist nation and I ask what they understand by that term communism, considering Communist China now has the most billionaires and the five largest banks in the world. Ooh China’s system of government is totalitarian and unfair, yet it has less prisoners in total and in proportion than USA.

The freedoms are not merely academic like in Western totalitarian democracies that we copy across Africa, but true participation to the lowest unit gives them the right to self determine their economy, culture and politics. Forget dogma and player hating, adopt what works for majority since there is no complete capitalist or communist nation in practice.

Isn’t this what our restructuring agitation is about, to bring decision making to the smallest units to ensure optimal productivity, without which we can’t aspire for greatness and stop being the poverty capital of the world? Well maybe religion wasn’t about uplifting everyone, small and big, but about individual selfish anointing for a select few. Unfortunately, that system is unsustainable and humanity has to evolve sociopolitically to be more inclusive. We must design a system based on cultural and economic justice whereby each group has the right of self determination in a loose continentwide confederation.

The greatest threat to our progressive freedom is the anti-China rhetoric that will not only soil relations and Chinese funded infrastructural development, but ultimately lead us blindly into becoming the Slave army of the Western Powers.

We will unnecessarily get involved in the new Cold War between China and the West, probably fought mostly across Africa. The masses will be instigated against governments that take Chinese economic liberating infrastructure. They will be armed as terrorists and separatists, while the government will have no choice but to accept Chinese arms to brutally safeguard the projects. We shall kill each other in the millions while at the end of the day either of them could change their dogma to accommodate each other while we can’t change our skin to be accepted.

Regardless of what happens both will make money from the arms and China will remain the richest superpower based on its largest population organized for social justice and prosperity.

The Original African elite must endeavor to raise our collective intelligence by pushing for the wisdom of the multitude, otherwise our weakest links will continue to drag us down. Unfortunately what we have in Black Africa are psuedo elite not aligned with our Original African civilization, but Eurocentric Abrahamic perspectives of our colonizers.

This has prevented them from fashioning out a complete well articulated Original African narrative from origins, linkages and aspirations to carry the people along. The masses are bought with a token and swayed by the most mundane propaganda from Western, Arabic and other foreign predatory sources.

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