Cultural panacea to global Black problems or Xenophobe go jam Xenophobia

Throughout the Black Race, it is obvious that the culture is the only route to Black freedom and ascendancy. Charity begins at home, but what happens when 99% don’t know the way home? Xenophobe go jam Xenophobia. Imperialists continue to exploit the cultural disorientation of the Black Race, initially through religion and now through biased academic theories and social constructs.

It is not only in Nigeria where an Original African cultural platform spanning the South and Middlebelt is the only panacea to Nigerians political and economic problems, but the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo have been engineered to suspect each other. This is not only the case across Africa, but even a wedge is driven between Continental and Diaspora Africans, knowing fully well that the American Diaspora needs Black Africa to rise before they can rise and assume racial parity.

Now in South Africa, apart from instigating ignorant xenophobic attacks by Bantus against Nigerians and other Original Africans to distract them from the real issues of land and wealth redistribution, the Whites are currently employing a devious divisive means to permanently deprive the majority Black South Africans, known as Nguni or Bantu, of land by using the Khiosan, labeled the Pygmies. The Xenophobic wan Xenophobia the Xenophobe.

The San are now claiming that they are the real Indigenous Original South Africans based on the evolutionary science that wrongly puts the Origin of humanity in the arid lands of South or East Africa, instead of the true luscious rainforest of Southern Nigeria. If the truth of Original African history and culture remain hidden, the White imperialists will prefer to use five hundred thousand San to undermine the claim of fifty million Bantus, who would be classified as immigrants like Whites. Not better than the Nigerians immigrants recently attacked and sent home. That means to say Xenophobe go overtake Xenophobia on the way from Ife.

It is agreed that the Yoruba and the San diverged around 87,000yrs ago, while it is also agreed that all Bantus spread out of Adamawa/Taraba states. However, despite all logical and scientific evidence, the Eurocentric academia propagates the falsehood that Man in form of San Pygmies originated in the arid lands of South and East Africa before coming to West Africa.

Evidence shows that evolution had to start in a coastal mangrove lowland rainforest for continuous water and oxygen, which Southern Nigeria has the most. Evidence has also shown that Yam was the food of evolution and the yam belt is between Cross River and Bandama River in Ivory Coast. Even in the global DNA comparative study, Yoruba was found to be more complete than San, which was why Yoruba and not San was adopted as the base DNA in the following project named the International HapMap Project. Linguistics shows this flow from Nigeria to across Africa. There are still Pygmies in Nigeria despite majority have intermarried with the full stature Black Africans, which is why many Nigerians have big backsides.

However, Western imperialists know the value of a well articulated Original African history. Their divide and rule tactics extends from the 1935 breakup of the Nigerian Southern Protectorate into West and East regions to drive a division between Yoruba and Igbo at the heart of the Original African homeland, and everywhere else all the way to the South African land terminal where they divide Nguni against the San. The West knows the truth will unify all Black Africans from Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia to fight White supremacy.

In Nigeria, the truth of our genetic and cultural origins is the key to a strong South and Middlebelt political platform to defeat Afroasiatic and Western hegemonists. A defeat which will result in not only restructuring Nigeria but across Africa to wipe away the vestiges of the Berlin Conference used to divide and rule us. If the truth of genetic and cultural origins are laid bare, it would become obvious that both San and other Pygmies as well as Bantus migrated out of Nigeria.

Yes, the forebears of Whites also migrated out of Nigeria, but they went to Eurasia where they lost their color over tens of thousands of years, before they turned back in war towards their origins, which is different from Bantus and San that naturally migrated towards their present location that they made permanent.

The same cultural and political disorientation is at the root of Congo (Zaire) problems, where ever since Alfonso usurped the Kongo throne and his European backers pushed the region towards slavery and anarchy, they have not been able to articulate their cultural and genetic origins and linkages. Western colonists have had a free hand through divide and rule tactics, pitting Western and Eastern Bantus against each other, Katanga versus Kongo vs Kasai. Until they can articulate and unite their Original African platform and push towards restructuring for ethnic self determination, there can be no peace. Next door to Congo Zaire, we have the Hutu and Tutsi problem in Burundi and Rwanda, while Central Africa Republic is an extension of the Nigeria problem of Afroasiatic and European imperialists.

Ultimately, it is only Nigeria, the genetic and cultural origin of Black Africans and all humanity that can resolve this giant puzzle of 2240 pieces, known as Niger Congo ethnolinguistic groups chopped into thirty odd neocolonies. There is a need to move from the Black Liberation Movement to Original African cultural nationalism, cultural Pan Africanism.

The story of our genetic origins from the split of Yoruba and San to our cultural foundations of Orunmila Ifa denoted by the leopard, only Ife can tell the full story. As the Eze of Enugu stated if all Black people were Catholics, Ooni of Ife is the Pope, and it is on his shoulders that the fate of the Black Race rests.

Unlike the White Pope armed with the Ogun Spatha, the sword of God, or the Islamists armed with the Scimitar, Ooni is armed with the simple Libra balance of scales for cultural and economic justice. All Original African groups have to be united with a well articulated Osun narrative of our origin, linkages and aspirations before we can be empowered and free from cultural slavery that arrests our economic and political development after the Black Power movement won Civil rights and independence.

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