Yoruba/Igbo uncivilized Black Africa.

The constant Yoruba and Igbo fighting only justifies the global perception that we are not civilized. The term ‘civilized world’ is never used to refer to us. We are not regarded as part of the civilized world. We are tribes.

For a group to be regarded as civilized they must be part of a larger civilization. To be civilized does not mean to be gentlemanly, because Anglo Saxon Americans and Fulani are belligerent subgroups that are regarded more civilized because they identify with and respect their wider recognized civilizations. Yoruba and Igbo are bickering tribes of the same but undefined civilization.

According to global categorizations there are about 6 civilizations in the world – the Western Christian civilization of of Europe and North America, the Islamic civilization of the Middle East, the Near East and Sahel Africa. Then we have the Buddhist civilization of Indo-China, and the Original African civilization of the continuum of dialects known as the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family that spread from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa.

German, English, Dutch are Germanic tribes but nobody calls them so because they identify with a civilization, which makes them civilized but nobody told Yoruba and Igbos how to become civilized. If they knew and identified around their civilization, they would break the economic, political, spiritual slavery from Western and Islamic civilizations.

Yoruba and Igbo are the two largest, oldest and most prosperous Original African groups, but our failure to accept and amplify our own civilization, as well as respect and uplift others in the same civilization, qualifies us as the world’s largest uncivilized groups. DNA evidence has shown that their proximity to each other is as a result of the same progenitor.

Both groups were formed on the same template known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval system which was the world’s first knowledge bank, religion and civilization. However, 95% of Yorubas don’t know Igbos also have the same Ifa, the template of their culture that holds their history, philosophy, science and every other aspect of their culture. Over 80% of Igbos are Christians, mainly Catholics, and know nothing of their true history, their traditional mores and technology.

Basically its about the inability to discern our common origins, past linkages and collective aspirations as a civilization. It’s like a Christian that can’t recognize a cross. We are like ophans in the global community. Na only dem waka come. They are an embarrassment to the family and a curse to all the other 2240 Original African groups, nearly a billion people, whose oldest and brightest can’t bring their family together. Ijaws and Middlebelt just watch on the sidelines at the two big for nothing groups that prevent a realization of the Original African civilization.

The ravages of transatlantic slavery for 300yrs and especially colonization that enabled cultural slavery through Abrahamic dogma and Western academia and media, disoriented Yorubas and Igbos from taking the mantle of leadership to provide a central Original African intelligence to shape the collective Original African perspective. The lack of a centralized religious system and the British strategic breaking up of the Original African cultural sphere, first by adding Middlebelt to the Afroasiatic Northern protectorate then breaking the Southern protectorate into two competing regions, East and West, prevented a unifying empowering civilizational perspective and decivilized us into tribes.

Instead of acting like proud inheritors of the world’s first civilization, they acted like a conquered people by becoming the greatest purveyors of their slave masters religion and culture in Black Africa. They took pride in dressing and talking like the slavemaster, and hawked his wares for economic and political benefit.

The lie was that if you adopted another peoples civilization, you will become enlightened and empowered. However, no matter how you dress up and empower someone without a background, he can never defeat those well schooled from their origins, which is why the seemingly uneducated Afroasian divides and rules them.

Though they sneer at the individual Almajiris up North, Yorubas and Igbos are the Almajiris in the global comity of nations. After slavery, they never found their way back home culturally, instead they hung onto the coattails of their enslavers. A Fulani illiterate empowered with higher collective intelligence knows his origins, his civilization all the way to Medina, and its aspirations, while Original Africans don’t want ties with the next group.

Nigeria choose two co-chairmen to head the two civilizations – Ooni of Ife for Original Africans and Sultan of Sokoto for Afroasians. While all Afroasians recognize and respect Sultan even outside the Fulani group, we find some Yorubas grumble over Ooni. When Ooni and Eze of Aguleri came together to say we were related, Yorubas won’t have it despite not only Igbos, but Ijaws and Igala have linkages. These is why we are uncivilized, we can not organize and respect our civilizational structure.

Just like those without family roots find it difficult to set up functional families, tribal mindsets find it difficult to set up strategic cultural linkages that could be a source of economic and political power. Instead they constantly bicker and fight amongst themselves over trivia. This is why Yorubas and Igbos fly off the handle against each other but not against other civilizations that they often try to integrate for social mobility. Though Original Africans are 70% of the country, they are not civilized enough to organize themselves for power, so they are used by other civilizations to sellout Original African interests.

Upon all Yoruba and Igbo degrees and titles, PhD, Daddy GO, Cardinal, they are still subordinates of those that appear less educated and from a poorer civilization. A poor civilization is better than those with none. Before Yorubas and Igbo can ever assume global racial parity, they must mentally go back home to receive home training that will enable them identify their culture traits as captured by Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa in themselves and other surrounding groups. They should learn the proud history of their civilization. They should know the moral code of the family is based on natural laws of retributive justice, Esan, Ofu and Ogu. They should remember that every group, no matter how small deserves their right of ethnic self determination in a restructured polity. They should concentrate on their similarities not their differences.

They should organize themselves and identify themselves along their cultural identity. Thanks to DNA, it has been proved that Yoruba and San Pygmies were the first in humanity to differentiate 87,000yrs, as yam gatherers and yam planters. All others diverged around 60,000yrs ago. They should support each other as a family, for example all Original Africans should support their family at the frontier, being killed and overran by Afroasians in South Kaduna and the rest of the Middlebelt. Touch one Original African, touch all should be the motto. Yorubas and all other Original Africans should stand behind the right of the Igbos to be president in 2023 to push forward their collective aspiration of restructuring.

It is only then other peoples and civilizations can regard us as civilized. Not trying to act like unruly uncoordinated tribes trying to push a fast one against the other. When it was the Fulanis turn, we all supported one of the two Fulani candidates. Even though we didn’t like either of them, we respected them because they were a civilization. But now that it has come back to the South, we shouldnt be running to Arabic and European civilizations to use us, instead of the rightful region. We had had SW rule under Obasanjo, SS rule under Goodluck Jonathan, we need to respect ourselves and don’t jump the queue or take one way.

Until we respect members of our own Original African civilization, we would be viewed as members of an unruly disrespectful family and won’t be respected. We have been together without a war for tens of thousands of years, why should we let outsiders and the 50yr Awolowo-Azikwe rift continue to divide us.

Please Yorubas and Igbos should stop falling the hands of the Black Race on the global stage. You are the oldest, stop this bickering while other civilizations are busy attacking us. To others, when next you see it, caution them that they are being uncivilized.

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