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‘Man to Man is so unjust’ as Bob Marley sang without even living to see how unjust it could get today. Some Africans are distracted by Israeli Palestine fracas that always occurs just before US Presidential elections, especially when Democrats are in power, and War hawks try to paint them as soft, but there are far more ongoing sinster plans to continue the enslavement of Africans.

Western imperialists saw the writing on the wall that a time would come when they lose control of their African puppet governments and national armies, so they decided to create a third force – terrorists and separatists. This third force is now being fully employed in Mali and Niger, where French puppet governments were overthrown by the army. While trying to figure out how to use other African puppet leaders to invade the Sahel to help them retrieve their neocolonies, the French have resorted to arming Tuareg separatists and fake Jihadist terrorists groups against the new governments of Niger and Mali.

This answers the question that has befuddled many political analysts that what was the true justification and source of arms for terrorists, bandits and separatists that have proliferated across the Sahel over the last fifteen or so years, with the likes of Boko Haram. Students of history know that Euroasiatic civilizations have always employed violence since they emerged from the Central Asian Mountain Cave Complex, with bow and arrows on horse chariots, to overwhelm and annihilate Black African civilizations across Asia and Middle East.

In what is known as the Iron Age, the Biblical Apocalyptic First Horseman, the Age of Ogun and Ajagungbade (those that use war to take crowns) from 2000BC to 1AD, light skinned peoples fought brutal wars for resources. From around 320BC, Greeks put together Jewish religious scripts in Alexandria Ptolemaic Egypt, and used it as political dogma to take over Ethiopia without firing a single shot. This inspired the Roman imperialists that came after the Greeks to lay the foundations of the Greco-Roman civilization, in a new Age of Pisces, the Age of Olokun Asorodayo, the Biblical Apocalyptic Second Horseman with a giant sword, the inverted Cross that became a Spatha sword and Islamic Scimitar.

This was to be a 2000 year era of Eurasiatic religious and political propaganda to disguise or justify their brutal wars for resources. After taking over North Africa, they moved along the coast to the West African heartland of the Original African civilization and source of resources. They arrived on the West African coast in the late 1400s without any tangible goods to trade, apart from gunpowder and leather from Morocco that they had just captured in 1415. They soon resorted to copying our agricultural goods of sugarcane, cotton and tobacco in Cape Verde and the Americas, which required large numbers of farmers with the West African sickle cell gene to withstand the insect life on plantations. Logically there was a limit that kingdoms of our indigenous African civilization could sell labor that they also needed to build their own kingdoms, so the Europeans resorted to destabilizing our kingdoms and changing the authentic leadership.

Infact in the first twenty years, they initially used Slavic Europeans and American Indians, who die of malaria and smallpox within three months. Therefore they turned to the Pope Edict of ‘Just Wars’ stating only those captured through Just Wars could be used as slaves. Like with the modern day terrorists, they built slave armies stationed in places like Sao Tome from where they launched attacks to impose an illegal aspirant named Alfonso as Mane Kongo, the King Of Kongo. They armed Prince Ogun that became Oba Ewuare who singlehandedly and swiftly ran over 200 towns and villages.The West resorted to dumping hundreds of thousands guns on our coast to destabilize us, as they gradually moved into the interior where they armed the Akans, Yoruba, Igalas, Kongos and many others to be in a permanent state of war that produced slaves.

The Western civilization economically blosoomed for over 300yrs on what is known Transatlantic business Triangle, which involved dumping guns on our coast in exchange for war captives that were used as slaves on American plantations where they produced sugarcane, cotton and tobacco that was sold to Europe. They used Biblical verses to justify and placate their consciences over their obvious immorality. Eventually the numbers of enslaved Africans across the Americas surpassed those of Whites with a ratio up to ten to one, which naturally led to increased slave revolts. The French over did it in Haiti, their crown colony that supplied 75% of its foreign trade, importing about 850,000 Africans in a decade in a harsh regime that over half were killed, which eventually led to the Haitian Revolution, the first and only slave revolt that resulted in a nation, and spread across South and Central America.

Following the Haitian independence and Napoleonic wars up to 1815, Europeans turned to colonization by 1817, but were restricted to the coast till 1860s when submachine guns were designed to overwhelm the huge number of guns previously dumped in the region. With mischievous logic, they argued it was better to keep Africans in Africa to plant the same goods and more than what they were brought to the Americas to produce. With new weapons like machine guns and rockets, Europeans came together at the 1885 Berlin Conference ‘Scramble for Africa’ where they perfected plans to conquer and balkanize Africa into political plantations called colonies.

Since African subjugation was not based solely on brutal wars but also civilizational propaganda, Africans had to adapt and assimilate the Abrahamic civilization to disprove the religious and cultural propaganda in order to defeat colonization. However within a decade of independence, Europeans pushed moralist corruption propaganda against the new African democratically elected governments to usher in military coups across Africans to start Neocolonization with Ogun’s War and Olokun’s propaganda. The Europeans then wrecked havoc on African economies, especially the commodity markets, and with obstacles to industrialization.

However, Africans eventually realized that they were better served by democratic governments instead of Western indoctrinated and armed military governments and therefore successfully agitated for the reinstatement of democratic rule. The West with huge media propaganda and financial resources were able to install puppet democratic governments, but knew it was only a matter of time before Africans identified and rejected their puppet politicians and unrepresentative democracy. Therefore they set out to create a third force of terrorists and separatists. Previously, they had indirectly armed separatists to challenge the Afro-Arabic civilization that they had overthrown in Nigeria but had reversed it in a counter coup. They successfully used the separatists as a bargaining chip with the Northern Afroasiatic civilization to reinstate indirect rule and then dumped the separatists.

Following the 1980s economic destruction of Africa through the likes of IMF, which they thought will permanently disempower Africans, from 1999 Chinese came in to revamp African economies by strengthing commodity markets and building strategic infrastructure, so the West resorted to sponsoring Jihadi terrorists as it became obvious that they will lose control in Africa, economically, politically and militarily. Initially, the West had used Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan to bankrupt and dismember USSR that had sponsored Black African liberation movements. From Afghanistan the terrorists moved into Syria, Eygpt and then into Mali, Sudan, and then Nigeria.

Starting with Boko Haram used to embarrass President Goodluck Jonathan out of office, terrorists proliferated across the Sahel as many other European imperialists saturated the region with arms like they did during the slave trade. This time around, it was not to capture Africans for slavery but to keep their puppet governments in power. Opposition groups were targeted by the terrorists that became assassins and more. Despite the diplomatic statements that the West were in Africa to fight the terrorist groups, it became obvious that they were actually arming and protecting the terrorists. As expected, it was the national armies that directly felt the pain and loss of their young soldiers being killed, who rose to revolt against the puppet governments that conspired with the Western governments. This recent revolt by West African national armies brought out the real beast in the Western armed terrorists as they are currently being used to fight and hoping to overthrow the new populist governments.

It is depressing when one realizes the extent the West would go to continue their inhuman African exploitation. The Old age adage that violence begets violence and those who live by the sword will surely die by the sword gives hope that the West will eventually faced their karma, especially in the incoming Age of Shango based on Justice and Innovation, also known as the Biblical Third Horseman tied to Judgement Day. It appears that the world in general and Africans in particular can only be truly freed through a mutually destructive nuclear holocaust in the Northern hemisphere stemming from the ongoing NATO-Russia war.

By Prince Justice

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