Some people have asked whether Peter Obi is the true horseman/Shango that we had herald is coming to move the world and change our global collective consciousness.

First, we believe there would be various horsemen for the change of consciousness from Olokuns/Piscean religious and political dogma to that of Shango/Aquarius based on Justice.

This 2000yr change in global consciousness is called the Biblical 3rd Horseman, Rev6v5, being the 3rd change in global consciousness witnessed by the White Race. Their first horseman is the Old Testament, while the 2nd horseman is New Testament.

We, Southern Nigerians that are 80,000yrs older than Whites, have witnessed not only seven 2000yr civilization changes (Horsemen) since the Orunmila Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa beginning of this human civilization cycle 12,000yrs ago, we have witnessed three complete 24,000yr humanity cycles.

The science of the precession of the Equinox that explains the 2000yr civilizational changes is known to all ancient cultures, including those of Black Africa that encoded the concept into pyramids. However, I first stumbled on the concept around 2004 on a Catholic website, Crystalis, that put up a convincing argument that Vladimir Putin was the third horseman with scales that will bring pestilence, nuclear war and total collapse of the Western civilization.

With further studies, I came across the Indian version and later saw it in other cultures. Though the Catholic astrologers had linked it to Revelations 4-6, I realized the civilizational change would be different to different civilizations.

The era actually started on August 11 1999, the same week Putin came to power first as Prime Minister before taking over from Yeltsin. The Biblical astrological depiction of the era of the Third Apocalyptic Horseman on a Black Horse holding a pair of scales showed that the person or polity belonged to the astrological house of Libra represented by a pair of scales. Now Putin was born 7th October and his birthdate added up to a primary number 7.

Though from the Original African civilization and the rest of the world, the symbol of the balance of scales, Libra was tied to Nigeria and China both born on October 1st.

At the change of eras in 1999, Nigeria restarted democracy which was a work in progress towards finding a just and equitable structure for it’s multi religious multicultural makeup.

In astrology, it is believed Oya, the planet Pluto, was the revolutionary change agent that triggered off the change in global consciousness. However in 1999, Oya/Pluto was not in Shangos house of Aquarius to enable an immediate takeoff but was in Obatala/Jupiter Sagittarius house of knowledge, civilization pushing the frontiers of information to reveal hidden knowledge necessary to bring about the change in global consciousness.

One of the most important hidden knowledge revealed was the genetic code and makeup of humanity that put to rest the origins and linkages of South and Middlebelt groups in Nigeria, the Original African civilization that spread from Southern Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia.

Oya/Pluto in Sagittarius/Obatala revealed a lot of information to help South and Middlebelt unity until it left in 2007 to Obaluaye house of global structures where it immediately crashed the global economic system. It also crashed the political barriers to minorities by enabling Jonathan Goodluck and Obama to power. However both the economic and political changes were countered and the status quo reinstated.

Nevertheless, Oya continued to set out to weaken and sweep away political and economic structures with mass protest like the Arab spring, and in Nigeria from Occupy Fuel Subsidy Protests to Change to EndSars and now Obi movement. It appears that Oya has reserved her destructive best for economic and political structures in its last 7 months of its 16yrs reign in Obaluaye/Saturn Capricorn house of structure which ends in March 2023.

Putin appears to have bide his time according to cosmic science until USA reached its first Pluto return in February 22 2022. Empires are at their weakest at their /Oya/Pluto return, which is when Pluto returns to where it was in its orbit when the polity was created.

Not only using the Oya 250yr cycle, he used the all important 165yr cycle of the Olokun (Neptune)-Obatala (Jupiter) conjunction cycle that sets collective consciousness every 165yrs. The last cycle was the Crimea War when the Russian Orthodox was defeated by the Western Churchs and Muslims. No wonder the Catholic astrologers were apprehensive that Putin was a reincarnation trying to reverse the defeat. It is very likely that the war between the West and East will be settled by nuclear war that will bring mutual destruction and enable a multipolar world from 2026.

However our focus is how do we Original Africans of Southern and Middlebelt fare in this global change. Who is our own third horseman like Putin, who will uplift us since we are already down and should be compensated in a world based on universal Justice and equity? We can pinpoint Nigeria is a Black Horse born with scales of balance but who in Nigeria will lead it.

Peter Obi is born a Cancerian and not a Libran with scales. He is to give birth to the Justice movement, like Yemoja that rules Cancerian, his followers will be plenty like fishes in the ocean. Though some will argue that according to Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa Original African civilization, Obi which is Ogbe in Yoruba is the Odu for leadership. Like Oduduwa, he will lead people into the new global consciousness of Justice/Amadiora/Shango.

When we look away from the colonial induced tribalism and nationalism and examine ourselves as the Original African civilization, then the leadership shall be that of Ooni of Ife recognized as the co-chairman of the Nigerian Traditional institutions, he heading the Original Africans while Sultan heading the Afroasians.

Now, like the Crimean War was used to defeat the Eastern Orthodox Church in 1856, the Original African civilization was defeated and our collective consciousness colonized at the core with the first invasion of Ife in 1849, Atiba Oyo in 1852, the Ajayi Crowther epistemicide of Yoruba and Igbo culture with Biblical translations and the colonization of Lagos in 1861.

Now at the end of the 165yr cycle, we had the new Ooni of Ife enthroned whose focus has been the revival and renaissance of the Original African civilization, and guess what he is a Libran born on October 17 with an Oya moon. But that is the cultural sphere, what about economic and political spheres and leadership.

There are many more twists to this tale and the most important of which will not only start in March 2023 but will solidify in 2026. At present there are some invisible hands also involved in the Obidient Movement but by 2026, it will be purified to push for true universal justice probably by another stakeholder.

All we need to know now is that this is the time to wake up people to move for Justice and Equity worldwide, and as we move things will get clearer. But it is not just a sprint to power in 2023 but a 2000yr campaign to empower the entire Black Race and it’s thousands of ethnicities, no matter how small or distant. It is only when universal Justice is achieved that humanity can rest.

So we must Soro Soke to awaken our people put to sleep with religious and tribal political dogma.

We Move


By Prince Justice

Author Publisher Social Commentator

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