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84th year anniversary of the wicked Yoruba-Igbo April Fool’s Joke

April Fool’s day joke is meant to last a day, but the cruel April Fool’s Day Joke played on Yoruba-Igbo has lingered for 84 years. On April 1st 1939, the Southern Protectorate was broken into West and East to disrupt the emerging Nigerian Youth Movement. It was an insulting joke claiming the Southern Protectorate was divided for administrative ease while the Northern Protectorate that was twice as big and diverse was left united. It was a ruthless joke of not only administrative violence against the NYM, pitting Awolowo and Azikwe against each other, as Yorubas demanded Igbos returned to their new created region to contest politically.

For over 80,000 years, Yorubas, Igbos and other Southerners and Middlebelt had coexisted peacefully and productively as an Ifa/Afa based civilization until the wicked April Fool’s Joke turned ignorant self centered Yoruba and Igbo generations against each other for the last 84yrs in politics, civil service, business and nearly every other aspect of life, except marriage. The April Fool’s Joke tore apart the two most populous, prosperous and oldest indigenous African groups, whose unity was the key to the rise of Nigeria, the world’s most populous nation, and the Black Race as a whole. The 1939 April’s Joke was based on the logic that if the Yoruba and Igbo tributaries of the Original African civilization forget their source and linkages, like a river that forgets source, we would run dry.

84 years earlier, in 1855, displaced Yorubas resettled in Lagos were attacked by displaced Yorubas from Oyo Ile resettled in Ibadan and Abeokuta, led by the likes Madam Tinubu of Abeokuta seeking to retain the same slave economic that made both groups displaced. While this cruel joke occured between Yorubas, a mother of all cruel jokes was planted to derail our civilizational identity as indigenous Africans across Africa. A process was embarked upon known as epistemicide in which our indigenous knowledge bank containing our civilizational identity and history was mischievously misinterpreted.

The trick was to choose one dialect in a subregion in which the Bible was written and became the official language of the new tribal geographic group. In Yoruba land, the Bible was written in Oyo dialect by Bishop Ajayi Crowther, an Oyo himself, just like Samuel Johnson that wrote Yoruba History. In Igboland, the dialect chosen for Igbos was Onitsha. They institutionalized tribalized dialects by enforcing that it should only be the language of communication in churches, schools and all colonial institutions. And that was how they balkanized the Original African civilization whose source was Ife Odaye, Ife Ooyelagbo and Ile Ife.

Yoruba and Igbo towns, as well as others of South and Middlebelt, were established and lived by Ifa/Afa, the sixteen sector knowledge bank accumulated through observation of natural phenomena and philosophy for tens of thousands of years. And nowhere in our knowledge bank were the words Yoruba, Igbo or other tribes mentioned. Basically, we had no tribes but a continuum of dialects known as the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic groups that spread from our coast all the way to South Africa, sharing the same genetic and cultural origins. We had minor lingusitic divergences as we diverged from the same Source into Oyos, Ijesa, Ekitis, Igbominas into Igala, Igbos as each generation took the next land to farm as we spread all the way to South Africa. One people, one philosophy, one destiny.

Before the 1400s advent of the European, there wasn’t much difference in our civilization based on Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, yams, beads and kolanuts. There are essentially two civilizations across Nigeria and Africa – our Original Indigenous African civilization composed cultural and genetic related people and the Afroasiatic/Arabic civilization made up of various groups that later underwent Arabic imperialism at different times. The disfigurement and derailing of the Original African civilization into divisive tribes leaves us at a competitive disadvantage to the Afro-Arabic and European civilizations.

Genetic anthropological evidence from the multinational Human Genome Project (Tishkoff 2009) and Harvard Medical School Simons Genome Diversity Project (S.Mallick 2016), those called now called the Yorubas were the oldest full sized humans dated around 89,000 years ago. The dynamics of the genetics shows how we spread to South Africa. Yoruba and Igbo had the longest and oldest DNA strands with only Igala between them.Yoruba, Igala, Edo, Igbo and a few others, all belong to the same subgroup known as the Volta-Niger ethnolinguistic family, the oldest ethnolinguistic family, which evolved before the Benue-Congo ethnolinguistic evolved on River Benue before spreading into Cameroun and all the way to East and Southern Africa.

So the divisive joke planted in the mid 1800s blosoomed into the April Fool’s Day Joke that derailed our independence movement. It split Yorubas and Igbos Original African civilization that covers South and Middlebelt, and 70 percent of the population, enabling the minority Afroasiatic civilization to establish a political hegemony, robbing us of the chance to build a stable and balanced two powerbase polity. For us to evolve to a higher political existence, we need an Epistemic Democracy, wisdom of the multitude, whereby our people understand their civilizational identity and collective economic and political aspirations. Therefore we must strive to unite Yoruba and Igbo with true civilizational knowledge. Our civilizational leader, the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi attempted to educate us a few years ago that Yoruba and Igbo were closely related, but the hate was too much fuelled by those that used the division to make or protected their political control. While leaders like ex President Goodluck Jonathan have stated that their political ambitions are not worth the loss of a single life, we have those ready to waste millions of lives, violently deprive entire ethnicities of the their voting rights.

The schism between displaced Yorubas of the North and South Yorubaland went from 1855 to 1839, it’s about time the schism between children of Ifa/Afa, Yoruba and Igbo must now end. Yoruba science identifes that 84yrs cycle of Universal Justice/Shango, two of which should bring a new and higher level of consciousness/Olokun. There are 6000 ethnicities in the world out of which Yorubas and Igbos have no closer relationship. These two sides of the coin must become currency to buy our economic and political advancement. The disgraceful Tribalistic voter repression of March 18th must never be repeated, otherwise for the lack of knowledge a people will perish.

Ifa Olokun asorodayo is time specific!

We are at the end of the 2000yr Olokun/Pisces era of maritime trade, religious and political dogma, and moving into the new 2000yr Shango/Aquarius era of Justice, internet-based economy, and other electromagnetic innovations.

During the last 2000yrs, Ifa our knowledge bank was converted into religious dogma, just like Eurasians that copied it during the Axial Age between 700 and 200BC converted it into Abrahamic religious dogma. Humanity is now moving into a different and higher global consciousness that will strip away the dogma and selective Justice, aided by the internet and digital economy.

Far away from Ifa arts, which is currently prevalent, Ifa started as a science, the observation of natural laws and phenomenon, at least from when Yoruba and San Pygmies separated around 87,000 years ago according to DNA evidence (S.Mallick 2016 Harvard). This was when humans observed and utilized the fact that Yam, the evolutionary staple food, grew on its own when the tip was discarded, and we began settling down, switching from being hunter gatherers.

In the Kyoto University study by H.Yasuoka (2013), the Wild Yam Question was adequately addressed to prove that Yam was the evolutionary food, which hunter gatherers picked wild. Normally spending about 90 days in makeshift camps to exhaust the wild Yams in area before moving to the next spot, at a point Yorubas realized that the patch where the Yam tips were discarded regenerates Yams for 35yrs for at least 100 people. Those now known as Yorubas and Igbos, the two largest and Oldest full sized human groups, have Yams at the roots of their culture.

Though the domestication of Yams, which Yorubas interpreted as Gba Eni lowo Egbere for lifetime prosperity, might be the first application of the observation of natural laws, aka Science, it didn’t stop there. Over tens of thousands of years, we observed natural laws that were spiritually and philosophically represented as Orishas and encoded into our knowledge bank, the Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa.

Our Aworawo, stargazers, observed and understood what is now termed African spiritual science in which planetary bodies emit electromagnetic pulses that make us react in a specific philosophical or spiritual essence. Though we identified over 400 natural phenomenon and their attendant philosophical essences, we gave prominence to those philosophical essences that were cyclical in nature and tied to the various orbits of planetary bodies.

It is certain that these essences and their electromagnetic pulses had been identified by Black Africans overtime thousands of years before the evolution of the White Race, which is just about 7,000yrs ago. Just as the Ancients understood the essence of the Moon and its 28 day evolution now called months, the 13 moons Orbit of the Sun called years, we knew the orbit of the universe was 26,000yrs which was divided into 12 like a clock or calendar to form a Great Year of approximately 2000yrs, each representing a global consciousness tied to Orishas. However to read Great Years, you read the current calendar format backward since it was based on the Moon and not the Sun.

History puts the start of human civilization at about 10,000BC, which is long after our 87,000BC evolution, but before Europe evolution 7,000yrs ago from the Andronovo mountain cave complex. The 10,000BC start is the Age of Orunmila/Leo based on the Sun and its essences of creation, creativity, wisdom etc. Orunmila is the progenitor of Ifa. When this 2000yr Orunmila era ended we moved into the Age of Yemoja/Cancer based on the observation of the Moon and its essences which was physically observed to have a pull on all waters, from the oceans high tides linked to the full moon, the menstrual cycles of women, and behavioral patterns as blood rushed into our heads. This was the birth of the lunar calendar of which Yoruba calendar is 10,600 plus years.

The Yemoja Age (8000-6000BC) was followed by the Age of Esu/Gemini based on the observation of planet Mercury, the next to Sun through which all must pass to get to Orun (Sun)/Orun (heaven)/Orunmila(Ifa), therefore with the essence of Information, prophets and information systems. Jesus was the Son of the Virgin, Virgo, the month tied to Esu influences. Esu essences are reflected in two zodiac signs/months, Virgo and Gemini, and those born with Virgo essence have their work with Shango (Justice) and those born with Gemini essences have their work cut out in Oya (revolutionary change). During the Age of Esu, 6000BC to 4000BC, Ifa became a full systematic knowledge bank that emitted 256 electromagnetic pulses, which recently became the origin of computers.

The next 2000yr age was that of Osun/Taurus whose essences was based on the planet Venus, the next to Mercury. Osun essences were fertility, beauty and financial systems between outposts that spread out of Africa through Ethiopia land bridge into Mesopotamia/Arab along Southern Asia to South China. It was this period that the White Race evolved.

The following 2000yr era was that of Ogun/Aries based on the planet Mars and its essence of positive action and war. This era brought the White Races bows, arrows and horse chariots to overwhelm Yoruba/Black civilizations of Southern Asia – Elam, Indus Valley Civilization, Southern China Shang civilization, and eventually ancient Black Egypt.

As recounted in the Bible, Revelations chapters 4 to 6, the first Apocalyptic Horseman was given bow and arrows to take crowns. Ajagungbade. We know our oldest crown is Ade Aare given to Oonirisa by Ogun. One of oldest Iron smelting mines can be found in Lejja Nsukka dated 1900BC and its surrounding blacksmiths economy of Nri.

As Whites moved from the Central Asian mountain cave complex to overrun ancient Black civilizations based on Ifa in Indus Valley civilization and Europe, attracted by the food and gold surpluses of Original African frontier empires, the Greeks eventually overran Black Egypt, and the Roman’s overwhelmed Black Carthage and the rest of Black North Africa.

The First Axial Age theory shows that between 800BC and 200BC Eurasians that had overwhelmed the Black civilizations all adopted the exisiting natural laws encoded in Ifa. In Indus Valley, it was recorded in the Rig Veda which later became Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and others in Eurasia. Jews adopted the existing global knowledge bank of Original Africans when they wrote their first 5 books while enslaved in Mesoptamia/Babylon/modern day Iraq.

As we approached the new 2000yr era of Olokun/Pisces, the Greeks ruling Egypt commissioned the Jews to write the first books of the Bible covering the evolution of humanity and civilization in Greek at Alexandria library in Egypt. This narrative was spread to Ethiopia successfully as its ruling class switched from Erecha/Orisha institutions to Abrahamic institutions.

When the Roman’s took over as the leading empire at the beginning of the new and now outgoing 2000yr Age of Olokun, understood from the observation of planet Neptune and its essences of maritime trade, religious and political dogma, drugs, movies and other mind altering devices, Romans were inspired to adopt the Jewish adopted narrative of African Origins as White and spread across the empire to get rid of Black cultural origins and provide a unifying narrative of White supremacy.

Their Christianity was that of Olokun/Pisces as we still see the symbolism of two fishes on Churches and Christian paraphernalia. This was the Age of the Biblical Apocalyptic horseman with a great sword which when inverted became the cross but used as a sword to clear out Original Africans as the Roman Sparta and Islamic Scimitar, which the Bible say take the peace away from Earth. The Romams restarted the calendar to obscure the tens of thousands of years of Black history and accumulation of knowledge based on our observation of natural laws.

To justify their departure from natural laws in order to exploit man and his environment, they propounded racist religious dogma, philosophical theories and selective justice.. The injustice of wars, colonization and neocolonization specifically against Original Africans that had the population, knowledge and resources, resulted in what is now the 2nd Axial Age, as Blacks pushed the concept of Justice from the 1500s transatlantic slave trade and Abrahamic cultural imperialism.

The USA, the self acclaimed bastion of democracy and justice, is as a result of African Americans quest for Justice right from the beginning of USA, but deprived in the 1787 Three Fifths Compromise and still fought for till today as we saw with the Floyd riots last year.

Back home at the heartland of the Black Race, South and Middlebelt Nigeria, Ifa became a religion and we switched from a knowledge-based systems not only as Ifa Olokun asorodayo but also ruled by an Olokun dynasty. As we move towards the new 2000yr era of Shango, which spiritually started in August 11th 1999, intellectually started in December 21st 2020, and will be ignited by Oya from 2023, Ile Ife that had been the source of all global consciousnesses is well placed to usher us into the new Age of Shango with the natural blessing Oonirisa Adeyeye Ogunwusi.

The new Age of Shango recounted in the Bible as the Age of the Apocalyptic 3rd Horseman with scales that will restructure justly South oil from Northern Barley/Sorghum is spiritually represented with Oonirisa born in Libra/Osun house of scales with strong Oya and Shango influences.

However it is not enough to be blessed with natural spiritual essences, we Yorubas must know the time we are in and those gone past to gain the wisdom of the heart. We must know that we are entering an age of Justice, which wrongly interpreted by Abrahamists as Judgement Day, despite being a 2000yr era and taught that a day of God/universe is 2000yrs. We must know that we must be just in the coming years or be swept away in the dustbin of history. Apocalypse is about revealed knowledge and those who refuse to accept it being perished. We must identify and differentiate natural laws of retributive justice from the selective messianic Justice of Abrahamic dogma, as shown by the West and Fulani. We must understand that a fight for only Yoruba/Igbo Justice is not universally backed and we must fight for Justice for all by unifying all Original African groups especially those of the South and Middlebelt.

And regards to Ifa Olokun, we must embrace the Ifa being spread by digital economy of Shango in order to continue soro dayo, prosperity.