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Individual geniuses, collective Mumus

The origin of knowledge of a people is indicative of how they think, organize and progress. If you are taught by a fool, you will be foolish. So, we must know the foundations and type of the knowledge that informs us about ourselves and environment.

Naturally, you will trace the origin of your knowledge to the beginning of your existence. Unfortunately the African has been indoctrinated to believe his origin of knowledge is that of those who enslaved his ancestors and denigrated them, physically and psychologically. A slaves origin must be disguised otherwise he would run back to his natural habitat.

This is the problem with the Black Race especially since Global White supremacy doctrines, Abrahamic religions and Western academia conspire to keep our true genetic and cultural origins secret to continue our mental slavery. They would rather keep the false line that the origin of humanity is inconclusive than allow the African to find his true epistemology that we can use to unite and rise.

Following decades of deceptive biased archaeology that concentrated on the Eastern half of Africa, linguistic and genetic anthropology (DNA) has shown that all full sized Africans evolved and migrated out of South Nigerian mangrove rainforests. It was from these rainforests that we began to observe natural laws and phenomenon, which we conceptualized and stored in our knowledge bank known as the African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. Our observation of our environment was the basis of our philosophy, mathematics, medicine, social sciences, metallurgy, religion, physics, quantum physics etc The physical manifestation of our philosophical and spiritual foundations were conceptualized into Orisas/Alusis. Most important, our Original African worldwiew was based on duality and cyclical essences aptly labelled African spiritual science.

Our knowledge bank was the first since we are the oldest. All other knowledge and epistemology was built on the foundations that we laid for 80,000yrs. Eurasians adapted and whitewashed our knowledge bank in the period known as the Axial Age from 700BC to 1AD, when Western classical philosophy, and all the world religions were crystallized.

However, they didn’t get the cyclical and duality of the Original knowledge bank. With the power of Ogun war and weapons, followed by Olokun religious and political dogma, they were able to colonize and derail our civilization and cultural identity.

They killed our episteme by wrongly equating Satan to Esu, the key to our knowledge bank. The demonization of our epistemology, Epistemic terrorism, scared and prevented us from knowing the origin of our civilizational identity. It uncivilized us and tribalized us. Breaking our Original African civilization into new competing tribes, which were created by choosing a dialect to be the standard language of the tribe, out of what is essentially a continuum of dialects that spread from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa. In the colonial creation of the Yoruba tribe, the Oyo dialect was choosen as the Yoruba langauge over the subregion.

In the tribalization of the Original African civilization, they broke our collective strength, misguided our collective intelligence and caused friction between the tribes vying for power and recognition from their colonial masters.

How could an Abrahamist modernist African that knows nothing about his own knowledge source and identity recognize similar cultural traits in the neighboring African groups. 95% of Yorubas and Igbos don’t know they share the same Afa/Ifa, so how can they unite to uplift their own Original African civilization. Instead they feel proud and fight for the new tribal identity given to them by their colonial masters that intentionally balkanize them to weaken them.

Up till date, it is still very difficult if not impossible to get a brain transplant to an individual, and so far all African nations that have tried to transplant Western and other foreign sources of knowledge as their own have failed. You can’t run in other peoples shoes, nor read and understand with other people’s eyes and brain. This is why the collective intelligence of Original African groups are too low to achieve their collective aspirations. Collective intelligence is measured as the percentage of a collective that know their origins and accept their collective aspirations. So even though we have individual geniuses we are collective mumus.

Even technologies can’t be transferred to a people without a foundational episteme. The sad part is that we already have most of the knowledge stored in our knowledge banks aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa, so we get confused because though most of the knowledge has been encoded into our genes, it appears abstract. For example, we Original Africans study history as a cyclical system that makes us use specific spiritual essences as prefix to names of those excel in that field.
Unfortunately due to the fact that Western philosophy is based on linearity and binary opposition which is different to African duality and binary complimentary, we don’t understand our Original African philosophical concepts encoded as Orisas/Alusi. This foreign imperialism makes us see our history and especially historical figures and orisas as linear and a point in history, instead of recurring spiritual essences. We no longer understand the physics and electromagnetism attached to our philosophical essences termed as spirits.

Though a lot of our knowledge bank and concepts have been advanced and utilized by foreign civilizations, they have only understood and utilized a tiny fraction of our knowledge bank. Despite adapting our medical sciences in Obaluaye (Soponna) as far back as 1720 by Cotton Mather to what became vaccination and Western medicine, the newest technology Computer technology, was initially based on the 256 electromagnetic pulses which is also what Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa is based upon.

In this new digital Age, we would rise to global racial parity if we understand and harness the various electromagnetic qualities in our Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa and Orisas.

The time is now to revive our knowledge source, then we can truly MOVE