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Muslim-Muslim ticket of a Northern alliance makes the South/MiddleBelt alliance the more natural powerbase

Tinubu has a very difficult decision to make in order to successfully harvest his long cultivated Northern alliance. It is easier and more probable for a Yoruba Muslim to strike an alliance with the Northern Muslim Afro-Arabic civilization. But the practicality of the alliance has become obvious with Tinubu expected to choose a representative from the Northern partners to safeguard their civilizational agenda.

If he chooses a Christian Northerner, he would be at a disadvantage against a Northern Muslim opponent in what is supposed to be his stronghold, while a Muslim-Muslim ticket is a departure from the unwritten rule to share power between the two Abrahamic sects, Islam and Christianity, representing the North and his South. So a Muslim Muslim will alienate his Southern home region.

I have long stated that the natural strategic allies of the Yorubas are South and Middlebelt groups that share the same Original African civilization, the four Indigenous African regions, and not the popular misconception of a Northern alliance.

Unfortunately, coloniality aka colomentality, has prevented the unity of South and Middlebelt since they are too culturallly derailed to understand that they share the same genetic and cultural origins as a bonafide civilization, proven beyond doubt by recent genetic and cultural anthropological evidence.

While the Northern Afroasiatic groups, despite being unrelated product of various Afroasiatic imperialism, they share the same origin of knowledge that is used to unite the Sokoto Caliphate of NW and Bornu emirate of NE.

Unfortunately the genetically and culturally related South and Middlebelt can’t unite two regions in their civilization, because they can’t unite their origin of knowledge which is tied to origin of humanity and their existence. Despite the fact that histories of Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw and others are tied to Ife, their colonially inspired Pan Tribalistic perspectives and rivalry prevents an agreement on their origin of humanity, so their origin of knowledge can’t be unified, which prevents a unified political narrative from common origins to collective aspirations of restructuring to true federalism and devolution to citystates.

This lack of Southern and Middlebelt unity makes the North powerbase hegemonic, on whose platform the divided Southern groups come to beg for power that rightly belongs to them.

If our democracy had been allowed to evolve over 50yrs at a stretch, then it would become self evident to the South and Middlebelt that they need to unite to create a second and balancing powerbase against the Northern Afro-Arabic civilizational powerbase. The lack of a civilizational identity makes us vulnerable and mental and spiritual slaves of the Western civilization, disguised as universalism and modernism.

Moreso, the issue of the loss of civilizational identity goes far beyond just politically challenging the North or Western Powers. For the lack of knowledge a people perish, so like a river that forgets it’s source, we run dry social, economically, technologically and every other aspect of our collective consciousness.

For one, civilizations come in hand with civilizational goods that create a global market and economic prosperity as it extends to every other thing produce within the civilization. Before the Abrahamic epistemicide of our African civilization, kola, beads and other Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa paraphernalia were the economic backbone of our civilization. However, the European bastardized our Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa knowledge banks with Esu/Ekwensu, turned our kolanuts into Coca Cola, and used the profits from imitating our beads to build cities like Bristol.

The lack of a civilizational perspective prevents a global worldview and globalization of virtues and benefits of the civilization, since they are being viewed as tribal and incomplete.

Original Indigenous African civilization is based on the 16 sector African Information Retrieval System aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa. Instead of bring together the compendium of history and knowledge to make a whole, we are focused on selling our ‘tribal’ heirlooms to dollar paying customers in the West. Babalawos/Dibias will rather courting the dollar paying Diaspora and Whites than unite with their ethnic neighbors across the Niger River.

A comparative analysis and unification of our episteme as a civilization will imbue a scientific approach that would enable us to decipher the encoded knowledge as science and philosophy from which we can make new civilizational goods.

An Original African civilizational perspective will also improve the work ethics and sense of belonging that will strive for global racial parity.

Until we get our Original African civilizational home and unity right, our best politicians will be bending back and grovel on the Northern Afroasiatic civilizational platforms for federal power.

Charity begins at home. Our cultural and sociopolitical leadership needs to decolonized our thinking and reverse the colonial balkanization of the Original African civilization,which was broken into West and East regions of the Southern Protectorate, and wrongly adding a third to the Northern Protectorate as the Middlebelt. They must change the wrong perspective of North and South by correctly showing that the geographic center, Abuja/South Kaduna is actually the boundary of the Original African civilization aka South.

Until then, the likes of Tinubu will be constrained as Yoruba Muslims aligned to a Muslim North whose Afroasiatic civilizational agenda is different from our Original African civilizational agenda of South and Middlebelt.

Olokun 165yr dynasties of Ife, Oyo and Edo and the evolution of our collective consciousness

In the year 1849 Ile Ife, the bastion of Original African civilization, fell for the first time ever, starting a new 165yr cycle of leadership and collective consciousness inspired by foreign imperialism that was to decivilize and tribalize us. The 165yr cycle of leadership tied to Olokun/Neptune orbit that started in 1848 ended in 2011 and a new Olokun cycle started with the enthronement of Oonirisa Adeyeye Ogunwusi that has embarked on Renaissance of the Ife civilization and decoloniality.

The recent death of Alaafin Adeyemi III signifies the end of Oyo Atiba 165yr cycle from 1856, during which Oyo was used for British coloniality through the writing of the Yoruba Bible that made the Oyo dialect the standard bearer of the new social construct, the Yoruba tribe carved out of the continuum of dialects that spread from Southern Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa, known as the Original indigenous African civilization based on the naturalist Ifa/Afa/Iha/Era/Fa philosophical foundations..

The Olokun cycle is started when Neptune is in its natural position in the sky for about 13 to 14yrs, during which its essences bring about changes to leadership and consciousness that last for 165yrs, until when it comes back to the same spot in its orbit. Being cyclical, the planetary Orisa influences are karmatic as what you put out comes back, whether good or bad.

The Old Oyo Empire had gone through fundamental changes three Olokun cycles ago that occured between 1520 and 1534, when Nupe ransacked Oyo Ile, forcing the royal court to relocate to Igboho, only to return with the adoption of a Ogun philosophy and military expansionist leadership. This change was insitutionalized with the expansion of the Aare Onakakanfo stool that secured Oyo environs from Nupes and created a forceful hegemony on surrounding areas. The next Olokun cycle starting between 1684 and 1698 saw the spread of Oyo towards the coast with merciless brutal Ogun expansionism that saw it destroy the Allada, eventually ending with the karmatic destruction of Oyo. The next cycle of 1848 was the Oyo Atiba in new Oyo town ending in 2022.

This same Olokun consciousness through leadership is also discernible in Edo when calculated that Prince Ogun that became Oba Ewuare instituted territorial expansionism with the help Portuguese guns exchanged for slaves and Christianization with the Aruosa Church. The 165yrs from Oba Ewuare brought about 7 prosperous kings, followed by 165yrs when slavery and European involvement waned bring about 7 unknown kings of disputable lineage. The next 165yrs starting with Oba Akensua brought another 7 kings made prosperous by revamping slaves for arms trade with Europeans, until Benin was conquered and a new cycle of 7 normal kings with limited prosperity without slavery.

These Olokun trends are not limited to Original African civilization heartland of Southern Nigeria and are global in nature since our ancestors were the first to decipher them from universal natural laws. Just as when Olokun was at home from 1848 to 1861, leading to 1849 fall of Ife, 1856 Oyo Atiba and ending with 1861 Lagos colonization and Ajayi Crowther Yoruba Bible that misrepresented Esu as Satan thereby commiting epistemicide of Yoruba belief system, so do we find in global history the 1848 Karl Marx book start Communism versus Capitalism, 1856 Russia-Ukraine War of Western versus Orthodox Christianity and ending with 1861 US Civil War over African plantation slavery.

It goes without saying that all these events are being revisited in this current Olokun cycle from 2011 to 2026, as we witness a new Ooni revamping the Original African civilization, Russia once again challenging Western Christian civilization, Oba Lamidi demise bringing an an end to the Atiba Oyo coloniality etc. The Odua separatism might unintentionally end up with Lagos extracted from the hinterland like Singapore from Malaysia, Hong Kong from China etc.

There are two or three other spiritual or philosophical essences that magnifies the effects of Olokun essences in it’s natural position. The first is the influence of Obatala when it conjuncts Olokun in its natural position. Olokun being spirituality and consciousness, while Obatala is civilizational philosophy and laws, leads to a new collective consciousness and leadership. This occurs everytime Olokun is in its natural position for 14yrs and Obatala orbits in 12yrs, therefore they meet every 165yrs in Olokun house.

The Olokun cycle is made titanic if it coincides with the Oya 250yr cycle in Obaluaye, during which Oya blows away global structures followed by her stay with Shango that lights up quest for Justice. This didn’t happen in the last Olokun cycle in 1848-1861, but was responsible for profound changes of the previous Olokun cycle from 1520 to 1534, when the 1000yr old Roman Catholic Empire was challenged and balkanized by Martin Luther, the British, French and Dutch, while the older Ife civilization was challenged and balkanized by Oyo and Benin that switched to the Ogun mode of slaves for arms towards territorial expansionism.

So the question that arises from these past trends is what next? We have had Obatala conjoin with Olokun in April 2022, and now await Obatala to conjunct with Ogun in Oguns house on May 29th when we have the Presidential primaries. If care is not taken, the results of the primaries would be the seeds of war, and unfortunately since Esu will be playing games retrograding from May 10th to June 3rd, we are likely to throw caution to the wind due to misinformation and disinformation.

Lest we forget the 29yr Obaluaye cycle first witnessed during the 1964 elections, which led to coups and countercoups that eventually culminated in the Civil War. Then once again 29yrs later, in the 1993 MKO Abiola election debacle, and now in 2022. Many of the actors in the previous cycles are still involved, like Tinubu who is also facing his own cyclic karma of the 19yr Iyami/Moon nodes in Osun that might once again result in the allegations of betrayals like what happened around 2003 between him and the Afenifere Yoruba collective.

To make events more eerie, Obatala reverses out of Oguns house only to return just before the elections in February 2023, around which time Oya will be leaving Obaluayes house since 2008, bringing down political structures and entering Shangos house for 16yrs, lightening the torch of global justice like it did with the American War of Independence and Constitution, French Revolution and a new constitution, and most important to us, the Haitian Revolution that brought about the beginning of the end of global African slavery. So it might be safe to say to expect war and a new constitution.

To make it even more interesting is the third influence, which is the 2000yr cycle of Olodunmare which is made up of 8 two hundred and fifty year Oya cycles which bring a total change in global consciousness, about every 2000yrs. The last was 2000yrs ago, exactly between 23AD and 27AD when the Roman Republic broke apart in 23 AD, parts of which reunited in 27AD to created the Holy Roman Empire. If the Northern Afroasiatic and Western civilizations insist on total hegemonic control of the South and Middlebelt Original African civilization, there might be war as the West arms separatists, terrorists and bandits to make Nigeria ungovernable to the Northern Afroasiatic civilization, resulting in balkanization of the South and Middlebelt Original African civilization, which would have to eventually unite to win and create their own civilizational polity. We live in interesting times.

It is obvious that the universe has a divine pattern on our lives as individuals and as a collective, but unfortunately 99% Yorubas don’t know the trends of Yoruba spiritual and philosophical essences coded as Orisa and tied to planetary orbits. Long before the Bible was written and Psalm 90v12 stated ‘teach us to number our days right to gain wisdom of the heart’, our African ancestors started mathematics and time keeping of all aspects of our existence, encoded in what is known as the Original African Information Retrieval System, Ifa in Yoruba, Afa in Igbo, Fa in Igala etc.

However we modernist Original Africans have been mentally and spiritually enslaved, and psychologically dumbed down to be largely consumers, small time producers and handbag carriers of our colonial masters, only being able to decipher basic trends of the Sun and the Moon, visible to the naked eye and applicable to planting seasons, sex and childbirth. We don’t understand the trends of Esu/Mercury (Information), Ogun/Mars (War), Obatala/Jupiter (civilization), Obaluaye/Saturn (personal and political life cycles), Shango/Uranus (Justice), Olokun/Neptune (leadership and consciousness) nor Oya/Pluto (revolutionary changes)

Until Africans understand the science and mathematics of their philosophical and spiritual essences, they would be civilizationally blind and a slave to other races worldviews. Yorubas need to evolve their consciousness with Ifa sciences, rather than with just the prevalent Ifa arts, in order for the youth to be first among equals across the world. We need to evolve our consciousness beyond consumerism influenced by the short Earth orbit of the Sun that brings about planting seasons, to understand our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.