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Detailed Orisa Mathematics of a possible 2022 Nuclear War and definite rise of the Black Race!

3 Obaluaye/Saturn 29yr cycles of structure = 1 Shango/Uranus 84yr cycle of Justice

2 Shango/Uranus 84yr = 1 Olokun/Neptune 165yr consciousness cycle

3 Shango/Uranus 84yr cycle of Justice = 1 Oya/Pluto 250yr revolution

3 Olokun 165yr cycles = 2 Oya 250yr revolutions.

8 Oya 250yr revolutions = 2000yr civilizational change

Despite Jesus telling his disciples in Luke 21:25 that ‘there shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars’, modern Africans, mentally and spiritually enslaved with Abrahamic dogma, are miseducated to hate the science of the signs in their own Original African civilization. These spiritual and philosophical essences of planets that we call Orisas have an effect on humanity, especially when they align or oppose each other to bring a massive change in humanity as we are bound to witness over the next decade. Unfortunately, it is not in the interests of those profiting from Christianity for Christ to return in what is known as the Judgement Day, astrological known as the Age of Aquarius/Shango/Amadioha, therefore they would rather hide the signs of the incoming new era.

After several decades of international talks and global appeals to scrap nuclear weapons, with the Northern hemisphere remaining intransigent, the world might have to experience the horrors of a nuclear holocaust before the collective will is strong enough to obliterate the weapons, and make a move away from the Might is Right perspective to one of Right is Might. The first lesson by the Universe was that of Corona Virus that showed that the smallest common living thing could shut down the entire world. Despite first reading about the new 2000yr era in a Christian website back in 2006 that even predicted that Putin will set off the holocaust, the military industrial complex still refused to do away with nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately we might go through a nuclear war anytime from 2022, being a full Shango/Uranus cycle of 84yrs since 1938 when the idea of nuclear fission was born in Germany, or in 2026 being a full Shango cycle of Justice from 1942 when the Manhattan project was commissioned to produce a nuclear bomb or in 2029 when it becomes 84yrs when the first atom bomb was used in Hiroshima/Nagasaki Japan.

2022 appears to be likely due to the February 22 2022 Oya/Pluto return to the point USA was when it was created on July 4th 1776, which normally spells the downfall of empires. In addition to USA Oya/Pluto return, the April 12 2022 momentous meeting of Olokun/Neptune (consciousness) and Obatala/Jupiter (civilization) in the house of Olokun has kicked off a new 165yr cycle of global leadership. However some will say 2022 is just a start and it won’t be until the 2026 meeting of Olokun (leadership/consciousness) and Obaluaye (structure) that the change will be solidified into reality, moreover with the meeting being at the doorstep of Oguns house, Aries, it signifies the old world order will come to an end violently, and not bankruptcy, probably nuclear war.

Being that the war has started has started in 2022, shortly after Covid economic shutdown, one wonders how long Russia or USA can push the war and worsening economic conditions, or conventional military losses, before firing the first nuclear bomb.

In addition to the completion of the 84yr Shango Justice cycle of nuclear science, the outgoing Olokun 165yr cycle of Western dominance was enabled by the Western Powers Ogun military industrial complex whose decisive new weapons are normally developed during a previous major war. The precursor of the machine gun, the Gatlings gun was developed in 1861, which was fully developed for the World War 1. A Shango 84yr cycle later from the 1861-1865 US Civil War 1861 was 1945 when Japan was nuked. A Shango 84yr cycle earlier from 1861 US Civil War was the 1776 US War of Independence.

The use of the atomic bomb in 1945 against Japan was not as decisive weapon since Germany had fallen and Japan was about to fall without it’s use,.but was used as a test and warning. The Justice of that action might now boomerang to the user. Not only might we see the Shango karmatic use of the nuclear bomb, but the global economic and political hegemony earned by the USA might come to an end.

The question is what happens to Black Africans worldwide in what has been a global economic caste system that extends beyond the current cycles, even though we have witnessed changes from slavery to colonization and neocolonization/coloniality. The last 500yrs can be best understood as the Axial Age, the preparatory stage fo the incoming 2000yr Shango/Aquarius era of Justice.

As stated, two 84yr Shango/Uranus cycles of Justice equals one 165yr Olokun cycle of leadership and consciousness, so a collective goes through cycles of quest for Justice before being able to change the consciousness. The last Olokun cycle started from 1847/1862 and ending from 2011 and 2025. This cycle was the era of colonization and coloniality, when our mental and spiritual slavery was initiated with the epistemicide, killing, of our knowledge banks by labelling Esu as Satan etc.

The preceding cycle was from 1684/1698 to 1947/1862 when slave plantation economy grew exponentially, resulting in more anarchy as 400,000 guns were dumped on our coast every year and new slave empires evolved to subject our Original African civilization. The slave trade moved from the coastal slave ports to inland kingdoms – from Allada to Dahomey, from Kongo to Bobangi Loango port, and from the Angola port to the underbelly of the Kongo basin. This was after the initiating Olokun cycle of 1520/1534 to 1684/1698, when millennial civilizations were broken by new slave economics of sugar, and the outlying areas of Senegambia and Angola had been drained for slavery, necessitating the move into African heartlands witnessed above.

As stated 3 Olokun 165yr cycles are equal to 2 Oya cycles of revolutionary change, especially when in Obaluaye house bringing down global political structural change and collapse of kingdoms within a civilization. The revolutionary change that brought up the Axial Age of Justice through the injustices of slavery started two Oya cycles away in 1520s which coincided with the Olokun cycle. The Oya 250yr cycle from 1520 cycle oversaw the break up of the Roman Catholic Empire, headed Spanish/Portuguese and Italians, overshadowed by new Dutch, British and French empires, as well as the Original African Ifa-Afa-Iha-Efa-Fa civilization centered in Ife by Oyo, Edo and other empires.

The following Oya 250yr cycle in Obalauyes house was around 1770s and brought about the beginning of the end of the British and French global empires, as USA broke away from the British and Haiti the French jewel colony got its independence and ushered in the beginning of the end of African slavery.

In Oyo Empire, the militarization and territorial expansion following its 1530 defeat by the Nupes, had become excessive and its military commanders eventually overwhelmed popular sovereignty of the Alaafin monarchy. In 1770, Alaafin Abiodun had to fight and defeat the military commander, Bashorun Gaa that had put to death several Alaafins, in what essentially was a clash of interests between military class that wanted to continue slavery to get more weapons and the Alaafin moral leadership to save his empire.

Although Alaafin Abiodun won with the backing of Oya revolutionary essence, the lack of a change of Olokuns collective consciousness, led to his son clashing with the military class that aligned with a foreign consciousness that led to the 1835 destruction of Oyo. Unable to strengthen and renew its Original African consciousness, it would soon fell prey to the British that brought their own consciousness that has lasted till now. Oyo was fooled by the British colonial consciousness of expanding Oyo leadership over a new Yoruba social construct backed by British weapons but was soon colonized with the rest. .

Now, for the first time since 1770, we have Oya back in Obaluaye house of Capricorn from 2008 to 2023 where it is supposed to blow away unjust global political and economic structures. Oya meeting with Obaluaye/Saturn in January 2020, shook the world to its foundations with Covid epidemic as Obaluaye Soponna is known for infections diseases. Oya will shake and probably destroy the global political structures before it leaves in March 2023 from Obaluaye house to Shangos house, where it was during late 1700s Haiti and French revolutions.

As stated in the equation above, 8 Oya cycles equals one Universal/civilizational change. The full cycle of human civilization is about 24,000yrs which is divided like all cycles into 12 houses/segments, whose specific essence is tied to a particular Orisa/planet. With DNA evidence showing Yorubas and San diverge 87,000yrs ago, being the first of full sized humans, Yorubas have experience 3 full 24000yr cycles and currently in middle of a 4th civilizational cycle. As we move every 2,000yrs into each of the twelve houses in the 26000yr civilization cycle, the global consciousness changes. However, the new 2000yr global consciousness would have been developed and honed about 500yrs before the actual start, which is known as the Axial Age and normally ushered in by Black Africans.

The current human civilization started in Orunmila house/Sun bringing creativity and wisdom between 12,000BC and 10000BC, followed by the Yemanja/Moon house of Cancer, when we started calendar and time keeping from 10,000BC to 8,000BC, then Esu/Mercury house of Gemini brought information, writing, improved Ifa from 8,000 to 6000BC, followed by Osun/Venus house of Taurus from 4000BC to 2000BC when international trade blossom between Original African civilization that spread from Africa across Asia and the world.

It was during this age that light skinned evolved from the Central Asian mountain cave complex, then from 2000BC to 1BC we entered the Ogun/Mars house of Aries era, when though Black Africans were the ones that started metallurgy for agriculture and arts, light skinned people used iron for brutal force to annihilate Black Africans from South Asia, Europe and North Africa, in what is biblically describe as the Age of the First Horseman..

From 1AD to 2000AD, we have been in the Olokun/Neptune house of Pisces Era that brought religious and political dogma that was gleaned from our own Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa African spiritual and social sciences to dominate the world. The fishes sign of Pisces is the sign of Christianity and the era is known as the era of the Apocalyptic Second horseman.

Though the new 2000yr Age of Shango/Aquarius /Justice officially kicked off in August 1999, before there could be a change in global consciousness to Shango, Oya wa waited upon to go through Obatala house to reveal hidden knowledge, then pass through Obaluaye house to bring down global political and economic structures, as she is threatening in Nigeria with the election and Russia-Ukraine war.

The May 29th 2022 meeting of Obatala with Ogun in Oguns house might plant the seeds of war if it comes with an unjust result. Shangos meeting with Iyamis on July 31st and August 1st is another date to watch, as we battle for the soul of the nation and humanity as a whole..

It won’t be a straightforward battle as Oya will move forward and backward between Shango and Obaluaye houses during 2023 and 2024, raising issues of Justice, restructuring and destroying intransigent structures that refuse, before settling down in Shangos house till 2041, lightening and keep alight the quest for global justice. This Oya cycle that will be kicking off the 2000yr era of Shango will magnify the Haiti Revolution that brought an end to global African slavery tenfold to bring about the freedom of the Black Race. Unlike 1770s, Oya will have the help of the new Olokun/Obatala cycle of 2022 to provide a well grounded Original African consciousness required to revamp the Original African civilization in the new multipolar world that will last for the next 2000yrs.

Everything moves in a cycle. The most important essences of life are cycles tied to the Sun/Orunmila the source of all creativity and wisdom, captured in Yoruba Epistemology. However to mentally and spiritually enslaved us, the European colonists committed epistemicide of our knowledge bank by labelling Esu as Satan, and replaced our understanding of the cyclical nature of the world with meaningless linearity, replacing our spiritual sciences with scientific materialism. Though for thousands of years, we had identified and interrelated all the important spiritual and philosophical essences as Orisas, the Oyinbo education limited our scientific and mathematical understanding to the materialism in Economics, Agricultural sciences and other spheres only related to reproduction of human and natural resources.

The key to resolving our arrested economic and political development were hidden. Mathematics and trend analysis of our cultural linkages and political sciences were deliberately left out to mysticism and religion.

Atikus Time for Justice, Yoruba/Igbo Southbelt Time for Unity!

There are Ifa and logical predictions that we face a gloomy near future with the continued Buhari rule that has already arrested and destroyed our economic and political development. The thought of four more years leaves many people exasperated, disappointed and disillusioned.

There are many recriminations but this is not a time for recriminations and resignation. This is the time to act. Some will say that it is not the first time elections have been rigged and all agitations will amount to nothing. Well, it could have occurred a million times before but this time is different.

The consolation that the darkest time of the night is just before dawn is not soothing to someone without a sense of time. I have said the loss of Aworawos in Yorubaland that can read the walls of the heavens is the greatest disservice as it prevents us from knowing what time it is – a time of love or War, a time to advance or withdraw.

We are limited to the visible Orunmila Sun time of 12 months that gives planting seasons, but we don’t know the 246yr time cycle for Oyas revolutionary change, or Shangos 84yr cycle of Justice.

Based on timing, what advice and hope can be given to Yorubas and other Southerners whose restructuring agenda was placed with Atiku.

Although the influences of the heavens is reflected on Oracle board, its like watching the universe on a smartphone as opposed to a 70 inch widescreen TV. The Aworawo has a longer span than Ifa Oracle, of Orunmila one year cycles that will give you the immediate predictions or answers to specific issues.

The religious aspect of Ifa tied to Obatala gives a longer 12yr cycle, but it lacks the 26,000 year historical perspective to give a long term view. So all predictions of Ifa that say we head into gloomy times can’t put it into a wider global historical perspective of when we last had such conditions and what happened, which is why Aworawos are missed.

We are exactly at the point in cosmic time that we were in 1518, two Oya years ago, when Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the Church door and sparked the Protestant Movement that brought an end to the 1000yr Holy Roman Catholic Empire hegemony. Locally, this were the same conditions as when Nupe invaded Oyo Empire, the first Church and mosque in Southern Nigeria, and the beginning of the era of Trans Atlantic slavery.

For the last 500yrs we have waited for this influence to reverse the downward slope of global Black African essence, so those who feel defeated must rise to action for change and Justice. Now, we either stand up for unity and justice to stop it or fall once again to another round of Abrahamic imperialism from Daura, where Islam spread across Hausaland.

This once in 500yrs cosmic influence tied to Oya (Pluto) and Obaluaye (Saturn) alignments is said to be rare, but what is even rarer is the complete cosmic picture that also includes Obatala (Jupiter). This occurred last around 1900BC, 4000yrs ago, the beginning of the end of global Black ascendancy – the fall of the Old kingdom in Egypt, and especially the rise of Babylon.

In addition, on the 26,000yr cycle/orbit of the Universe, God himself, Humanity is at the cusp of a new 2000yr era, a new Great Year, a month in God’s time, which could either result in global Black ascendancy or our final cultural extinction as Original Africans, Omoluabis.

This new Great Year is what the Biblical Book of Revelations call the era of the Third Apocalypse Horseman, a newer Testament, while the Muslims wait for the Mahdi to revise Islam; the astrologers call it the Age of Aquarius, in Yoruba the Age of Shango.

Some wrongly believe these Apocalypse prophesies to be the return of the Messiah/Madhi to bring an end to the world, but the real meaning of the central theme Apocalypse is the revelation of hidden knowledge that will reform the world. Those who accept and advance it will be rewarded with a better world, while those who oppose and resist it will be destroyed and swept away by Oyas winds of revolutionary change.

So, it is a time for action, a time of revealing hidden knowledge to challenge the status quo in what is known as the Decade of Great Transformation (2020-2030), when all current systems will crash and new ones emerge.

This is not only limited to Nigeria. Globally, China and the East will surpass USA and the West. Just as Buhari has forced a second term so will Trump get a second term by hook or by crook, which will shake America to its foundations in its first Oya birthday.

Britain’s 8th Oya birthday has brought Brexit, and will face global Black calls for Justice and the wrath of the ocean by 2041. China is the only one likely to escape deprivations due to its Obatala influence. Nigeria shares the same Osun birthday of October 1 with China.

We live in interesting times. A time for action and a time for Justice. It is said time makes a hero or a coward of a Man. Leaders are products of circumstances in most cases, as there is nothing like an idea whose time as come.

Abubakar Atiku must step up with the hidden knowledge of the true election results to challenge the system and claim his mandate to set off a chain of events that would eventually restructure and emancipate the Black Race. Yoruba/Igbos must use the revealed hidden knowledge of genetic and cultural anthropological evidence to unite the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic groups in South and Middlebelt and across Africa for cultural justice and global Black ascendancy. Infact, the skies have not been this favorable to make such a profound global structural change in 4000yrs.

Though things might look bleak with a Sharia Chief Justice and Buhari’s tyrannical regime, Atiku should take a leap of faith and he would find doors he never knew existed open. There hasn’t been a combination of cosmic influences of structural change since 1518 to change the course of Black history until now, which will be exact on 12th January 2020.

A similar but not exact trend occurred in the 1770s that led to USA independence, creation of stock exchange, French and Haiti revolutions. This Oya and Obaluaye alignment is what is believed to bring global structural alignments in political and economic spheres through deprivations, revolutions and possible World War.

With 6 people currently falling into abject poverty every minute in Nigeria, making it the world’s poverty capital, the scene is set for a peaceful or armed revolution of political and economic systems towards a fairer and just existence.

Nigeria is currently experiencing a new Obaluaye 29yr cycle of structure, meaning Obaluaye is exactly at the point it was on October 1960. It’s Nigeria’s 2nd Obaluaye birthday of structure, so it faces toothing problems and whether it will stand and walk or be cripple. This is why it would feel the revolutionary impact of Oya like learning how to walk in a storm.

However the deprivations of the Decade of Great transformation could be ameliorated with Obatala influences also present this year, 2019.

Fortunately, Nigeria is also witnessing Obatala return to the exact place it was in 1960, the 5th birthday. Obatala influence is benevolent and brings luck, religion and law. Obatala is the one Orisha that spiritual supplications should be made to ameliorate the suffering brought by Oya and Obaluaye.

Providence and advanced thought informed the Oonis efforts reaching out with love to other monarchs, the unity of Afenifere, Ohaneaze, Pandef and Middlebelt forum, and lastly, the political class investment of their restructuring agenda in Atiku against Buhari.

On the tactical surface, it was to pit a Fulani against a Fulani, Muslim versus a Muslim to avoid ethnic and religious colorations in their quest of restructuring for social justice.

Spiritually, both Atiku and Buhari are born under Obatala influences. Buhari has used this to power a Jihadist religious movement. According to the principles of duality, Ejiogbe, the tactic of omo ina lan ran si ina, fighting fire with fire, Atiku has the chance of using law to neutralize Buhari.

The first Abubakar, Abu Bakr, the Righteous One that succeed Prophet Mohammed, was a rich man that used his money to free slaves and instrumental in the creation of the Sunni system, which Shites say was not according to the wishes of Mohammed.

With the 2023 beginning of a new era of Shango, an era of enlightenment and restructuring towards a just society, unlike Abu Bakr of the Olokun era that created the caliphate system, Abubakar Atiku might actually be a Mahdi expected at the end of time/era that will restructure Muslims away from the destructive unsustainable Islamic imperialism. Like Abu Bakr that got help from the Syria Christians against the rigid Shites, Atiku could count on the support of the Western Powers.

Now, some would ask that won’t the coming together of Christian Western and Islamic forces overwhelm the Original African essence. I say no if Original Africans reveal the hidden knowledge of genetic and cultural linkages to foster Original cultural identity and unity.

Whether or not Atiku achieves his aspiration of electoral justice, Original Africans need to unite to achieve restructuring, separatism or any laudable political aspiration.

Atiku has already been rejected as a true Fulani and told by Myetti that he was an Original African. If Atiku succeeds, without a unified Original African platform, the benefits will be fritted away on other platforms as Afroasians naturally tend to the identify with articulated Asiatic origins in the absence of a defined African side.

It was our mixed sons that led to the fall of Egypt and rise of Babylon, and it would be one of them, a rejected stone that will be used to build the foundations to reverse the historic cultural injustice.

Astrological alignments are mere influences which have to be taken to bring a desired result, as heavens help those who help themselves. Remember to have Oya (Pluto), Obaluaye (Saturn) and Obatala (Jupiter) in the exact positions we now and 2020, we have to look back to 1900s BC in Ancient Egypt and Babylon, the beginning of global structural changes that made Original Africans lose power.

This is probably the most important time in the history of the Black Race. I am not saying Atiku is the Horseman, Messiah or Mahdi but he can trigger a process that will start the rise of the Black Race and we can break the chains forever. So let’s build the pressure and the walls of Jericho will fall. Abubakar can’t run from the duty placed on his shoulders, or like Jonah he will end up in Buharis fish.