Detailed Orisa Mathematics of a possible 2022 Nuclear War and definite rise of the Black Race! 1

3 Obaluaye/Saturn 29yr cycles of structure = 1 Shango/Uranus 84yr cycle of Justice2 Shango/Uranus 84yr = 1 Olokun/Neptune 165yr consciousness cycle3 Shango/Uranus 84yr cycle of Justice = 1 Oya/Pluto 250yr revolution3 Olokun 165yr cycles = 2 Oya 250yr revolutions.8 Oya 250yr revolutions = 2000yr civilizational change Despite Jesus telling his disciples in Luke 21:25 that ...

Atikus Time for Justice, Yoruba/Igbo Southbelt Time for Unity!

There are Ifa and logical predictions that we face a gloomy near future with the continued Buhari rule that has already arrested and destroyed our economic and political development. The thought of four more years leaves many people exasperated, disappointed and disillusioned. There are many recriminations but this is not a time for recriminations and ...
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