What really is the role of electromagnetic pulses in 256 odu?

Over our 87,000 years of existence, from the time we diverged from San hunter gatherers by settling down to tend Yams, naturally we observed and conceptualized natural phenomenon, laws and philosophy, which we conceptualized as Orisas. Each and every Orisa represents a philosophical essence whose impact is transmitted through electromagnetic pulses.

It is based on the principle that every thing, both living and non living, emits electromagnetic pulses, meaning there is a spiritual and physical side to everything.

The largest electromagnetic pulses transmitters are planetary bodies, but we can use Earthly objects to attract and emit such electromagnetic pulses.

Every Ori is a composite of every electromagnetic pulses and their angles at the point of birth, and it responds like a transmitter to the various electromagnetic pulses forever present, through behavioral or other changes.

Though the electromagnetic pulses and sources of Orishas might have been slowly developed, it appears bringing it all together as a central system started around 12,000BC, the Age of Orunmila/Leo, the beginning of the current global civilization. With Ifa which is Orunmila represented by the electromagnetic impulses of the Sun, it’s 256 pulses is a combination and recognizes all other planetary electromagnetic pulses.

So when you throw the Ifa opele or kolanuts, especially asking the person to rub their genetic and electromagnetic on the objects, when tossed will fall in response to the electromagnetic DNA of the Ori.

Astrology is the best counterpart of Ifa since it derives its information mathematical based on the position at birth and current or specific time of the planetary electromagnetic pulses while Ifa derives its information electromagnetically as an African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. However, they give the same outcome when studying the Ori and akosejaye.

The outcome of an Ifa divination is influenced by the electromagnetic pulses which are tied to specific Orishas and Odu, and it is the job of the Babalawo to know which of the Ese Ifas apply to the question.

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