Ideological, civilizational or money politics which way Nigeria?

The political carpet crossing aka decamping is essentially mercenary money politics that exposes the futility of ideological politics without an Original African civilizational foundation. Basically, we have two ideological cardinal points, left and right, and four global civilizations – Christian (Europeans), Islamic (Afroasian), Buddhist (Indo-China) and Ifa/Original African (Black).

For awhile in the 1900s, the world especially the Atlantic areas, were spellbound by ideological politics, becoming more pronounced with Cold War between Western capitalists and Eastern communists.

However from Clinton, we started seeing centrists take power as it became obvious that both ideological positions were based on faulty foundations and were mere theoretical as Western democracies became big welfare states while Russian Oligarchs and booming Chinese billionaires were not only tolerated but supported by the Left.

In Africa, Eurocentric scholars and politicians parroted the theories of the Left and Right wings of the White supremacy bird, which really didn’t take into consideration that those theories were propounded in reaction to African wealth and civilization, just like the previous religious era of Islamic and Christian dogma. Their liberal democracy theories were based on the Western Christian civilization and wrongly painted as secular and universal.

The US democratic model had evolved to restrict and corner away the benefits of the slave plantations from their European monarchies, and the slave traders constitution was to protect the Anglo Saxon Christian civilizational foundations, with the three fifth compromise that regarded Africans and their civilization as inferior. Despite Thomas Jefferson popular claim that he believed all men to be equal, they considered Africans to be three fifths of a human being.

From Rome to USA, the Western political economy depended on a massive underclass exploited by their economic and political elite, defined by religion and race, so how could African elite have placed such systems on a pedestal if not culturally enslaved.

With all African wealth colonized by Western nations and justified with dubious political and religious dogma, Russians and other non slaving nations had to find alternatives. They realized the universal natural laws of economics that private sector won’t undertake long-term investments into socially beneficial production unless compelled by government. So the communists took direct control of private property while the West used war economics to divert private money through taxes to build socially beneficial production like cars, aeroplanes and computer technology.

There won’t have been a clash if the Communists hadn’t gone further in the 1929 Communist International manifesto that non slaving nations can never enjoy a level playing global marketplace until the Western slaving nations were relieved of the stranglehold on Africa and other colonized areas, and so the Russians then set out to help Chinese and later African liberation movements. This was the most important rift between the East and West, and up till now the issue causing the Chinese-American economic cold war in Africa and South America.

Democracy was built on the assumption of two vying economic sectors, like the Industrialists that were protectionists versus the Southern plantations that wanted an open market, to sponsor a balanced democratic system. Now, Black nations in Africa and the Americas didn’t have this luxury of a large business class, so they were often divided between foreign neocolonist guards. While Africans didn’t have much choice in the domestic angle of the private property since most people were poor with no Indigenous multi-billion dollar companies, those regarded as Leftists in Africa were those that sought to retrieve their strategic industries from Western control according to the Communist International vision.

In Nigeria made up of two civilizations – the well articulated Afroasiatic Islamic civilization of the core North and the disparate Original African civilization to the South, brought the issue of civilizational politics beating ideological politics to the fore. Logically every civilizational platform has a left and right wing that ultimately unite for their collective aspirations, however the civilizational illiteracy of the Original Africans prevented them from crystallizing a united powerbase across South and Middlebelt that form at least 70% of the population.

Civilization illiteracy due to the inability to know the philosophical and spiritual foundations of their tribes and make the cultural linkages with other groups across South and Middlebelt as an Original African civilization. 99% of Yorubas and Igbos, the two largest Original groups, don’t know that they shared the same Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval system. Having been brainwashed by Western cultural imperialists they were made to believe the Abrahamic civilizational templates were universal and secular.

With the ideological failure of our independence fathers, Awolowo and Azikwe, against the civizational politics of the North, the latter generation, post Russia/USA Cold War ditched left/right wing identities and played shallow mercenary politics. Follow the leader/Baba Sope politics.

However, a core pro-people group addressed the issues and came up with restructuring the constitution. In doing so they are confronting the reality that you first have to address civilizational foundations and then break it to right and left wing. Not bring in the left and right wing politics of USA and Russia as weapons to fight in your own civilization against other civilization predators.

This is how the South and Middlebelt leadership alliance came to unite in aspirations, even though they didn’t come the civilization route from the onset that could unite their genetic and cultural origins. As they further advance with their restructuring ideology, they would realize that any collective aspiration has to be advanced on their civilizational platform that represents their common genetic and cultural origins as well as aspirations.

This is an uphill task since most of the Original African elite hold Pan-Tribalistic perspectives imbued by other civilizations and find it difficult to embrace their own civilization let alone use it as a unifying tool. Unfortunately the Southern and Middlebelt elite must act fast to prevent a class war whereby the non-European educated but civilization literate like Sunday Igboho cause a class revolution. The Western constitution and imposed North/South identities must be discarded.

The civilizational illiteracy of the South and Middlebelt also makes some feel that if they break into another nationstate, they will be free, unknown to them that the concept of nationstates is to Western civilization like Caliphates is to Islamic civilization. Therefore without the unification of the Original African civilization, no matter which nationstate they hide, their civilization will eventually be subsumed into another. A new nationstate will still have to relate with the rest of Africa divided between the Original African and Afroasiatic civilizations, where the inarticulate Original African will still be at a disadvantage to the Afroasiatic lobby, as we have seen them push Swahili, an Afroasiatic langauge, the east African counterpart of Hausa, as the official African Union language.

Nigeria is a blessing in disguise to enable the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, unite with the largest number of Original African groups to defeat the core of the Afroasiatic civilization, before venturing across Africa to encounter a fuller body of Afroasiatic civilization.

Until the South and Middlebelt, put ideological divides aside and fight as a civilization for freedom and justice, the Black Race will not rise. If China had taken the Western democratic template it would never have been able to uplift a billion from poverty and give the West a run for their money on the global stage. You can’t run in somebody else shoes and win them in a race.

So an African claiming to be capitalists or communist, left or right, is a civilizational illiterate because those are the two wings of Christian civilization, or claiming to be Sunni or Shia that are wings of the Islamic civilization. Africans must first articulate their civilization and then build platform before differentiating it into Left or Right. It was Queen Victoria that solidified the European Conservatism before the left and right differentiation occur 50yrs later.

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