Administrative kidnapping of Middlebelt is bane of Nigeria!

Far deeply profound than the Chibok Girls kidnapping that was the precursor of what has now turned into a national phenomenon. The entire peoples of the Middlebelt were administratively kidnapped, in order to take hostage of the destiny of Nigeria and the Black Race, by depriving the largest conglomeration of Black people the opportunity to create two civilizational powerbases, thereby making us to hop on the one legged unbalanced polity called Nigeria.

Though some people will dismissively wave it off as conspiracy theories the claim that the West conspired with local players to hatch the Chibok kidnapping for regime changing political purposes, nobody can doubt the conspiracy between the Northern Caliphate and British colonists to carry out the kidnapping of a huge chunk of the Original African civilization and hiding it in Northern Protectorate. The greatest kidnapping in the Black Race done administratively in plain view.

Knowing fully well that that South and Middlebelt were Indigenous peoples of the Original African civilization, they cut the upper sector of the Original African civilization and added it to the North in order to permanently disenfranchised the Original African civilization against their fellow exploitative Abrahamic civilization of Sokoto.

The colonists knew that if Nigeria were to be become democratic, the unnatural mischievous demarcation into Northern and Southern Protectorates that neither conformed with cultural identity or basic geography would eventually be questioned. Therefore under the guise of administrative reasons, without splitting the geographically larger Northern Protectorate, in 1935 they cut the Southern Protectorate into Western and Eastern regions to cause disunity and disorientation of the Original African civilizational heartland, preventing them from challenging the breaking off and adding of their Northern Original African family into the Northern Afroasiatic protectorate.

The immediate effect of the breaking of the Southern Protectorate into West and East regions were the supremacy battles waged by former Oyo and Edo Empire against Ife, their cultural and spiritual center. Ife had set up the ruling dynasties in Oyo and Edo based on Original African cultural linkages and not the Ogun War syndrome inspired by Abrahamic intruders. The two empires, Oyo and Edo, had departed from ancient Original African civilization based on cultural linkages to militaristic territorial expansion with the advent of Afroasians and Europeans in the subregion from the early 1500s. However, with their defeat and dissolution into British Nigeria by the Abrahamic imperialists, they still wanted to continue to proclaim their military supremacy within their collective slavery, where the only currency was our cultural identity and linkages that made Ife the rallying point.

The Original African civilization had spread as cultural linkages of citystates with no centralized administrative. In the bountiful environment of a thousand rivers which still hasn’t been fully exploited, there was no need for centralized leadership to control the use of scare resources in the one river civilizations like ancient Egypt, nor need for military imperialism to exploit other peoples resource.

Recent genetic and cultural anthropological evidence has shown that those of the Southwest now called Yorubas are the oldest full sized human group dated 87,000yrs. They and those who later spread across Africa produced the first knowledge bank and religion, based on natural laws that recognized the dualism and binary of the universe known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. Slowly we diverged and spread first throughout the Lower Niger rainforest before moving into the Niger-Benue valleys, where the Nok Civilization evolved with the Benue Congo languages. Spreading out to Gambia and South Africa, Original Africans kept their Niger Congo languages, cultural foundations and linkages. Homage was given and gifts exchanged in accordance to cultural history and the abundance of resources, not through forceful doctrines and territorial imperialism.

However, the 1415 capture of Ceuta Morroco and invasion of Europeans led to the ripple effect that pushed the Senegambia Afroasians, the middlemen in the Africa-European trade, to move closer to the Original African heartland through Hausaland, previously Islamized by Lake Chad Arabists of Bornu. With the Senegambia Afroasians infiltrating and taking over leadership in Hausaland, Kano in 1431 under Abdur Rahman and Katsina in 1491 under Mohammed Korau that became the first Islamic king, the Original African civilization was to become militarized.

At frontiers of the Original African civilization, now known as the Middlebelt, the people had been backed away from the Lake Chad to the Gongola Valley, where they formed a loose Confederacy of hundreds of ethnic groups to challenge the advance of Afroasiatic imperialism across the North, and attacking Kano, Katsina and other Afro Arab outposts.

Original Africans were to be caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea with the arrival of Europeans on the coast around 1480s, which further complicated the militarization of the Original African civilization, especially with the Colombus discovery of the Americas where Europeans wanted to copy the planting of African crops but couldn’t without the West African sickle cell gene against insect bites, and therefore need West African slaves.

Just as the June 7th 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas signed by Pope Alexander, which allocated Africa to Portugal, caused the breakup of the 1500yr Christianity unity as the British and French protested, it was to breakup up the Original African civilization, especially with the dumping of guns used to cause war and captives.

Oyo turned militarized in 1530 with the expansion of the Aare Onakankanfo stool following the Nupe invasion, while Benin and Igalas also joined the arms race that disregarded cultural linkages and heirachy that their civilization had been based on for tens of thousands of years. The Igala pulled out of the Kwararafa confederacy to create its own slave producing empire leading to the destruction of the Eri civilization, which in turn led to the Southward migration of Igbos to create their own European arms driven slave supplying empire known as Arochukwu, the spear of God.

As Karma would have it, the African military expanionsists were all overwhelmed and colonized when Europeans became overwhelmed by Africans slaves in the Americas at a ratio of ten blacks to one white person, making the European slavemasters reason that it would be better to colonize Africans on the Africa to produce their crops on their own lands.

On colonizing us, they realized that eventually we would agitate for self rule and democracy. Therefore they set out to make sure that we were culturally and administrative disoriented. Their academia made sure our history and cultural linkages were too blurred to help us articulate ourselves as a civilization. Instead they labelled us as natives, indigenous peoples without a common genetic and cultural foundation, while their Abrahamic dogma made us wrongly tie our genetic and cultural origins to the Middle East.

The break up of the Southern Protectorate into West and East regions led to the supremacy battles in the West which prevented an overview and unity of the Original African civilization. If Ife and Benin could agree, the Yorubas would have worked with Edos to strengthen their cultural linkages with the Eastern Region. However, the Benin supremacy claim led it to become the missing link isolated eventually in its own region. The Oyo supremacy challenge to Ife led to the destabilization of the Western region which led to the military coups and the reversal of our freedom enshrined in our independence and 1963 constitution. The administrative kidnapping of the Middlebelt and gerrymandering worked miracles as it returned us back to captivity as a neocolony.

These issues would have been naturally resolved if we continued democracy much longer, however it has taken to this 3rd democratic dispensation, for prodemocracy activists to realize that to restructure the constitution back to freedom and social injustice for all, required a quorum which could only be attained by the combination of South and Middlebelt, therefore the whole Original African civilization cut into various regions have to be politically united.

Being modernists the political activitists overlook the overwhelming importance of cultural and genetic foundations – Civilizational politics. They preached Western liberal democracy, failing to recognize its fallacy of universalism and secularism, unknown to them that the Western democratic template was built on post slavery Western Christian civilizational values of the 1800s Victorian era that birthed European Conservatism, British Conservative, US Republican and continental European Christian democratic parties, which 50 yrs afterwards gave birth to leftwing parties and the two party system. Therefore the failure of Original African scholars and politicians to recognize the fact that all political templates are based on civilizational principles makes them underestimate the importance of the Middlebelt kidnapping and fail woefully against the Northern Afro-Arabic civilizational politics.

Though it is true that the relegation of culture on the political space has helped the South to overcome its supremacy battles to unite, the cultural linkages of the Original African civilization is necessary to free the Middlebelt kidnapped to the Northern protectorate. It might be difficult to extract them without direct Original African public Enlightenment to the masses, because the Northern Caliphate has imposed Emirs and Afroasiatic political leaders over the Original African majority populations, especially in Nupe and other Original African groups close to the Sokoto Caliphate.

To make sure that the hundreds of Original Africans groups in the Middlebelt mostly under Northcentral region don’t unite, their cultural headquarters of Kwararafa was cut to the Northeast region, therefore preventing the Middlebelt/Northcentral region from extending to the eastern Nigerian boundaries.

Only the articulation and unification of the Original African civilization can reverse the administrative robbing, kidnapping and derailment of the Middlebelt. This is now understood by the proponents of restructuring under the banners of South and Middlebelt leadership alliance, as well as separatists under Nigeria Indigenous Nationalities Agitation for self-determination (NINAS), however the political class which is largely populated by neocolonialist scholars and politicians have stuck to the unfair enslaving demarcation of Southern Protectorate.

Let it be clear that without the freeing of the Original African groups from the administrative abduction by the Northern Afro-Arabic civilization, Nigeria can never be stable under a Northern political hegemony and Original Africans and the Black Race cannot know true freedom. The world is based on ethnic biased economic and political blocs which we can never compete against as tribes.

Now, as it becomes increasingly difficult to stop the quest for restructuring to a loose conderacy of self determined ethnicities, the Fulani and West are likely to provoke war and suspension of democracy. Like during slavery, they will arm Original African groups as separatists with a mirage of forming their own tribal nationstates or Caliphates, but are mere distraction from the main civilizational battle upon which the whole world is dictated.

Once used to achieve imperialists aims of Original African disunity and destruction of democracy, the separatists will be defeated like Oyo, Edo, Arochukwu and Igala kingdoms and subsumed backed into their Nigerian neocolony. With the restructuring and separatists framed and jailed for the upheaval the West engineered, like the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Western Powers will put in place a new cabal that will give them another 60yrs of neocolonialist control and arrest of our economic and political development. However, a united Original civilization will challenge whatever political template they try to foist on us.

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