Southern Governors Forum is a display of civilizational illiteracy and slavery.

I was pleased by the conclusions reached by the Southern Governors over herdsmen insecurity, restructuring and other issues, but the exclusion of Middlebelt governors at the forefront of these problems just showed that Southern politicians are mentally and culturally caged. How can they meet on these issues of herdsmen and state police without Benue Governor Ortom or those of Taraba, Plateau etc.

Not only does the Middlebelt face the worse of herdsmen violence and need for restructuring/state police, they share the same cultural foundations as those of the South, but they were excluded from the forum because of their slavemasters cut them to another plantation called North.

There are only two civilizations in Nigeria – Original Africans that are a continuum of dialects and culture that evolved and spread from Southern Nigeria into the Middlebelt and across Africa, while Afroasians are mostly unrrelated products of different Afro Arabic cultural and military imperialism at different times in history, but united with Arabism and Asiatic linkages. However Southerners have been mentally and cultural disoriented by Caliphate and European colonists definitions that they can’t articulated and unite their own civilization.

Like on the American slave plantations, slaves stay where dictated by their slavemasters and can only leave the plantation with a signed pass. In Nigeria, the British and the Sokoto Caliphate arbitrarily demarcated what was South and North, with no true relevance to culture or geography. Not only according to the imperialist designs is North and South NOT equidistant to the center, North was proclaimed to extend below Niger-Benue rivers in the bottom half of Nigeria.

A belt is supposed to go round but what was labelled Middlebelt covers only the Western half, and doesn’t extend to our eastern borders. An incredible partitioning whereby Taraba state in Northeast region is just about a 100 miles away from Cross River State in South South.

Since Geography wasn’t a factor in distinguishing North from South, the mischievous imperialistic definition of culture was the deciding factor, with the North claiming to be Afroasiatic civilization and South being the Original African civilization.

Unfortunately Southerners and Middlebelters have been culturally derailed to know their Original African culture. Instead they are wrongly attached to Western Christian civilization of their colonizers, continued under the guise of modernism, universalism, secularism packaged as the fable liberal democracy. They propagate Western history and philosophies, which they don’t really know the foundations, while totally ignorant of their own Original African civilization from which the European and Arabic civilizations copied. .

90% of Southerners have no idea that all Southern and Middlebelt groups were created on Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, nor the philosophical foundations of their tribes – like dualism, binary and natural laws of a African spiritual science. Our historians miseducated us to believe we were chased from Egypt, Mecca, Yemen until recent genetic studies shows that we are the world’s oldest full statured humans that developed the world’s first knowledge bank and religion known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa.

Therefore Northern domination and Fulani hegemony is actually the fault of Southern and Middlebelt politicians and scholars that can’t think out of the box they were put by their Abrahamic slavemasters and colonizers. The imbued Pan Tribalistic perspective prevents them from forming strategic alliances without the help of the Arabic and European civilizations.

The divide and rule is actually not achieved by physical force and chains, but our own mental, cultural and spiritual slavery. A river that forgets its source runs dry, which is why the South and Middlebelt run dry of political power and relevance since they can’t unite their own civilizational family that account for 70% of Nigerias population. Democracy is a game of numbers so the Afroasians that account for 30% only need to take two of the 3 blocs of Original African – Southwest, Southeast, and Middlebelt/Deltans minorities.

The civilizational illiteracy of Southern Governors continues to institutionalize the breakup of their civilization and doesn’t make them realize that Middlebelt are of the same civilization and natural strategic allies, which also plays out in the National Assembly. For the lack of knowledge, the South and Middlebelt will continue to perish and be slaves of the North and Western Powers.

We are the ones that give our power away because we know book but not ourselves and our blood families.

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