The evil games of regime change, not in our name!

Using African (Yoruba) Spiritual science last year, we noted that Ogun, the cyclical spiritual essence of war, was entering a very turbulent violent period from June 2020 that would last till November 2022. Therefore we are not particularly surprised by the current spike in social unrest, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, secessionist upheavals and probably a short war before we settle down in late 2022/early 2033 when Ogun starts a new two and a half year cycle with Esu, which would be marked with fierce negotiations to sort out the current civilizational mess.

We can’t blame God because it was what we sowed that we are reaping, failing to listen to the stern warning in 2014 that a wrong choice with take us back decades, although might eventually catapult us forward by 2023, when the new Age of Shango/Justice and restructuring starts.

We choose Buhari and APC that are turning out to be the worst group ever to come into power in Nigeria. Not just because of their destruction of our economy and democracy, but for the things they accepted in name of regime change whose chickens are now coming home to roost. .

At the time, the world was fooled with a wrong mirage of Shango (Justice) and Oya (revolutionary change) essences, so we fell for Buhari, Trump, Brexit etc which we would suffer the ramifications until the true Justice and Change essences meet in 2023.

However, this goes far beyond recent political and spiritual alignments because for so long, at least going back to the 1791 Ogun Revolution and creation of Haiti in 1804, the Black Race has been entrapped in a continuous musical chairs game of thrones played by Western colonists by using the opposition to destabilize Black nations for regime change. Basically, Asiatic civilizations foundations are steeped in Ogun (War) and Olokun (religious and political dogma) essences of the last two 2000yr global consciousnesses during which they evolved and used the essences to take over Original African civilizations.

Even long before the 1800s globalization of the concept of nationstates, right at the beginning of slavery around 1509, Europeans had armed undeserving princes like Alfonso of Kongo to take the throne in order to promote the Trans Atlantic slave trade. Alfonso was armed and backed by European slave armies from Sao Tome to take Mane Kongo throne that he didn’t deserve. Less than 50yrs later, the people of the hinterland rose against the Kongo throne and laid to waste the capital, while the European puppeteers shifted their support to Ngola to carry on the Slave raids from the underbelly of the Kongo riverbasin. This practise continued across Africa until the Lagos debacle whereby the European colonists switched backing between two brother Princes and eventually colonized Lagos.

The 300 year destabilization practice was shelved during 59 years of colonization but re-employed once we achieved independence and democratic rule. This led to continuous military coups across Africa, whereby they support a clique into power but once the cabal becomes populist by wanting a bit for the people, they used corruption propaganda, separatists and terrorists to get out the ruling clique and replaced with another. This was clear to see in Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana and others.

The psychological warfare was very important to make the masses feel that desperate to change the ruling government only to later realize that the replacement was worst. This was how we continuously sank economically and politically. The people became confused and more susceptible to cries of corruption and human rights abuses. It wasn’t a case that the Western colonists destabilized us by devising total falsehoods, but by exacerbating and exaggerating existing problems.

The people were kept in the dark and blamed the wrong people or themselves, because when the Western puppet masters turned against Black leadership with propaganda and terrorism, the ruling clique could never point fingers because they came to power in the same way. Many a times, the opposition knew exactly what was happening but they turn a blind eye and amplify the psychological warfare on the people to favor them.

In 2014, it was clear that the CIA and Western intelligence were behind the corruption propaganda funneled through the likes of Sowore Sahara Reporters. It was also clear to some that Boko Haram was being armed by the West through the likes of Turkey, but they remained silent and used it as political capital to paint the GEJ government as clueless and corrupt.

As GEJ was preparing a fanfare to publicize the commissioning of the most important project in 100yrs, the $12b Lagos-Calabar railways financed and to be built by the Chinese, twelve Northern governors were invited by Susan Rice to the White House, where they were coopted into the infamous Chibok Girls kidnapping that occurred a few days to the fanfare. Many of the APC bigwigs knew what was happening but as usual they used the opportunity as political capital. Well, eventually they succeeded in chasing the Jonathan government out and came into power, but forgot that the broom the West uses to sweep out its wives was never thrown away with the ousted government but kept for later use against the new government.

The APC fulfilled their own side of the bargain with the devil by canceling the Lagos-Calabar railways, Chinas single largest foreign project, canceled the local content requirement to help local businesses partake in the oil industry, especially Nigerians empowered through taking control of the importation of petrol, which they returned control to Western oil companies. From his sickbed, Buhari gave out $18b worth of unapproved contracts to the Western masters. However like riding the tiger, no matter what you did to pacify the Western colonists, they eventually turn against you and want another cabal to replace you to effect other special interests.

Even before giving you the option to decline or acquiesce, they put destabilization time bombs in place. While they used the Ijaw penchant for alcohol to paint Jonathan as a clueless drunk, they were to use the historic excesses of the Fulani herdsmen against Buhari and his Islamist government.

Yes, we know the tactics of Afroasiatic ethnic cleansing used over the last 1000yrs from Lake Chad to present, but suddenly what was a slow inauspicious process became an emergency project carried out by Afroasians drafted from Western destabilization spots, like Libya and Mali.

As usual, the regime change game was a mixed back of tricks that was to include the mobilization of EndSars youth as well as Odua-Biafra separatists. As usual Western empowered elites started making the media rounds condemning the Buhari government that they had supported into power, with $100m worth of grants from MacAuthur Foundation.

It was obvious to the discerning eye that the Endsars riots were teleguided by foreign powers, when Twitter and other Western institutions supported the anarchy openly. As usual, they used existing problems, in this case police brutality that had been highlighted since the Seventies by Fela Anikulapo. To exacerbate the issue, like with Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists aided by unknown hands, the EndSars riots were exploded by an unseen factor. Some have claimed that a car of unknown armed men shadowed the army despatched from Bonny Camp, and were the ones that killed people at the toil gate.

The most baffling question was how did the demonstrators under fire have time to break and destroy banks and business in Lekki. Some eyewitnesses claimed that those who smashed open the banks professionally were different from the mobs that later looted the banks and businesses. But the opposition like all opposition over the last 500yrs, these anomalies were overlooked and conveniently placed at the foot of the Buhari government. Another example was that of Sunday Igboho that went to Igando in the afternoon to issue bland threats but left before evening, only to have the Fulani camp destroyed overnight by unknown gunmen.

In the last week, we have witnessed attacks against government institutions, which we all assumed were carried out by IPOB/ESN but has been denied and attributed to unknown gunmen. So who are these agent provocateurs? We are witnessing the strengthening of separatists to destabilize the country and make it ungoverable by Buhari.

The separatists fail to realize that they are mere pawns in the hands of local and foreign powers seeking regime change. Like Biafra used to blackmail the Northern counter coupists, once the West achieves their aims, the separatists will be betrayed. Unknown to separatists and even restructuring activists like Tony Nnadi courting Western help, the centralized power they want to devolve or outright break up belongs to the colonial powers. The West are the ones that need a centrally controlled neocolony instead of having to go beg each ethnicity for the exploitation of its resources.

The separatists are also ignorant of the delicate balance of colonial power in Africa between the French and the British, whereby the 17 Francophone neocolonies across Africa have a combined population slightly less than that of Nigeria, which makes Britain the authentic colonial leader of Africa. However, any breakup in Nigeria will swing the slight population advantage to the French neocolonialist sphere that surrounding Nigeria, therefore Britain will do everything to keep Nigeria one, and won’t hesitate to veto against any UN intervention or to land troops. It is likely that like in Egypt they would also inspire mass demonstrations and then invite the army to takeover to keep the status quo.

I belong to what can be loosely regarded as opposition to this government, wanting restructuring towards good efficient governance. In my opinion, the Buhari government is the worst to have ever ruled Nigeria or any Black nation, maybe with the exception of Bokassa of the Central African Republic. But I reject the notion of all means possible especially when it is coming from the West.

What’s the point of playing along with their lies and waste lives to get power, only to face the same thing when we are about to restructure. At the end of the day, those who use Western destabilization games to attain power, no matter their noble cause, will also fall to those games in the end.

Therefore every conscious Africa must loudly reject the macabre regime change games being played, even though we want a regime change and change in global consciousness and civilizations.

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