In God’s Time

Easter based on the position of the moon and Sun, tied to fertility and rain, was first created as Ishtar in Middleast, Eostre the pagan English God before adopted by Jews as passover and Christians as Easter.

Basically all religions are based on planetary positioning aka astrology. The skies are God’s notebook which tells of when you are born, prosper, die etc. God is not a fumbling firefighter, he has a system in which he files everything.

However, we were blinded to prevent us from understanding our spiritual capabilities after Elizabeth 1 used astrology to breakup the 1500yr Catholic Church and make Britain Great till today. This was also why the Muslims prohibited deep Sufism that understood these natural truths and laws.

Why is Jesus and his 12 disciples the same as Joseph and his twelve brothers, if not the 12 Months that take the Sun (son) to revolve? Not many know that months are moons, or Yoruba Osu (month) is tied to Osupa (Moon). Why are Muslim festivals based on moon calculations and sightings.

As insisted by ASHE Foundation, all Asiatic knowledge and religions are inaccurate representations of Original African science, knowledge banks and religion aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. It is the first Axial Age theory that shows between 800BC and 200BC, after violently overrunning Black African civilization across Eurasia and Egypt for nearly 1000yrs in the era of the 1st Horseman with bows and arrows/age of Ogun/Aries, light skinned people stole Black spiritual and philosophical foundations developed over 80,000yrs. To cover up this racial intellectual theft, they restarted the calendar and whitewashed our history.

Africans started astrology as it is an integral of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, which not only understands the universe from what we can see in the sky, but the universe we can’t see based on binary information. While astrology studies the placements directly, for those without a clear sight of the sky, the electromagnetic pulses from the sky/universes and from Ori are reflected in the 16 opele, cowries or any material for diagnosis.

Basically Africans realized that everything revolves in a cycle, which they divided into 12 equal parts tied to spiritual essences emitted by different planets, Orishas, Alusi etc. Each part of the cycle has a significance and follow a natural order from birth to death.

The 1st of the 12 is logically about you, self, birth, the second part is about love, money, beauty, the 3rd part is about communication, speech, siblings, neighbors, the 4th part is about your mother and home, the 5th about conception, birth, speculation while the 6th part is about work, health. Now since we have a dualism binary system, the first 6 parts (houses) are replicated in the last six parts as micro and macro. So while the 1st is about you, the 7th is about you and your other half, marriage, partnerships. While the 2nd house is about your money, earned income, love, the 8th house other people’s money, loans, debts, and OPP, (other peoples pussy)…..

Now, at every second of life, every planet must be in one of the 12 sectors of the cycle. For example if the Sun (Orunmila) is in your 1st house your life will shine, or if Uranus (Shango) is in your 6th house, it will bring Justice at work. So spiritual essence of each planet or planetary body is emitted like mobile phones electromagnetic and how it is felt and manifests in your life is decided by which angle you were born in relation to how it currently connects to you. Your head/Ori/Chi/Soul is the antenna.

These planetary placements and the angles which the essences was the foundations of geometry and trigonometry. Though some say it is too complex calculating all the different angles the spiritual essence are emitted to us which was why the religious political class came us with the fixation on only the Sun (son) and Moon. However, the demonization of astrology shows that it is more economically inspired as the Abrahamic pastors/imams prefer people coming to them instead of learning about themselves.

Yes, if you understand your spiritual science, you might still the need the help of the spiritual middlemen for specific purposes. Like you can see that Shango (Uranus/Justice) and Esu (Mercury/information) at opposing angles and you want to beg Esu to provide the right information for the specific case, then you can approach a practicioner on how to. It’s like you have diagnosed your symptoms then approach the doctor who gives you a prescription.

The point is each of us have a specific spiritual science makeup, so a religious practicioner can’t fully diagnose you and just prescribes based on the collective Sun and Moon. It works for many but can never be fulfilling in all aspects. In some cases, the practicioner prescribes a step to be taken to bring money, children or post, but doesn’t see the other parts that will work against it or have a karmatic effect.

Now, not only are you are you vulnerable to religious middlemen ability and willingness to give you a right prescription, there is also the issue to clash of interests. They might want to make you continuously reliant on them, so they can make money. This clash of interests is even worse as a collective, because if you follow a foreign dogma used by your enslavers and conquerors, their practicioners would never tell you when it is the right time for fight for your freedom and justice.

This is why no Christian will tell you the right timing of the Apocalypse Horsemen in Revelations chapters 4 to 6, or that the 3rd Horseman is the one that frees the Black Race from White supremacy of the 1st and 2nd horseman. They will tell you astrology is evil despite the Wiseman proclaimed the arrival of Jesus, born by the Virgin meaning month of September, birth sign of Virgo, when prophets are born. They will underseatimate the importance of the Biblical advise of learn time and timing to gain the wisdom of the earth. Why should knowing the angles that a planet created by God by evil?

This is how we have been dumbed down and mentally enslaved.

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