Re: Yoruba evolved 87,000yrs, Whites evolved 8,000yrs and why we are here

There a few newcomers on this page that haven’t seen the arguments presented by ASHE Foundation that the place now called Southern Nigeria is the origin of humanity and civilization.

  1. First and foremost, we have provided the comprehensive logical arguments for the location of the evolutionary spot in various publications
    a) The Blackworld : Evolution to Revolution by Prince Justice 3rd Edition (2017)


c) We also furnished the arguments in various national dailies like

Backing the human geography and cultural anthropological evidence are DNA evidence, the most important of which is the global comparative DNA table published by Tishkoff (2009) attached below. This shows Yoruba to have the oldest DNA amongst bona-fide full statured human beings.

Also, there is seminal study that dated Yoruba to be 87,000yrs old carried out as the Simons Genome Diversity Project by Harvard Medical School, Reich Laboratory, whose PDF report can’t be posted here in its format, but referenced in a newspapers is below.

” The KhoeSan in south Africa for example separated from the Yoruba in Nigeria around 87,000 years ago while the Mbuti split from the Yoruba 56,000 years ago.”

From the comparative DNA study we have been able to show the dynamics of human migration as represent in the maps below and as seen in this video

Basically, all Original Africans spread from Nigeria to Gambia and South Africa and are known as the Niger Kongo ethnolinguistic family, which is a continuum of dialects that include Yoruba, Igala, Igbo, Ijaw, Zulu, Kana, Kongos. Our Original African civilization is based on natural laws and philosophies, whereby we denoted metallurgy with Ogun, organized knowledge with Obatala, information with Esu, medicine with Osanyin and Soponna, Shango with Justice, Oya with revolution, in total 401 concepts tied to irunmoles. Out knowledge was binary and cyclical.

However, Africa is now composed of two civilizations – Original Africans described above and Afroasians, like Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, who are products of different waves of Asiatic imperialism, as Eurasians later joined us from about 2,250BC and our intermarriage resulted in the new group known as Afroasians.

We have various DNA and other anthropological evidence that shows beyond doubt that the White Race evolved just about 8,000yrs ago, though their ancestors left Africa as Black people 40,000yrs ago but underwent changes in the Eurasian mountain caves complex due to lack of light in caves that they sought shelter from the harsh Ice Age.

“The first was the arrival of an ancestral “tribe” of early farmers from Anatolia around 8,500 years ago.

Another publication states:
“For example, earlier this year, the genome sequencing of a hunter-gatherer who lived in what is now Spain helped build the case that Europe was home to blue-eyed but dark-skinned people. This man, however, lived just 7,000 years ago. The researchers write that their analysis suggests that light skin was not yet widespread and ubiquitous in Europe at the time. Earlier work done with the genes of the 83 people in the new study, supported by linguistic evidence, also shows that populations in Europe about 8,000 years ago would have been mixed and diverse.”

Lastly, we know that the 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa is the world’s first knowledge bank and religion, based on observation and categorization of natural phenomenon over 80,000yrs, which spread throughout the world to Southern Asia, until run over by White Horsemen with bows and arrows from 2250BC. We know that Eurasians following the long brutal war of the Age of Ogun/Aries/Mars, eventually settled down to advanced social organizations by adopting Original African civilization from 750BC to 200BC as argued in Axial Age Theory.

It was around 750BC that the Jews enslaved in Mesopotamia/Iraq wrote the first five books of the Bible, which was essentially a copy of the history of the Original Africans that lived in the area. The Old testament was written in Alexander Egypt around 330 BC.

From 1AD, not only was the adaptation of Original African civilization complete, Eurasians engaged in wiping out Black history to promote global White supremacy through religious and political dogma. This became institutionalized racism with the advent of Trans Sahara and Trans Atlantic African slavery.

Contrary to misconceptions that Europeans met we Africans as backward primitive people in the Black heartland of todays Southern Nigeria, the truth is that we were more advanced economically, as we had a wider range of products, we had a more advanced political system with more rights for women and minorities, and a wider knowledge bank. Benin was bigger and more populous than any European city when the Europeans arrived.

The only thing the European had was gunpowder used to terrorize and cause anarchy. The technology of gunpowder invented by Chinese for fireworks celebrations was converted into killing tools, while the gunpowder was derived from Morocco. In the beginning when they arrived around 1470s, they indulged in producing fakes of our beads and cotton, as well as those of Asia.

Then tried to copy our agricultural produce of sugar, tobacco and cotton first in the small islands of our coast, like Sao Tome and Cape Verde before Senegambians mistakenly showed them in 1494 the route to the Americas, with similar climates and vegetation where they needed us to plant the crops and search for gold. Our sickle genes that protected us from insect life made it clear we were the only ones that could make the American plantations viable as Indians and Whites died in large numbers trying.

In addition to the genetic advantage, we were also intellectually richer with Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, as Yorubas were believed to have a nose for gold so they were demanded in South America. It was only after 300 yrs of stealing our people, technologies and products that Europeans began to overtake Black Africa.

Neither were we docile. Enslaved Africans revolted from day one in the Americas and eventually the Haitian Ogun Revolution on August 21st 1791 sparked the beginning of the end of African slavery. However, with the mid 1800s invention of the submachine gun, the Europeans turned to colonization with the post-Haiti experience logic that it was safer to keep Africans on their soil to produce the same crops and serve as reserved markets for the colonists. This colonial system implemented under the guise of protecting us from slavery and anarchy lasted for about 60 years from 1890 to 1950s when we pushed for independence.

However, so many years of religious and political dogma kept us spiritually and culturally enslaved, especially by psuedo elites trained to act as the Whiteman or Arabic foremen.

Most important is that our cultural disorientation prevents us from seeing ourselves as a bona-fide civilization, instead of tribes that stand no chance of challenging the Afroasiatic or European civilizations. It prevents us from knowing our natural allies like Yoruba and Igbo, Tiv and Jukun, in order to build a formidable civilizational political and cultural powerbase. Our psuedo elites pass the wrong modernist impression that politics doesn’t require a civilizational/cultural foundation, which makes them only able to resonate with the masses through violent money politics.

Therefore to get true freedom and justice, and challenge global White supremacy for our collective aspirations, it is necessary for our people to know the truth from evolution to Revolution. This is why we approached all paramount monarchs of Original African groups in Southern and Middlebelt to form African Sociocultural Harmony and Enlightenment Foundation to spearhead a global public awareness campaign.

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