Axial Age Theory is a transformation of 2000yr civilizations

The Axial Age theory basically shows the transformation in the 2000 year civilizational ages. The original Axial theory was based on the evolution of religious and political dogma by Eurasians between 800BC and 200BC, which was inspired after the Eurasians had used the Age of Aries/Ogun to brutally takeover Original African Ifa civilizations in Southern China, Indus Valley civilization, Elam (Iran) and ancient Egypt.

Yorubas and the Original African civilizations had evolved 87,000yrs ago and spread in the great coastal migration to Southern Asia via Ethiopia land bridge to Yemen.

Jews in slavery around 750BC in Mesopotamia had penned the first five books called Torah, which had adopted the oral history of the Original Black people recounted by Afroasians. It was to be internationalized by the Greeks in Alexandria Egypt. In India, Ifa of the Original African civilization was plagiarized in the Rig Vedas that formed the foundations of Hinduism and Buddhism. In China, the Original African civilization in South China was the source of I Chong, Taosim etc.

Eurasians try to hide the truth of their violent origins and push global White supremacy to the detriment of the Black Race. It was not a case of intellectual Manna that fell over lightskinned people at the same time, but the completion and advancement of their First Horseman era from 2000BC to 0.

Broken into 8 Oya/Pluto 250yr cycles, the transformation from the Ogun (Aries) to Olokun (Pisces) began from the fifth cycle. The Romans now globalized the Olokun (Pisces) with the Roman Catholic Empire.

This article has rightly identified that this trend is being repeated as we transform from the Age of Pisces/Olokun, the era of religious and political dogma to the Age of Shango, the era of Enlightenment and Justice.

From the 1270, introduction of gunpowder and paper currency, and most important defeat of Muslim Afroasians, to the 1415 landing on African soil at Ceuta Morroco, and especially the transatlantic slave trade that started around 1520, the 6th Oya cycle, the universe created conditions that will highlight the issues of selective racial justice caused by religious dogma. As the number of African slaves became ten times that of their White enslavers across the Americas, the issues of social justice, separation of religion and state, and constutionalism arose. A natural evolution of our global consciousness to a higher level.

However, since we can’t FastTrack cosmic timing, the issues of Justice and the concept of universal justice can’t be fulfilled until 2023 when Oya (Pluto) moves into Shango (Aquarius/Uranus) house. Though the Justice civilizational consciousness started in 1999, we had to wait for the Apocalypse, meaning revelation of hidden knowledge like DNA studies that gave the true picture of our cultural origins and linkages.

This occurred when Oya (Pluto) moved into Obatala/Jupiter house of Sagittarius from 1995 to 2008, before it moved into Obaluaye/Saturn house of Structure/Capricorn. On arriving in Capricorn in 2008, it immediately brought a global economic crash, then brought polemic figures like Trump, Buhari, Johnson, before finally releasing Corona. It would crash or fatally undermine all unjust structures by 2023, when it moves into Aquarius, the house of Shango/Uranus, where the Earth will up in the course of Justice for all.

This is not limited to the last two civilizational ages and their global consciousness, but also played out in the transformation from the Age of Osun/Venus (Taurus) from 4000BC to 2000BC to the Age of Ogun/Mars (Aries) of 2000BC to 1AD. The first warring Afroasiatic herdsmen with bows and chariots were noticed around 2500BC and had brought down Original African Sumner and greatly weakened Black Egypt by 2250BC, the end of the old kingdom. It was from 2000BC, especially the Shepherd (Hyskos) Kings from. 1750 to 1500BC tied to Joseph and his people taking over.

All these truths have to be accepted before we can have true Justice for all. It also makes us realize that we are just actors of a script written by universe, so we shouldn’t blame our ancestors for falling because it’s all in the plan. Which is why no matter what they do, the USA superpower influence will be challenged and broken into regional powers in the new civilization age with a global consciousness of Justice for all.

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