Teacher don’t teach me nonsense

There is nothing that any Asiatic civilization can teach Original African civilization. I wonder what Western education is if not a racist depiction of knowledge.

Geography: despite visible to the naked eye, they still had to distort the comparative size of Africa in relation to other continents.

History: all their Professors couldn’t decipher the Origin of the largest Original African groups, Yorubas and Igbos until we wrote The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution based on DNA, linguistics, human geography to pla e the true Eden at Southern Nigeria – the true Origin of humanity and civilization. Instead mentally enslaved Nigerian scholars try to tie us to Mecca/Israel causing cultural disorientation and political disillusionment since it deprives us the knowledge of our natural allies.


Mathematics: their mathematics has infinity while our Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa has a figure for infinity.

Medicine: they still can’t resolve malaria, diabetes, sickle cell and other disease that kill Africans. The first medical science book in the USA, Christian Philosopher around 1720 was based on Soponna, the ancient West African vaccination practice

Architecture: the Western educated architects ended up giving the smelly room, the toilet, the smallest window in the house.

Civil Engineers: our engineers build roads with environmentally inappropriate materials that increase maintenance costs.

Economics : all their economic theories are fallacious thesis that cover up the fact that African human and natural resources are the basis of Western economic domination. From Adam Smith to Maynard Keynes, none could match the simple message that economics is culture, like Aje, the Orisha of Economics. None has been able to replicate the Igbo apprenticeship culture that has developed the largest business incubator in the world.

Computing: though computers were develop on the same 256 bit pulses of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, it is still can’t read DNA and understand the laws of quantum physics.

Evolutionary science : the Western evolutionary science just started around a 100yrs ago while Ifa had stated tens of thousands of years ago how humans and monkeys (Ijimere) diverged. Ile Ife meaning the widening of the land relates to split of continents and their continuous widening distance.

Astronomy/Cosmos: Ifa has gone far into the astronomy to know there is a duplicate universe.

Politics: Eurocentric African scholars like to flaunt and propagate the 18th century political philosophies especially of liberal democracy which they wrongly claim resulted in the US constitution and it being the defender of freedom. Thomas Jefferson that claimed that he believed all men to be equal had over 200 slaves, second only to George Washington that had 300 slaves. All the founding fathers either had huge slaves holdings or like Alexander Hamilton married into large slave holding families. Nowhere were morality, equality and libertarian ideals enshrined in the constitution, and USA has not being able to make a single moral decision without great turmoil. Starting with the immoral decision of the Three Fifths Compromise that wrote in the constitution that Africans were 60% a white person. It didn’t take Nigerians reading political philosophies, but simply knowing their interests, before they tore the US constitutional template apart and presented the 2014 Confab resolutions.

Government: Yoruba had advanced to the stage to know that you have to separate the posts of the executive/Oba/President from that of the Commander and Chief of Armed Forces unless you want to fight a war, like USA that has fought a war everyday since its creation. True free trade, freedom of association and worship, the military to be controlled by rhe people, a gender balanced government had all been in place in Yorubaland.

Spirituality : they focus on the God of the Sun and Jehovah God of War, while we see God in 401 irunmoles. We understand God as a universe. They wrongly believe God is only Good and believe in a fantasy Devil, while we know God and everything has both good and bad, and don’t blame the devil for anything.

Morality: we have a higher moral value based on the natural laws of retributive justice (Esan, Ofu na Ogu, Karma) to their gangster paradise creeds based on selective messiahanic justice

So they can only confuse us that have existed for 87,000yrs compared to them that came less than 8,000yrs ago, and already set the planet ablaze.

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