Isn’t Buhari an epitome of US democracy

Eurocentric Original Africans have been fooled by the concept of Western democracy and what Buhari has done is to make it clear that it is all about civilizational interests.

Unfortunately, accustomed to viewing things from dysfunctional Pan-Tribal perspectives, Southern and Middlebelt peoples incorrectly label Buhari political maneuvers as Fulanization. However, Buhari doesn’t only share the dividends of his democratic victory to Fulanis but to Kanuri, Hausas and other groups within his Afroasiatic civilization, labelled the North, Caliphates etc

This civilizational approach is why the North and Western Oyinbo powers are successful power brokers. Southern and Middlebelt leaders like Obasanjo, Jonathan, Azikwe failed to understand that it is about civilizations, not countries, regions or other physical geographic definitions and boundaries.

Obasanjo and Jonathan believed in book democracy, fooled by the likes of Thomas Jefferson fallacious statement claiming he believed ‘All men to be equal’ yet having 200 slaves. George Washington had 300 slaves, but we will come back to that later. President Jonathan sold a lemon of a democracy put his greatest detractors in his cabinet who eventually betrayed him to Western interests that used corruption propaganda to get Buhari into power.

Buhari may not have find his school certificate but is well grounded in civilizational politics, not to make that mistake, and made sure that only staunch defenders of his Afroasiatic civilization were put in strategic posts. Some argue that if his choices had reflected a nonexistent national character, there won’t be a sense of injustice, but from historical records dating back 200yrs to the start of Haiti, the first modern Blacknation, the same West that brings governments to power push them out. The only resistance has been from civilizational approaches as seen with Papa Doc Duvalier.

Eurocentric African scholars puts Western political and religious dogma on a pedestal. They idolize the framers of the US constitution as libertarians that drank from the wells of the ‘great’ political philosophers of their time and hue, but there is no evidence in either their personal lives or the laws and system designed that has continued institutional racism till today in USA.

The Trump problem is a civilizational problem whereby the White Race has drawn a line of how much they want to integrate with other civilizations. Yes, it might be argued that White Americans don’t have a right to do so since they took over other peoples land and brought Africans as slaves, the point still stands that every civilization protects its cultural identity and linkages. Other civilizations like the Chinese and Islamists have worse blockades to foreign cultural integration.

It is only Original Africans that can’t identify the traits of their Original African civilization beyond its dialects identified as tribes. The two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, are the bane of the Original African civilization by not only failing to take natural leadership to unify, but by also being the greatest purveyors of foreign religions, academia and political philosophies that disoriented the Original African civilization. They identify with White supremacist social constructs of nationstates, philosophies and religious dogma to the detriment of the Black Race.

Despite all the noisy rhetoric of American democracy, African Americans continue to be derived of their political rights through constitutional gerrymandering. Even in states where they are the majority, they not made governors.

It was this same racist constitutional template that has been adopted by Nigeria and other Americanah wannabe nationstates. In Nigeria, it has failed twice and the solution as proposed in the Confab 2014 report was not drafted by ‘noble statesmen and political philosophers, but simply by all groups being able to voice their interests.

And as expected, since constitutions are not drawn and won by superior political philosophical arguments, but by civilizational interests, the Afroasiatic and European civilizational interests are against restructuring to a constitution that reflects Original African interests.

In frustration, the Original Africans of the South are calling for separate nationstates along tribal lines, forgetting that the world is a village and you can’t run from civilizational issues, especially the Abrahamic civilization of Arabs and Whites that have enslaved and continue to exploit and arrest Original African economic and political development across the continent.

At the root of all political philosophies is economics and to raise the quality of life, which is tied to the market size and control of resources, not restrictive nationstate perspectives. .

Now, if Yoruba and Igbo break up to separate nationstates, they will face the global marketplace made up of trade blocs, like North American, Western Europe, China and Southeast China, so for them to be able to compete they have to deal through the African trade bloc, where, still without their own unified Original African civilization, they would have to contend with a stronger Arab/Afroasiatic lobby that covers the West African Sahel, North African Maghreb and some Swahili swing states.

Nigeria gives the opportunity to the South and Middlebelt, the largest bloc of Original Africans, to take power from the Northern Afroasiatic power center, with a 70 to 30 population advantage, after which Nigeria can take Original African leadership at the Africa Union, where talks have been stalled due to the fear of the Afroasiatic Arab lobby that has successfully installed Swahili, an Afroasiatic language as the officially language.

Only Nigeria can wield the kind of power like we did during African liberation struggles when we lobbied and won against USA interference in the historic MPLA OAU backing of 1976. Now, without Nigeria, competing with 100m Ethiopia, Congo Zaire, Tanzania, South Africa, an Odua or Biafra nationstate with 50 million people, will be mid sized African states that cant sway African Union for better Original African interests for their respective states.

African power will move from balkanized Nigeria to Afroasiatic Ethiopia and Egypt as well as Kenya, Tanzania and other Original African nations whose lack of strong cultural institutions has been disoriented by coastal Arabs, Swahili.

Ultimately, the fear of Afroasiatic cultural imperialism, Fulanization, that makes the two largest Original African groups, Yoruba and Igbo, want to leave Nigeria instead of uniting South and Middlebelt to defeat it, will drive them to an Africa trade bloc whereby they will be powerless from losing their culture through Swahili and other collusive manipulations of the continental Afroasiatic lobby.

Yorubas and Igbos have to put the dramatics aside that made our Colonists claim we are childish, without a sense of history and foresight, and approach things strategically by identifying our common genetic and cultural origins and linkages, and that of our extended family in Middlebelt to form a civilizational political base, then we would be able to restructure towards Justice and Equity for every single group, no matter how small or remote.

This Original African perspective will later extend across Africa to provide a balance against the predatory Afroasiatic lobby. If we don’t, the Black Race and especially the Original African peoples will be rooted to the bottom of the racial ladder for another 250 yrs, if not completely culturally annihilated.

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