Miseducation of Nigerians for continued slavery must stop!

We spend billions to educate our youth, not for our own development, but to work in USA, Europe and the rest of the world. When I graduated, 70% of my class and lecturers migrated. This has to do with the continuation of the colonial educational curriculum to produce clerks and teachers to manage the colonial apparatus.

In France, they educate their youth solely for their own national development, and their degrees are called license as opposed to Bsc in USA and UK.

In China and Japan, not only do they teach with their language but their own cultural foundations. Therefore their graduates are not easily drained abroad unless they retrain, and graduates of other nations have to do conversion courses before they can be employed.

Across Africa, we use colonial curriculum in the colonial language to train our youth, who after graduating prefer to go and work in Western nations than at home where they can’t really apply their knowledge.

Until we go back to the drawing board and design our own curriculum to address our own developmental needs and raw materials, we will be training potential Western slaves. Until we stop A for Apple which is none existent in our lands, until we teach African philosophy and sciences, we are training White House Negroes.

This is why ASHE Foundation has stepped up to bell the cat by designing a curriculum from nursery to university through the Obatala Academy funded by Ooni of Ife and other cultural stakeholders.

In Obatala Academy, our kids shall be taught African spiritual sciences and arts as well as computer programming and artificial intelligence from ages 4. We shall not constrain them to colonial languages, but Yoruba, Igbo, French and Mandarin (Chinese).

Like in traditional African education of Babalawos, the aim is not to produce abeg to apply graduates, but that every child will have the option to be self employed and create their own destiny, especially in the global digital economy.

We must teach our children to think like proud Original Africans and not self hating Abrahamists that see nothing good in their culture, and can only find fulfillment from foreign cultures. While Abrahamic dogma teaches linearity, we will teach dualism and binary perceptions that enable us to think critically.

An average African lacks critical analysis which is why we are reactionary, emotional and always falling for cheap self destructive propaganda. This must stop, but it is too late for older generations, so we must start from nursery. Most human perceptions are formed before age 10.

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