We need a major war to shine our eyes!

American and French revolutions were provoked by 7yr Ohio War, Russia and China revolutions were provoked by 2nd World War, Nigerian revolution will be provoked by proxy and religious wars.

People don’t learn from logic but bitter experience. The political and economic classes always overplay their hands before the masses used as foot soldiers revolt.

When Southerners were in power, Northern radicals constantly rioted and lynched Southerners migrants, brought terrorism and threat of Caliphates to embarrass the Southern governments of Obasanjo/GEJ, now a Northerner is in power and we have Southern separatists issuing threats.

The Northern government that came into power through the Western intelligence regime change games believes it can stop the propaganda and war, with the likes of Prof Gambari, but they can’t. Yes, they might proactively persuade the Northern masses not to react, but just like in 1966 when the Western intelligence services propagated falsehoods from a Benin Republic radio station that Southerners were killing helpless Northerners, provoking reprisal attacks across the country and war, this war or military coup will be provoked by fake news. Like US sponsored Sahara Reporters that pushed the corruption propaganda against Jonathan, falsely reported yesterday that 200 houses were burnt in Ibadan.

If only we could increase our collective intelligence, we would realize that this is the same constant destabilization process that has been happening across the Black Race since 1804 in Haiti, the first Black nationstate.

But please don’t see this as anti-War logic, we have come to realize that before a new civilization can be born, millions have to die for nothing before we can stand for something meaningful. It might take us a decade at ASHE Foundation to wake up people, but a war will wake us sharp sharp. The Civil War took only 29 months to kill 5million, now with modern warfare in about 9 months, at least 10 million will be gone and the rest will settle down for the revolution and Original African civilizational change by 2023..

The war will be a crash course in Original African consciousness that would wipe off the lens of religion and tribalism for a true quest for Justice for all. So abeg kontinue.

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