2021 Predictions not for dummies! 😎

We have seen less Abrahamic prophesies for 2021 due to their failed predictions in 2020 that never saw Covid or EndSars.

The basic truth is that the Gregorian calendar which now reads 2021 just means the 2021st full rotation of the Sun after the Romans restarted counting it. Yoruba and Igbo calendars continue from the beginning of calendars so their current year is 10601.

Abrahamists have made the universal clock system easy for dummies by focusing on the orbit of the Sun, one out of thousands of orbits, including that of the entire universe whose single orbit is 14,000yrs.

Though the Sun is very important to the survival of the human race, it doesn’t explain all cosmic influences. Many of which are important like fertility, information, changes, disease. Abrahamists focus only on the Sun and are astrologically known as worshippers of the 33degrees Sun, which is when the Sun (Son) comes back in spring. It is when the Sun reaches over the Equator. Based on the Sun, we know when the Sun is at 33degrees it will bring rain for planting and when it is returning back we will harvest.

So, Abrahamic prophesies can never be a complete representation of the universe. African spiritual science, cosmic science and astrology are the only spheres that you can get a complete picture. However they are a bit complex with varying lengths of orbits. While the moon has 28 days orbit, Mercury/Esu and Venus/Osun has less than the planet Earth orbit of one year. We have Pluto’s/Oya orbit of 250yrs, Neptune/Olokun about 160yrs, Uranus/Shango about 84yrs.

Now all these planetary bodies send out electromagnetic pulses like mobile phones which tune us subconsciously. The most effective is how the electromagnetic/spiritual essences of each planet hit us, either as a synergy or repelling forces

Due to this when making a yearly prediction, we are talking of where each influence is and not as a new beginning or new year.

For 2021, the major influence this year actually occurred on December 21st 2020. The combination of Jupiter/Obatala and Saturn/Obaluaye, knowledge and prosperity combining with structure and restrictions, might play out as both good and bad.

The good side might bring about restructuring our political economy and constitution, while the bad side will bring a serious global recession, which is the result of Covid lockdowns. This recession will extend into 2022. Uranus/Shango will be challenging them. It will challenge us to use knowledge to bring prosperity, and it would make us fight against political and economic structures and restrictions.

More on the good side is being at the cusp of a much longer 250yr cycle of global structural change and the all important 2000yr global civilizational change, it is a time to structure, strengthenand restructure Original African education and intellectual foundations to fuel global Black ascendancy and Justice for all. The Age of Shango /Amadioha /Aquarius. Therefore 2023, starting from October 2022, is when everything will culminated into a real change, especially as Oya/Pluto completes her 16yr shake up and breakdown of global structures, and advances to spark the flame of global Justice and the new 2000yr era.

What we can do this year 2021 is to build structures (Obaluaye/Saturn) with a Justice/digital economy (Shango/Amadioha/Aquarius) and Oya (Pluto) will fuel the growth and change.

There are more to the Original African spiritual science and if you really want to know about what the future holds for you, you must take a deeper scientific study of yourself and the planetary spiritual influences around. Not just the Sun/Son.

Yes, the Sun/Son which actually is Mercury that stands between Earth and the Sun, if dogmatically concentrate on the East where the Sun rises, and we don’t look back and all around to understand longer trends of outer planets, our messages from the Sun will be based on Venus and Mercury empty talk/propaganda or at best Osuns fertility.

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