Nigerian elites hate Nigeria the most! 2

This issue has been mind boggling ever since 2010 when I had a discussion with the Late Prof Sophie Oluwole at National Orientation Agency based in National Theater Complex, when she categorically stated Nigerian elites hated Nigeria the most and reeled several examples.

To Nigerian elites, everywhere and everything, including hell, is better than Nigeria. You hear them compare 200 million Nigerians to 25million Ghanaians, Singapore, Holland, Malaysia etc.

You wonder why a group that has benefited so much from the Nigerian project hate it so much? You might be fooled to think that they are lamenting that they could have done better, but it goes far deeper.

The truth is that Nigerian elite are psuedo elite, not made by the people but by Western and Afro-Arabic cultural platforms. Our Best are qualified on foreign parameters. From childhood starting with religion and media to adulthood higher education, we are trained to whitewash our cultural origins, perspectives and aspirations. In actual fact, they are not truly African elite but Black White Supremacist, Blacks that advance global White supremacist doctrines.

Our mother tongues are derogatively regarded as vernacular which must not be spoken in ‘Enlightened’ circles. Our dressing is regarded as unfashionable unless showcased by foreign fashion companies and designer labels. Even our traditional Yam food is replaced by plastic worms aka noodles.

Prof Oluwole recounted her struggles within our Nigerian Eurocentric academia that refused to accept that there was anything like African philosophy. Philosophy is how people think, and to them our ancestors were brainless monkeys until Enlightened by our enslavers and colonizers.

Our miseducated academia refuse to accept the obvious that Southern Nigeria is the origin of humanity and civilization, where the world’s first knowledge bank and religion evolved, known as the Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. Instead of examining the philosophical foundations of our our Original African civilization, they discount them as fetishism and idols.

The racial inferiority complex is not peculiar to Nigerian elite but all Black elite in Africa and the Diaspora. In the Americas, the elites frown on rap or any true African cultural trait. They are regarded as the Thugs, and any pro-Black unity is regarded as anti-White.

Just like the best African scholars are decided and empowered by Western and Islamic academia, our political leaders are those accepted by White House, Whitehall, the Vatican or Saudi Arabia. So the political power of our elites does not come from the people, votes don’t count, and it all depends especially on Western Powers. They are free to permanentize their grip on power as long as they sell us out to foreign powers.

Then you hear, the same elite make statements that Africans are pathological dumb for their arrested political and economic development.

We can complain till our lips swell and turn blue, but the basic truth is who pays the piper dictates the tune. The phenomenon started as the West advanced from slavery to colonization. Economically deprived, the only way an African could survive was to leap on the the slavemasters religious, educational and economic platforms. They are made to shun their collective in the name of modernity and universalism, and become individualistic. Me, my family and friends.

The missionaries were to cleanse the Africans of their cultural heritage and identity through education and religion. In Haiti and other Diasporan Africans, children of traditionalists were prevented from missionary education and employment. The system made sure they were improvished and undesirable. Scholars that pushed Africanity were not called to conferences organized by rich Western foundations. Academics make the extra money by being Eurocentric enough to attract research grants.

The only Afrocentric scholars celebrated were those that pushed divisive and defeatist African models. Pan Tribalism was preferred than Original African pan Africanism. It is not a coincidence that most separatists of Yoruba and Igbo hue don’t believe in their Africaness. They are staunch Christians.

Odua Republic separatists don’t truly believe or respect Oduduwa, and you can be rest assured that if their dreams ever came through they will whitewash Oduduwa cultural traits. Traditionalists would be hunted out, just like the Biafrans that deny their Original African origin and claim Jewish ancestry. The Pan Tribal labels are just mere political tools.

A true and informed Original African will understand that all South and Central Nigerians share the same Original African Information Retrieval system aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, which should serve as the uniting factor. They would realize that their Pan Tribalism can never successfully fight against the united civilizations of United States, United Kingdom, United Nations and United Emirates.

They will realize that their Original African civilization is 70% of Nigerian population, and instead of uniting it, they help in dividing it to help outsiders rule. But no, they are Abrahamists that want to identify with other civilizations, instead of building their own. Just like our African scholars fail to advance us technologically and economically, African politicians fail to uplift Black Africans since their charity begins at the home they hate.

Their lack of appreciation of the fact that there are only two cultural spheres in Nigeria and across Africa: Original Africans and Afroasians, prevents them from organizing their Original African civilization into a powerbase to challenge European and Afro-Arabic powerbase. Instead they can only see through European or Arabic political structures, nationstates and Caliphates, and want to be differentiated along those lines, instead of reinstating the Original African civilization based on cultural linkages and not military conquests.

The change must come from our long term cultural stakeholders and not short termist politicians that would lie through their teeth to gain power for 8yrs backed by foreign interests. We need to build foundations to support those who push African thought and technology. If we don’t, nobody will.

Yes, the problem is the finance since all our economic sectors are strategically controlled by these established powerful foreign interests. Nevertheless, it is the cultural sector that would amass enough finance and media power to not only propagate Original African thought, but also build lasting institutions to proactively advance our interests.

It is believed that we are approaching a point whereby the West and Islamic power centers can’t absorb enough Black White Supremacists, nor effectively back those in power to continue arresting our economic and political development. The youths will rise and toss out external interests this 2020 decade for the rise a Scientific African global ascendancy.

2 thoughts on “Nigerian elites hate Nigeria the most!

  1. Reply Alvaro Mar 6, 2021 03:25

    Im a white man, from Brasil, im a professor of history here and i like so much ur words and how you think. Nice work!

  2. Reply Muyiwa Nov 28, 2020 12:43

    This is true writeup but the last paragraph missed it.
    The problem is, is our youths ready for the change or they want to be seemingly seen as requesting for change and whitewash us the more.
    They see the Europe as a place to run to at any moment and as a shed. How can the provider of shed that wants to enslave you give true opportunities. Some of the advocates are seemingly white agents and seemingly comfortable with few dollars

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