Resumption of duplicitous US destabilization of the Black Race.

Trump didn’t start any new war in Africa nor install any puppet Black government, unlike Obama Democrats in Ivory Coast, Egypt, Libya Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil…

Democrats stopped the ‘Africa is rising’ mantra from 1999 to 2015 by arresting our economic and political development with puppet governments through corruption propaganda and destabilization by terrorists. Another not too ‘smart’ Republican George Bush had ignored the African rise inspired by Chinese economic liberating infrastructure finance until 2009 when Hilary Clinton raised the alarm and Obama moved to stop it.

Apart from the spiritual enslaved, some Africans who knew right or left wing was still of the same White supremacist bird, tacitly supported Trump because they knew he was too ignorant to play us as puppets. And also hoped that his fumbling will crash the bastion of White supremacy.

Forget political masquerades, and we congratulate mainstream African Americans for Biden but what’s the Original African agenda?

With 60m voting a racist Trump, showing that about 80% of White America being racist, since half of Democrats are made up of minorities, one cant but ponder what’s really is the Black Diaspora agenda – tokenism or true Black Power?

After so many centuries of begging to be accepted, the Black Race must take on White supremacy head on, strategically and tactically. It must unify the Original African civilization from its origin, its most populous and prosperous heartland, which is South and Middlebelt Nigeria to launch a global economic and political ascendancy. Starting with restructuring Nigeria to bring Justice to the smallest groups, putting Africans in control of their manifest destiny, freeing them from Western controlled puppets at the center.

However with Biden presidency, Black sellouts that had been frozen out by Trump that didn’t know how to activate them, will return to bring the friendly White supremacist to rape the Black Race.

But, but all hope is not lost because we know that the 60 million Americans will fight viciously for their rights to be racist, and this is just the beginning of a long arduous journey to Justice, through civil unrest and anarchy, especially with the 2023 beginning of 2000yr era of global Black justice and ascendancy.

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