What’s EndSars endgame, strategically and spiritually?

At this junction, following separatists and now EndSars Protests in just this October 2020, we must ask pertinent questions. Hearing some protestors answering Apes Obey chants shows the need for more strategic thinking and planning.

Basically EndSars Protests highlights restructuring issues spelt out in the 2014 Confab resolutions, but it is obvious that Buhari doesn’t favor restructuring and has continued bad governance. The million dollar question is do we seek change through democratic avenues or pull down the democratic setting right now, throwing away decades of prodemocracy agitation.

We can’t force nor blackmail Buhari to take what he doesn’t want, so do we build a movement to win the next election or continue this noble movement to pull down the government and run the risk of a military coup. Will the EndSars agitators wrap up the protests at this stage when the ovation is loudest as the youth has successfully shown their power of agitatation to serve as a warning towards 2023, or continue until anarchy ensues and the military are involved. Do we have a substitute if and when the Buhari government falls or do we let one Colonel Panumo takeover?

Who will answer these questions of direction leads to the question that is EndSars a truly spontaneous and organic movement, or is it being teleguided for predetermined agendas? Based on past experiences of Western involvement from inception to 1966 and 1983 coups, to the 2012 Fuel Subsidy riots and the $100m corruption propaganda drive by the US owned MacArthur Foundation, we cant but be alerted by the favorable responses of Western companies like Twitter and Anonymous.

It has been alleged that the Western intelligences services freed a guy from prison to help build social media movement of the Arab Springs, in order to have a controlled revolutions which ultimately favored Western interests. In Egypt, the protests were pushed to a point whereby the army took over, returned everything to status quo, jailing the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and permanently derailing true Arabic movement against West interests. In Libya, it all served as a distraction to get Gaddafi out of power. Ultimately, the Arab Springs left the people’s worse off at the end of it all.

Just like the 2015 frenzy of ‘anything but Clueless Jonathan’ that brought Buhari, we shouldnt be driven blindly by our emotions, and be mindful that some people are not playing those emotions to their selfish interests. Where and how are we going, depends on who is driving the bus. Are the Western Powers supporting this Protest to destabilize us since they have fallen out with Buhari that they helped into power? Some have also raised eyebrows over an unknown Feminist group being at the forefront of fundraising, suspecting an Open Society agenda like George Soros Black Lives Matters.

Yes, the EndSars is too good to be true, with logistics and fundraising, but if it is too good to be true, monkey must refuse anyhow free banana. Based on our past experiences we must make sure we know and agree with the timing, destination and speed of the free ride. It all bores down to the starting question of whether we want to negate all our decades of prodemocracy inputs and protest until the government falls into martial law, or we just want to use this to serve as a warning and wake up call to agitate for change at the polls, which if at the time our mandate is stolen, we will be justified to pull the government down and put the rightful winner in office.

Forgetaboutit Buhari will not change, so don’t expect restructuring or any meaningful reforms from him. Even if he makes ventures to restructure, we must refuse it, because he has shown conflict of interest and bad blood to the process, and if he now goes ahead it would be a compromise process. So, the decision is do we switch him with a soldier now or a pro-restructuring Igbo president in 2023.

The Western Powers whose military Boys overthrew our federalism in 1966 for a unitary exploitative system obviously don’t want restructuring back to true federalism. It is in their interests to stop the democratic process inevitable heading towards restructuring, by sponsoring an ill-timed separatist or nationalist youth movement that would destabilize the polity to justify the coming back of the army which can be used to derail and eliminate restructuring aspirations like those in Egypt and Libya.

We have to be strategic to break the 500yr yoke of slavery to outside exploitative interests. For too long they have played on our emotions to fight their own wars. The dumping of 400,000 guns on our coast, led to mushrooming of competing Pan tribal empires that broke up our Original African civilization, in the arms for humans race that led to millions dead and enslaved on the plantations across Americas. Eventually, the empires and warlords fought each other until we were colonized. We have to be conscious and very vigilant.

Ultimately, if we want a democratic structure, justice and peace, let the protest step-down this weekend and comeback when we can get a proper replacement that can do the job. Good actors leave the stage when ovation is loudest, and we shouldn’t wait to be defeated and dragged anyhow when we really have no trophies to fight for at this point in time. .

Whether teleguided or not, we must salute the common Nigeria that answered the calls to protest. Great Nigerian Youth! Now, we have brandished the weapon, let’s sheath it until when we have a candidate to replace Buhari and restructure. With this protest it has been made crystal clear that if the government robs us of our mandate, we will crash the government and Nigeria. Now, get to the streets and corners and educate, educate and educate the people over the benefits of restructuring not only police but the whole warped system, then agitate them to polls, and let dem Papa come and rob the mandate.

Those familar with our writings know that we back sound logical science with clear cosmic science and trends, and predicted correctly happenings in 2020 from Corona based on Oya and Babaluaye Jaunary meeting to this protest based on the extended Oguns stay at home from June 2020 to January 2021. It is the next extended Ogun stay and retrograde that occurs at the end of October 2022 to March 25 2023 after the elections that Nigerian Youth should not only bare its teeth but bite and barge anything that stands between us and a pro-restructuring candidate.

It is USA that this particular 2020 Ogun extended stay is explosively tied to its elections, as it also ties to the 8 degrees Shango in USAs 12th cosmic house, signifying it must correct the racist injustices in its foundations.

For Nigerians, the once in 2yrs extended Ogun in 2023 takes place as Shango hovers around the same 14degrees in Earth signs that brought the 1967 Civil War and MKO Abiola fiasco, so let’s get ready to rumble from October 2022 to after the 2023 elections. Nigerian Youth must learn how to number the days right to gain wisdom because there is a time to fight and a time to organize.

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