Original African Pyramid of knowledge

If you were given all the money in the world to build one legacy that would be so obvious and indestructible that it can give future generations information to re-energize themselves no matter how long, bad and totally disorientated, what will it be? The Great Pyramid? Yes Everybody hopes that they don’t born a child so dumb that if you leave him the Greatest Pyramid as legacy, he won’t understand and appreciate it. Buts that’s the case.

The Great Pyramid was built towards the end of the golden era of Black Global ascendancy, based on the mathematical calculations of the precession of the Equinox. It was to serve as a clock to understand the changing fortunes of the Black Race.

Evolving full sized humanity around 87,000 years ago and this brand of civilization around 14,000yrs ago, all in Southern Nigeria before spreading out to Ethiopia and Egypt, our Original African ancestors started the lunar calendar and knew of the cosmic and electromagnetic influences of the Universe.

Far from being just for mere timekeeping, they divided time into 12 sectors, which they attached special attributes linked to the hierarchy of needs, later given a spiritual connotation. The day was not the only unit of time divided into two 12 hour sections, nor the year divided into 12 months, but the 24000yrs it takes for the universe to revolve was divided into 12 Great Years made up of 2000yrs each. Every Great Year was tied to a different global consciousness and civilization.

Based on the pyramid hierarchical structure of life cycles, they knew we were about to enter the Age of Ogun/Aries, the first horseman of brutal war that would destroy Black civilizations in Asia all the way to Egypt. They knew after the 2000yr Age of War will come the Age of Olokun/Pisces, the Age of Religious and political dogma after which we will reach the now incoming 2000yr year era of Shango/Aquarius, the Age of Justice that will bring back the glorious Age of global Black ascendancy.

To immortalize this knowledge, they built the Great Pyramid around 2560BC. The Asiatic usurpers began to appear around 2250BC and brought an end to the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt, having earlier swept through South Asia and Iran. The White conquerors that came down the central Asia cave complex eventually understood the message of the Great Pyramids. Unable to destroy it, they put together the Abrahamic dogma that would whitewash Black history and confuse our historical time settings by restarting the calendar at 1AD.

Although the Black civilizations had gone through 4 Great Years (8000yrs), for the Whites to present their own version of their historical legacy and the future, they wrote the book, the Bible. In Revelations chapter 4 to 6, they subscribed to the principles of the Precession of the Equinox, and started their history with the Age of Ogun/Aries, which they called the era of the Apocalyptic First Horsemen, on a White horse, when they entered the global stage with horse chariots and bows and arrow to take over the Black civilizations in Asia and the Middle East.

They attached the age of Olokun, the Age of Pisces to the Apocalyptic 2nd Horseman with a cross used as a sword. This was the Age of religious dogma, with Christianity represented by the symbol of fishes(Pisces) and the Spatha sword used to take peace from the world, and Islamic Scimitar sword used as the sword of Jihad. This was the last 2000 yrs of Abrahamic civilizations and global domination that would be followed by the Age of Shango called the Biblical Apocalyptic 3rd Horseman, on a Black horse, with scales of justice. The era of Justice was to reverse the White global supremacy built on Christian/Islamic civilizations, in favor of the Black Race, so it was labelled as the era of the anti-Christ.

So we have the reached the point that the Black Race is supposed to resume their global ascendancy, but we neither know the time nor the tools after so much cultural disorientation. Some wonder when our ancestors lost the plot completely. We might have lost the timing when Afroasians took over Egypt but we still held onto the tools which was Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, the world’s first knowledge bank and religion.

Our ancestors knew that the 2000yr era were divided into eight 250yr cycles of Oya. Three Oya cycles ago, we still had the tools intact as we were politically aligned along the 16 sectors of Ifa that represented each ancestral group spread across our lands. Oduduwa could send rulers to other groups as Eze Nri also sent rulers across Ndigboland, both according to Ifa/Afa, meaning it was a civilization and not based on military conquests. Dialects apart, they realized they had the same cultural foundations.

Unfortunately our cultural disorientation started as Benin allowed the establishment of the Aruosa Church in 1506, Oyo that allowed the first mosque in 1560, and Igbos fleeing the Nri empire for the coast to take part in slavery, naming themselves Arochukwu, the spear of God, to join the Europeans using religion to justify mass enslavement for economic purposes.

The next coming of Oya 250 years later saw the fall of those Pan-Tribalism empires in the 1770s and the eventual colonization of the area by those who we followed their dubious religious economics. We cant blame the last two Oya generations of 1520 and 1770, because it was the manifest destiny since without slavery how could we enjoy a truly global ascendancy that will evolve between the Diaspora and Continental Africans in the incoming 2000yr era. So even the worse experiences in life often prepare you for greatness.

Now, as Oya has once again arrived and this time to mark the change of the Great Year, the Black Race is disillusioned and can’t see the obvious signs like the Great Pyramid and the tied cowrie shells of Ifa pointing to the unity of Original African groups like that of their ancestors that created the worlds civilization based on Ifa.

A prelude to the final fight for Black freedom in 2023, was the Haiti Ogun Revolution nearly 250yrs ago, which was inspired by the coming together of Ifa traditionalists across Haiti, who that started the revolution following their 7 day Ogun festival from August 14th to 21st 1791 held in Northern Haiti. This was the true beginning of the end of global African slavery as it sent shivers down the spines of Whites throughout the world, but to confuse and prevent future generations from taking the same steps, they resorted to their academia and religion to wrongly teach us that good White people fought for the end of slavery, not the Ifa priests of Haiti started by Fran├žois in 1750 and led by Dutty Boukman and Cecile Fatima in 1791. This is the same type of deliberated cultural confusion that they recently make us believe that it was Mandela in prison, and not Mbeki working with Nigeria and Zimbabwe, that fought apartheid to a halt.

Today, Original Africans form the 70% majority in Nigeria and across Africa, but because they shunned their own knowledge bank and cultural foundations as prescribed by Ifa, an average Yoruba doesn’t know Igbos have Afa, nor that all other groups in South and Middlebelt were founded on the same cultural foundations of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. We see ourselves as strangers instead of natural strategic allies, who if united will defeat Afroasiatic and European imperialists to uplift the Black Race.

This can be simply done by demanding for the self determination of every single group in Nigeria and across Africa. This is the natural conclusion of the restructuring movement that has started in Nigeria, which hopefully will lead to the discarding of the European-inspired concept of divisive nationstate for a continentwide confederacy of self determined ethnicities.

But the power to do so lies in understanding and appreciating our genetic and cultural origins and linkages. We must be proud of the Original African civilization and be ready to stand up for every member of the continuum of dialects that spread out of Nigeria to South Africa and Gambia. It can not be Justice for only those that can afford it, like Yoruba and Igbo, but for every single Original African group.

Unfortunately, we are at a bad place mentally and culturally to understand and make use of the timing and tools given to us by our ancestors. Thankfully the universe has empowered our cultural custodians to put together ASHE Foundation to sound the horn that the time is here and our greatest power is within us.

Arise African.

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